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Pinocchios Of The Feline World: 12 Cats With Big Noses

Pinocchios Of The Feline World: 12 Cats With Big Noses

OK, does your heart beat faster when you cross paths with a Sphynx? Does your day get better when you get to boop the snoot of a beautiful Bengal cat? Do you experience an endorphin rush when you get a sniff from a Chausie? Cats with big noses are absolutely adorable, right?!

Well, today’s your lucky day because we’re bringing you a rundown on the cutest big-nosed beauties out there! Whether you’re planning on getting your hands on one or you’re doing your research because you’re obsessed with them – we’ve got you covered. Read more down below!

Why are cats with big noses rare?

Now, here’s the thing – cats with big noses aren’t that rare when you broaden your horizons a little. What do we mean by that?

We would argue that Persian cats have big noses even though they’re smooshed.

We’re pretty sure that Exotic Shorthair cats have big noses, too, even though they’re considered a smaller breed. Big noses are sort of subjective rather than objective because they’re measured against the rest of the cat’s body.

Not to mention that big noses are unique for a few reasons which might explain why big-nosed cats are considered rare (even though there are quite a few breeds with big noses out there).

Right off the bat, cats with big noses breathe better, filter out dust and other particles from the air, and don’t suffer from respiratory problems as often as other cats. Rather than being a natural occurrence, though, enormous snouts are a result of selective breeding.

Breeders have been trying to breed cats with big noses for ages, and they’ve managed to do so – experts believe that large muzzles might be caused by a genetic mutation that causes certain parts of the body to grow bigger than average.

Whatever the case might be, we’re obsessed with these curious creatures and we’re bringing you a few of our favorite big-nosed breeds. Read on!

What are the cutest cat breeds with big noses out there?

1. Oriental Shorthair

Pinocchios Of The Feline World: 12 Cats With Big Noses

Oriental Shorthair cats are quite an eye-catching addition to your furry family!

On one hand, they’re embellished with large, long noses, perked-up ears, and angular faces that make you overthink whether they’re standoffish and reserved or straight-up aggressive.

On the other, these bad boys are the cutest, cuddliest cats out there, and they’re obsessed with humans as much as humans are obsessed with them.

Snuggling, napping on top of your lap, and following you from one room to the other are some of the things you can expect when you get your hands on one of these beauties. We see nothing wrong with that, right?

2. Oriental Longhair

Did someone say something along the lines of “Give me the most elegant cat ever and make her super posh and super British?” Oriental Longhair cats fit that description to a tee!

Oriental Longhair cats are known as British Angora, Javanese, and Mandarin cats, too.

Right away, they’re long and lean, but they’re covered with a soft, silky coat that makes them appear cuter and cuddlier than their Shorthair counterparts. They’re friendly, easygoing, and talkative which makes that a favorite among humans. They’re fond of human company, too, which means they’re perfect pets.

3. Bengal

Pinocchios Of The Feline World: 12 Cats With Big Noses

When you get your hands on a Bengal cat and you catch a glimpse of her wandering around your apartment, you might think you’re getting attacked by a wild cat.

Bengal cats are pretty much the closest to the wilderness you can get and they’re known to have quite substantial snouts, too. However, even though they’re descendants of Asian leopard cats, they’re not nearly as wild as you’d expect them to be.

Quite on the contrary, they’re affectionate, appreciative, and gentle. Of course, you might catch them running around the apartment, climbing on the highest kitchen cabinets, and causing trouble. But that’s beside the point.

4. Chausie

Chausie’s another one of the “wild on the outside, sweet on the inside” types of cats with big noses.

But, you’d be surprised at how complex and complicated they are. They’re an ancient Egyptian hybrid breed made by crossing a wild cat with a domestic cat, for starters.

They’re known for their muscular, angular, and athletic frames, almond-shaped eyes, and perked-up ears. This breed is perfect for people who have enough time to play with them, take them out for walks, and entertain them.

And, they’re great for people who prefer dogs because they’re quite dog-like.”

5. American Curl

Pinocchios Of The Feline World: 12 Cats With Big Noses

American Curl cats are cute as a button! From curled ears that gave them the name and oval-shaped eyes to elongated noses and soft, silky coats, they’re one of the most unique-looking breeds ever.

They are a consequence of a “happy accident” considering they came to be after a naturally occurring genetic mutation that gave them the signature appearance.

At the end of the day, these curious creatures took the world by storm because they’re perfect pets for families. They’re easygoing, engaging, and known to stay young and youthful for years and years.

6. Sphynx

Nobody’s surprised to see the Sphynx on here considering these bald beauties sport big noses, too. Where do we even start? Sphynx cats have been “the talk of the town” for ages. Sure, they gained popularity because of their striking, signature nude appearance.

However, they remained one of the most popular breeds because of their addicting temperaments. Before you deem them “too strange to handle,” know that they’re incredibly intelligent, devoted, and loyal creatures that deserve to be adored and appreciated.

7. Highlander Lynx

Pinocchios Of The Feline World: 12 Cats With Big Noses

If you’re searching for a four-legged friend that was created to resemble big cats with big noses you came to the right place. Highlander Lynx cats are a little cuddlier than Bengal cats and a little fluffier than Sphynx cats and that’s what makes them unique.

First things first, they’re medium cats with muscular, athletic bodies covered with thick fur, short tails, and curled ears. Furthermore, they’re characterized by “wide” faces – rounded foreheads, spacious noses, and wide-set ears make for the cutest cats, that’s for sure.

Sure, Highlanders might be a new breed, but they’re getting more and more popular as we speak.

8. Savannah

So, turns out that most cats with big noses are long, lean, and muscular, too. Savannah cats are no different. We don’t know whether we’re more fascinated by Savannah’s enormous ears, wide, almond-shaped eyes, or dog-like snouts, but we know that we want one ASAP.

Whether or not you’re a fan of wild-looking cats, you’re going to appreciate Savannah’s spotted coat and hybrid history. Savannah cats are a combination of a Siamese cat and an African wild serval which explains why they’re big, bold, and beautiful. We urge you to check them out!

9. Abyssinian

Pinocchios Of The Feline World: 12 Cats With Big Noses

Abyssinian cats might not be equipped with the biggest noses out there, but that doesn’t mean that it’s not a noticeable feature of theirs. Aby cats are one of the oldest known breeds ever, but they’re surrounded by a veil of mystery. Nobody truly knows where they came from for sure.

At first, everyone believed they originated around the river Nile because of the statues and illustrations of cats in ancient Egypt that looked exactly like Abyssinian cats. After some time, though, experts argued that they were more likely to have originated in Southeast Asia.

Whatever the case might be, these mysterious moggies are worthy of your attention.

10. Cornish Rex

Would you describe your taste as avant-garde? We urge you to check out Cornish Rex cats, then!

We actually have the exact date when Cornish Rex cats came to be – July 21, 1950. On that day, a tortoiseshell cat by the name of Serena gave birth to a litter of kittens, one of which was wildly different from the others.

When Kallibunker grew up, he had long, lean legs, a muscular body, huge bat ears, and a large nose. Nowadays, Cornish Rex cats are popular among people who prefer unique, breathtakingly beautiful felines.

11. Turkish Van

Pinocchios Of The Feline World: 12 Cats With Big Noses

When we’re talking about cats with big noses, we’re obligated to mention Turkish Van cats. Why’s that?

Turkish Van cats are treasured for a reason – they’re big and beautiful, affectionate and friendly, and adored by Turkish people everywhere. Now, these fluffy felines might have come from Turkey, but that didn’t stop them from becoming popular around the world.

Not to mention that they’re great swimmers and obsessed with water – which makes them a great choice for people who spend hours and hours at the beach.

12. Siamese

We’ve arrived at the end of the article with everyone’s favorite color-point cat – Siamese.

We’ve already mentioned Siamese cats because they’re one of the breeds everyone uses to create other cats with big noses and distinctive features, too. Siamese cats are big, bright felines that love spending time with humans, hanging out, playing fetch, and even walking on a leash.

Whichever of these big-nosed beauties you decide to opt for, know that you’re going home with an affectionate, appreciative pet. We’re keeping our fingers crossed for you!

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Pinocchios Of The Feline World: 12 Cats With Big Noses