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10 Cat Breeds That Behave As If They’re Dogs

10 Cat Breeds That Behave As If They’re Dogs

We were over the moon when we heard about the puppy cat phenomenon becoming more and more popular across the world. Puppy cats, on the off chance that you haven’t come across the term, are cats that possess the qualities we typically ascribe to dogs. Puppy cats are everything you think they are, and more.

What are these doglike qualities? What do we mean by “cats that act like dogs?” Ask your cat, and she’s going to tell you something along the lines of “Cats that don’t have any standards and blindly obey the rules.” or “Cats that wag their tails and follow humans everywhere they go.” And, your kitty would be on the right track, sort of.

Felines are rumored to be self-sufficient, self-reliant, and even standoffish. On the other hand, dogs are the ones that are described as affectionate, adventurous, and high-spirited. Of course, puppy cats are the perfect balance between the two because they’re cats that resemble dogs.

Whether you’re plagued with puppy fever and unable to adopt a puppy or you’re prevented to make your puppy dreams come true because of your allergies, for example, you might be searching for a puppy cat you can call your own. We’re bringing you a bunch of puppy cat breeds down below!

1. Abyssinian

10 Cat Breeds That Behave As If They're Dogs

We’re starting with a bang because we’re bringing you the most puppy-like breed out there – the Abyssinian. Abyssinian cats are known as highly-intelligent, energetic, and extroverted cats that crave the great outdoors.

These curious creatures are always on the move, running around the apartment, chasing after crawling creatures, and knocking things down. At the end of the day, Abyssinian cats were “born to be wild” and they’re going to make sure you know that.

2. American Bobtail

American Bobtail cats are as adventurous as you might think considering the fact they’re built to endure the challenges of the wilderness. They’re great for families that own a big backyard or people who spend quality time outside, traveling, camping, and fishing.

They’re excellent at harness training because they’re determined to spend as much time outside as they can – even though that means they’re going to be constricted and confined for most of the trip. American Bobtails are affectionate, too, which means you’re getting your money’s worth.

3. Bombay

10 Cat Breeds That Behave As If They're Dogs

Bombay cats are known as “velcro cats” and you can assume why they earned that nickname. They are attached to humans, follow them around from one room to the other, and wait for them to come back home whenever they’re outside or at work.

Bombay cats are reminiscent of puppies because they’re over the moon when they’re reunited with their owners… after a 3-minute bathroom break. Also, this breed is great for humans who have a bunch of friends because they’re not shy around strangers. Bombay cats for the win!

4. Bengal

Bengal cats are bound to keep you on your toes, as well as keep you wondering whether you’ve accidentally ended up with a wild cat whenever you catch a glimpse of them across the room. Bengal cats are the closest to owning a wild cat you can ever go, but they’re pretty close to owning a dog, too.

They are dog-like because they’re confident, comfortable around humans, and energetic. They’re equipped with long, lean, and muscular bodies that are perfect for running around, climbing on the highest kitchen counters, and hiking with humans.

5. Manx

10 Cat Breeds That Behave As If They're Dogs

Manx cats are much more than their tailless posteriors, and we’re here for that. They’re highly intelligent, for once, and they’re easy to teach, groom, and care for. They’re fond of mentally stimulating activities, toys, and puzzles. And, they’re fond of humans.

Manx cats are quite famous, too, because they were one of the founding breeds when the Cat Fanciers’ Association was started, around 1906. Not to mention that they were one of the first show cats to ever perform on stage – they’ve always wanted to be at the center of attention.

6. Maine Coon

Maine Coons are known as gentle giants because they’re one of the biggest breeds out there. Coons are as affectionate and appreciative as one might assume considering the fact they’re one of the most popular breeds out there, too.

Now, Coons certainly possess doglike qualities and they’ve earned the “dogs of the cat world” title for a reason. Not only are Coons beautiful, bubbly, and beaming with energy, but they’re great swimmers, too. Maine Coons are perfect pets for humans who appreciate the outdoors as much as they do.

7. Savannah

10 Cat Breeds That Behave As If They're Dogs

Savannah cats are the embodiment of dogs because they’re devoted to humans, expressive, and energetic (we’re getting plenty of energy with puppy cats, right?). They’re athletic and adventurous, and they’re equipped with a body that allows them to explore the wilderness as much as they want to.

They’re highly intelligent, too, which means they’re easy to harness-train or leash-train. And, they’re no strangers to going on walks once they’re trained on what they can and can’t do.

8. Siamese

We’ve witnessed Siamese cats playing fetch and giving high-fives – what more proof do you need to believe that they were born to be puppy cats?

Siamese cats are one of the oldest domesticated cats to ever exist, but we’re wondering whether they’ve preserved some of the wilderness. They’re outdoor cats even though they’re happy to spend some time running around the apartment – as long as they’re provided with cat trees, scratching posts, and other cat gadgets. They’re very, very friendly, too.

9. Turkish Angora

10 Cat Breeds That Behave As If They're Dogs

Turkish Angora cats might not look like dogs, but they’re doglike, nonetheless. Now, these stunning cats with strikingly good looks are intelligent, independent, and incredibly confident.

To make matters even better, they’re great at understanding commands and mastering new tricks, such as opening the kitchen cabinets and stealing the treats. At the end of the day, they’re known to get attached to humans and shower them with smooches and nose boops.

10. Tonkinese

We come to the end of the article with one of the strangest mousers out there, the Tonkinese. Tonkinese cats, according to the Cat Fancier’s Association, believe that humans are there to serve them, provide them with food, and shower them with attention.

They’re not wrong, even though these thoughts are more reminiscent of cats than dogs. That doesn’t mean that Tonkinese cats aren’t doglike, though. They’re even-tempered, easy-going, and great at mastering new tricks, too.

10 Cat Breeds That Behave As If They're Dogs