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Unlucky Black Cat With A Birth Defect Finally Gets Adopted

Unlucky Black Cat With A Birth Defect Finally Gets Adopted

Black felines have this unfortunate reputation of bringing bad luck. Many people avoid them under the pretense they do not want to risk anything bad happening to them.

Superstition about black cats has been around for a long, long time. We have all heard the folklore-based belief which claims “if a black cat crosses your path, bad luck is sure to follow.”

Some societies, like 16th-century Italy, used to believe that a sick person will definitely die if a black cat decides to lie on his bed. Similarly to them, Nordic and Germanic societies also believed that a black feline is an obvious omen of death.

These beliefs have not quite left the modern man. Paraphrasing the words of Michael Scott, the best boss from The Office, “We are not superstitious, but we’re a little stitious.” Some of us still tend to avoid black felines, just because we don’t want to risk being unlucky for the rest of our lives.

Not Mandy, though. This brave woman from Kansas City, who works in a rescue center, decided to look beyond modern (and obviously false) superstitions and adopt a beautiful black kitten named Willy Wonky.

However, this little fluffball was not only special because of the color of his fur, but also because he was born with a birth defect.

Mandy said how she always wanted to take care of a disabled feline. She was experienced in foster care, and she adopted several kitties who looked malnourished or shabby, but she never got to care for a special needs cat.

However, that changed once Willy came into her life.

The story about how Willy and Mandy brought luck to each other’s lives

Unlucky Black Cat With A Birth Defect Finally Gets Adopted
Credit: Instagram

Since Willy was a black disabled cat, born with cerebellar hypoplasia (CH), often referred to as wobbly cat syndrome, he was used to being rejected by people who were coming to the shelter to give some feline her furrever home.

He wasn’t unfamiliar with fostering, but he was very unlucky in finding parents who will provide him with something more permanent.

Thankfully, he wasn’t so unlucky after all. Once they find out about him, Mandy and her husband decided that Willy would make a perfect addition to their feline family.

At first, Mandy was skeptical. She adored Willy, but she thought that maybe they were not the right fit for him. But the moment she saw him wobbling around her home, all her doubts disappeared.

Mandy said how, besides having a funny walk, Willy is actually just like any other cat. His condition, which occurs when the mom gets a virus that attacks the cerebellum (a part of the brain in charge of coordination and motor skills) causes him no pain and is not shortening his lifespan whatsoever.

She said how Willy requires no special treatment – at least nothing out of the ordinary. Each kitty is different and unique in her own way and therefore needs to be treated somewhat differently. And Willy is no exception.

Since she is working in a rescue center, Mandy shared how feline disabilities are often misunderstood. Countless times she has witnessed cats like Willy being euthanized, just because they were born looking or behaving differently.

When in reality they could have had a perfectly normal and happy feline life if only people have given them a chance. Just like good people from Kansas have given Willy one.

According to Mindy and her husband, Willy is a very happy and energetic kitty. He is very playful and curious, and he even has a bit of a sassy attitude. He doesn’t let other cats in their home mess with him, and he is perfectly capable of standing up for himself.

And he is also extremely loving. He loves to cuddle with his owners on the couch, and he doesn’t hesitate to show some love to his siblings, too.

Sometimes his wobbles frustrate him. But, fortunately enough, he’s great at solving problems – he simply leans against the wall, and all of a sudden he’s able to walk perfectly fine.

How can this lucky cat and his family be an inspiration to us all?

Credit: Instagram

We can all learn so much from Mandy’s example and her genuine generosity and kindness. This woman was brave enough to look beyond physical defects and the so-called bad luck, and she decided to provide a wonderful black cat with his forever home.

Just like any other feline, Willy ended up being a ray of sunshine for his entire family. Despite his bodily imperfections, he showed the world that he is worthy of all the love he can get and that he is more than able to be a perfect little ball of black fur to those who are willing to appreciate him.

I know we all dream of having a pure breed feline that is so picture-perfect and impeccable. But those “flaws” that we’re trying so hard to run away from, are actually the things that make this life interesting and worth living for.

Willy showed us how being unapologetically authentic can eventually bring you the fortune you’ve been looking for all this time. And Mandy showed us how being kind truly pays off in the end.

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Unlucky Black Cat With A Birth Defect Finally Gets Adopted