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10 Most Affectionate Cat Breeds: Ultimate List Of Ultimate Cuddlers

10 Most Affectionate Cat Breeds: Ultimate List Of Ultimate Cuddlers

Oh, the cat’s out of the bag with these curious creatures – cats aren’t anywhere near as standoffish and reserved as they’d want you to believe. Cats can be cute and cuddly, too, but there are times when you make a mistake and opt for one that scratches your eyes out the moment you approach her.

Of course, that doesn’t mean that all cats hate attention. Whether you’re searching for a four-legged friend that’s going to snuggle with you after a hard day at work or one that’s going to spend hours napping on your lap while you’re watching Netflix, we’ve got your back.

Check out our favorite picks of some of the most affectionate cat breeds out there!

OK, what are the most affectionate cat breeds?

1. Ragdoll

10 Most Affectionate Cat Breeds: Ultimate List Of Ultimate Cuddlers

Starting with a bang, Ragdoll cats were created to be the perfect pets. Ragdolls appeared around the 1960s when a breeder by the name of Ann Baker wanted to create a gorgeous, gentle breed with non-aggressive traits.

Ann gave them the name because these big beauties became floppy when picked up – like ragdolls. They soon became one of the most popular and prominent breeds around the world because they’re lovable and low-maintenance.

2. Maine Coon

Maine Coons are sought-after for a million reasons – they’re big and beautiful, fluffy and cuddly, and obsessed with humans. Coons are mysterious moggies because nobody knows where they came from. They appeared around the area of Maine, but nobody knows how they got there.

Whether they’re a combination of a raccoon and a cat, descendants of Marie Antoinette’s Turkish Angora cats, or Charles Coons’ crew members, they’re one of the most intelligent, intuitive creatures out there.

3. Scottish Fold

10 Most Affectionate Cat Breeds: Ultimate List Of Ultimate Cuddlers

OK, take a look at a Scottish Fold’s ears and tell us they’re not the cutest thing you’ve ever seen! Scottish Fold cats adore nothing more than spending the day snuggled with their favorite humans, napping on their comfy laps, and munching on paw-licking treats.

Now, even though the signature ears are a consequence of a naturally occurring genetic mutation, breeders have been breeding these fluffers specifically for their folds. Which might not be as morally and ethically sound as they’re making it seem.

4. Siamese

When you’re on the hunt for a talkative tomcat, you might want to opt for a Siamese cat. Siamese cats are friendly, easygoing, and very, very vocal. We’re pretty sure that Siamese cats spend every moment of their waking hour complaining about something – and there’s something super sweet about that.

Siamese cats have been around for ages and have been deemed “Royal Cats of Siam” because they were popular with members of royalty. Nowadays, they’re one of the most coveted cats around the world.

5. Persian

10 Most Affectionate Cat Breeds: Ultimate List Of Ultimate Cuddlers

Who hasn’t heard of the sweet, smooshed Persian cats? When you’re searching for a furry friend to spend your “today I don’t feel like doing anything” types of days with, you need to get your hands on a Persian.

Persian cats are sweet, even-tempered, and serene. They’re the happiest when they’re napping on the sofa, getting belly rubs and scratches, and purring the day away. They’re not energetic whatsoever, and they’re perfect for people who don’t go out much because they’re known to get separation anxiety.

6. Birman

“Sacred Cats of Burma” are stunning – from their bright, blue eyes and soft, silky coats to whispy whiskers and fluffy tails, there’s nothing about them that doesn’t attract attention. Despite their diva-like beauty, they’re approachable and adaptable.

Birman cats are friendly with everyone, from your annoying neighbor to your friend’s maddening dog. Before you shy away from getting one of these beautiful beasts because their appearance intimidates you, know that they’re laid-back lap cats, for the most part.

7. Burmese

10 Most Affectionate Cat Breeds: Ultimate List Of Ultimate Cuddlers

Searching for an extroverted cat to balance you out? Search no more because a Burmese cat would be the purrfect fit for you. Burmese cats are often described as “dog-like” because they’re so friendly they’re almost wagging their tails every time they see you.

And, Burmese cats are known to appreciate getting picked up, cuddled, and taken care of like babies – even though they’re quite hefty. Oh and, you’re never going to be bored with a Burmese cat because they’re known to play fetch, hide and seek, and pretty much anything you want.

8. Sphynx

We’re aware that not everyone’s a fan of the naked, raw chicken appearance, but these bald beauties deserve your attention, nonetheless.

Here’s the thing, though – Sphynx cats are perfect for people who want to snuggle all the time because they’re naked and need a source of heat to keep them warm.

What better way to bond than to be that source of heat and cuddle the day away with your one-of-a-kind four-legged friend? We suggest you keep an open mind and hang out with a Sphynx to see what we’re talking about!

9. American Shorthair

10 Most Affectionate Cat Breeds: Ultimate List Of Ultimate Cuddlers

Are you American? Are you searching for a housecat that’s a huge fan of head scratches, belly rubs, and paw massages? American Shorthair cats are the way to go!

American Shorthair cats are perfect for families with a bunch of family members that don’t know how to behave around animals – we’re talking about children, for the most part.

Actually, these fluffers are super sweet, calm, and collected and they’re completely OK with everyone touching them, following them, and trying to pick them up.

10. Abyssinian

Of course, we can’t forget about Abyssinian cats. Aby cats are a little different from other breeds we’ve mentioned throughout the article, but they’re affectionate and expressive, too.

At the end of the day, even though Aby cats prefer to spend some time alone before you start urging them to get on your lap, they’re highly people-oriented and sociable. And, they’re fans of physical activities which means the two of you could bond by playing fetch and going on walkies.

Remember, any cat can be affectionate!

Ragdoll cats hate doing anything that requires them to get off the floor and Abyssinian cats can’t stand spending the entire day within the four walls of your apartment – and there’s nothing wrong with that. Different breeds prefer different things.

But, when we’re talking about affection, you can make your cat affectionate by showering her with attention, unconditional love, and treats.

10 Most Affectionate Cat Breeds: Ultimate List Of Ultimate Cuddlers