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My Cat Talks Back To Me: 6 Reasons Why She’s Being Sassy

My Cat Talks Back To Me: 6 Reasons Why She’s Being Sassy

I’m back with something you’re already familiar with, an age-old worry of mine (and many other cat parents). Yes, you’ve guessed it: My cat talks back to me and I’m starting to get worried.

Let’s be honest, I don’t mind her sassy attitude (if that’s the reason behind her rumble) but I want to know why it keeps happening. She’s a cat, and I understand she has to meow, but she’s doing it very frequently, and I’m afraid something might be wrong.

Is she in pain? Is there something that’s bothering her and I’m not able to spot it?

I don’t want to lose her, you know. That little ball of fur is my everything and my life wouldn’t be the same without her.

The other day, as my cat was talking back to me, I suddenly had a great idea. I thought to myself, “Aria, you cannot continue to live like this anymore! Sure, your cat meows at you, and you even meow back, but that’s not the way to do it in the long run. You have to change your ways!”

That’s why I gave myself a task to find out all about my cat’s talking sessions. I wanted to make sure she was okay and exclude the possibility of her being in pain. And I’ve completed my mission.

If you’re worried about your furry friend and want to know where all that rumbling is coming from, then I believe I have some answers for you. You can thank me later.

“My cat talks back to me, and I wonder why!”: Here are all the answers

My Cat Talks Back To Me: 6 Reasons Why She's Being Sassy

I’m so happy I finally know why my cat talks back to me. Now, she’s no longer obliged to deal with my concerned face and listen to the numerous grammatical mistakes I make when I try to meow back at her.

Okay, let’s waste no more time! Here are 6 possible reasons why your cat is being sassy and replying to everything you say.

1. Apparently, she is just chatty

Everything made so much more sense when the vet told me that some cat breeds are just chattier than others. He told me that there are cats that don’t meow at all. Can you imagine that?

I was so embarrassed to see him surprised when he found out I didn’t know my cat belongs to one of those chatty breeds. I mean, I do have a Siamese cat but everything I knew about her is that she’s beautiful and affectionate. And somehow that knowledge was enough.

But now, I’ve learned so many exciting things about her. Did you know that Siamese cats have many interesting sounds, other than a simple meow? How fun is that?!

Chatty cats are said to meow back to their owners no matter what they do. If their owners talk to them, their cats will probably meow at them. Even if you don’t say a word, your talkative cat will try to fill the awkward silence. Constant meowing is simply a part of their personality and you’ll have to accept that.

Kittens are usually chattier, and they get quieter as they age. Sometimes, the opposite thing can happen, and the cat can grow her confidence as she gets older, therefore becoming more talkative. But my fluffball had always been chatty, no matter her age.

So, if you happen to own a Siamese, Oriental Shorthair, Burmese, Japanese Bobtail, or Sphynx cat, then her breed could be the reason why she’s talking back to you. She’s loud and proud of it, and no matter what you do, she won’t stop talking.

So just accept the fact that you share a home with a furry chatterbox and don’t expect her to change her ways so you can enjoy some silence.

2. She wants to say, “Hello!”

I’ve read on the internet that some cats meow to their owners because they haven’t seen them in a long time. That’s their little way of saying, “Hello, hooman! Welcome back home. I’ve missed you!” How adorable is that?!

We often forget that cats are social creatures, as well as we are. The fact that they carry the title of ice queens (and kings!) is more than unfair since they are so ridiculously full of love and affection. I wish more people could see them the way I do.

3. She is talking back because she is hungry

Did you know that there is a possibility that your cat talks back at you because she is hungry? There’s no need to be fluent in Cat, but at the end of the day, the great meow says it all!

While researching this, I’ve learned that there are not just several cat sounds, but several versions of one single meow. There’s the affectionate, “I want to cuddle with you” meow, and there’s also the dramatic, “Give me my food right now!” meow.

Anyway, who wouldn’t meow when their food bowl is empty? I know I would.

4. Guess what! She could be hurt

My Cat Talks Back To Me: 6 Reasons Why She's Being Sassy

This is the one I most dreaded! The reason your cat talks back to you could be because she is hurt or in pain. Oh God, no!

I had a hard time listening carefully to the vet when he was explaining this one. All I could think about was running back home to my kitty and kissing every pain she has away. But, somehow I managed to remember the important details.

Apparently, cats are very good at hiding their illnesses. Wild cats don’t have the privilege of letting the enemy know they’re hurt because it could be the end of them. Their meow can give them away. However, indoor cats can relax and meow here and there to ask for help.

If a cat suddenly becomes more chatty than usual and the sound of her meow changes, it could mean that she’s in pain and has some medical-related problems. The unusual meowing in this case can be accompanied by other mishaps, like peeing over the edge of the litter box for example.

After learning about this, I decided to take my cat to the vet since he told me that’s the most responsible thing to do if I’m concerned. I was so relieved when I found out my cat talks back to me not because she’s sick, but because she’s silly!

5. Or, because she is scared!

The vet told me that the reason my cat talks back to me might also be because she’s scared. He told me that cats can easily get startled by something. Sure, her reaction can be funny, but that can trigger some serious anxiety-related issues.

Cats meow when they’re scared to keep themselves safe from any potential danger. That danger can be anything, from a dreadful vet visit, unwanted guests, or even their owner’s loud snoring. Anything they’re not familiar with presents a danger with a capital D.

6. She wants your attention

Oh, how canny cats can be! They are truly amazing little creatures. I remember laughing so hard when the vet told me that my cat talks back to me because she’s, like any other cat, an attention seeker.

For God knows how many months I have been racking my brain trying to come up with a reason why she wouldn’t stop meowing back whenever I said something. And all that time she just wanted my attention? As if she doesn’t get enough of it already!

But yes, it’s true! Cats meow to us because they want our attention. As kittens, they’ve learned that for their every need to be fulfilled, they simply have to meow. With that simple yet magical sound, our world stops, and our whole attention focuses on them.

It’s silly, but it’s true. Our cats have us wrapped around their little paws but honestly, we love it!

What to do when your cat talks back to you all the time?

Now, you know every possible cause of your cat’s rumbling sessions. Still, you can feel worried as you’re not 100% sure what’s the root of your felines’ behavior. What do you do now?

Well, first thing first, you need to make sure her needs are always met. Her food and water bowl should never be empty, she needs to spend some time outside in the garden (if that’s possible), and you need to play with her regularly so she uses up all of her feisty energy.

If you’re certain that she’s not missing any of those things, you can then take her to the vet for a regular checkup. That way, you’ll know if she’s in pain.

The vet can also spay her in hopes it will reduce the meowing (since females meow extra loud when they’re in heat). But even if that doesn’t work out the way you wanted it to, and you’re sure she’s healthy and happy, then you’ll simply have to admit that your furry friend is chatty, that’s all.

I’m sorry, but you’ll have to love her loud meowing rather than worry about it.

My Cat Talks Back To Me: 6 Reasons Why She's Being Sassy