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10 Cats With Big Heads You’ll Want To Snuggle And Squish

10 Cats With Big Heads You’ll Want To Snuggle And Squish

Cats are adorable, and there’s something about cats with big heads that makes you want to snuggle with them and squish them every moment of the waking hour. Chunky, chubby cheeks, rounded, fluffy eyes, and oh-so-pinchable ears are guaranteed to make your mornings better and brighter.

Now, no two cats are the same. Bengal cats, on one hand, tend to draw attention to themselves because they’re the embodiment of Bella Hadid, with chiseled cheekbones and long, lean bodies. British Shorthair cats, on the other hand, are famous because they’re rounded, puffy, and plump.

Because we love a “big, bold, beautiful” queen, we’ve rounded up the fluffiest, softest cats with big heads that are begging for you to pet them. Whether you’re searching for a feline your family will enjoy snuggling or wondering what causes certain cats to have big heads, we’ve got you covered.

What causes certain cats to have big heads?

10 Cats With Big Heads You'll Want To Snuggle And Squish

Right off the bat, genetics, hormones, and healthy foods play the biggest part. On top of that, there are a million reasons why a fluffer might end up with a head bigger than Leonardo DiCaprio’s entire career, but these three reasons are the ones that reoccur time and time again.

1. Genetics

Simply put, some cats are bigger than others which means they’re probably going to grow up with big heads. So, when you compare a Ragdoll to a Munchkin or a Maine Coon to a Singapura, you’re going to notice a difference.

Ragdolls, for the sake of the argument, are large, lovable cats that can grow anywhere between nine and eleven inches in length (or weigh ten to twenty pounds).

Munchinks, however, remain kittenish and grow between five and seven inches (or nine pounds). Moggies are even worse to speculate because they’re a combination of numerous breeds which means you never know what you’re getting – a pea head or a tubby kitty with the cutest cheeks ever.

2. Hormones

Testosterone seems to be the one to blame, but that’s the case when we’re talking about unneutered male cats only.

Of course, not every unneutered male cat’s going to develop chubby cheeks and a big head overnight. On the off chance that you decide to not neuter your tomcat because you’re hoping he’s going to grow a bigger head – don’t do that.

Scientifically speaking, tomcats are more likely to become bigger because of testosterone. Now, testosterone doesn’t cause growth spurs, contrary to popular belief.

Testosterone does, however, cause your tomcat to roam around, fight other cats, and become swollen, bigger, and thicker as a result of scar tissue. That being said, outdoor cats are known to develop the same scar tissue regardless of whether they’re male or female.

3. Healthy foods

Surprise, surprise – who would’ve thought that a healthy lifestyle packed with nutritious foods, plenty of water, and physical activity can cause your cat to grow a bigger head? Sure, that might not sound plausible to pet parents with delicate, dainty kitties.

However, there’s always a chance you might get your cat to become bigger and stronger with proper care. Because she’s going to gain weight overall, she might end up with a bigger head, too. Whether or not that’s something you’re wishing for, taking care of your cat’s always the right way to go!

With that out of the way, why don’t you throw a glance at some of these cats with big heads that are guaranteed to make your day better?

What are the cutest, chubbiest cats with big heads?

1. Ragdoll

10 Cats With Big Heads You'll Want To Snuggle And Squish

Ragdolls are beyond beautiful, right? When you’re Google searching “cats with big heads,” Ragdolls are the first ones to pop up – for a good reason, too. We’re pretty sure that they’re one of the fluffiest felines out there which makes them appear even bigger than they are.

Ragdolls are graced with medium heads, but because they’re embellished with a soft, silky coat, they’re perfect for people who are obsessed with chubby cheeks and rounded, robust heads. Created by Ann Baker around the 1960s, they’ve managed to become one of the most popular breeds across the world.

2. Maine Coon

Maine Coons are large, lovable cats with heads bigger than a Ragdoll’s. They’re known as “gentle giants,” and Coons make sure to live up to that title on a regular. They’re similar to Ragdolls, though, because they appear even bigger because of the ample fur and fluff they’ve been bestowed.

What’s even more mysterious about Maine Coons, though, happens to be that they’re graced with distinguishable facial features, whispy ears, and extremely expressive eyes. Coons are proud of who they are, and they don’t allow the chunk to affect the way they live – they adore running around, hopping on kitchen counters, and chasing after crawling creatures.

3. Scottish Fold

10 Cats With Big Heads You'll Want To Snuggle And Squish

Scottish Folds seem to have been born to make everyone’s lives better. As a matter of fact, the entire breed started with an adorable, affectionate little feline named Susie who was born with a genetic mutation – folded ears.

All the breeders were ready to try pretty much anything to get her to breed with American Shorthair and British Shorthair cats to create something similar. Who would be able to resist the folded ears and the huge head, right?

Because of Susie, we can now appreciate the huggable purrsonality and entertaining company of the cutest, chubbiest cat out there.

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4. American Shorthair

When we’re talking about cats with big heads, we can’t forget about American Shorthair cats.

Now, these furry friends are “thicker than a Snickers,” with athletic bodies, soft, silky coats, and strong necks. Not to mention the round heads with whispy, perked-up ears. American Shorthair cats are everyone’s dream come true because they’re friendly, reliable, and energetic.

They’re great family pets because they’re patient, tolerant of children, and adaptable to different situations. They’re attention seekers at times, but that doesn’t take away from the fact that they’re “so. darn. squeezable!”

5. British Shorthair

10 Cats With Big Heads You'll Want To Snuggle And Squish

British Shorthair cats are true crowd-pleasers, with strikingly beautiful blue eyes, a stubby build, and an abundant British “blue” coat. No wonder they’re one of the most sought-after cats across Britain – they’re the closest to a living, breathing teddy bear we’re ever going to get.

Now, British Shorthair cats are pretty much a pedigree version of British domestic cats and are one of the oldest cats out there. They’re thought to have descended from Ancient Rome and been brought to Britain by Romans. They’re friendly and family-oriented, but they’re known to refuse snuggles when they’ve had enough. We’d say they’ve got standards, right?

6. Norwegian Forest

With Norwegian Forest cats, you’re sure to get one of the biggest heads ever – and, we mean that with the utmost respect. Wegies are marked with the fluffiest of coats, tufted paws and ears, and signature triangular heads with a whispy mane. They’re one of the most mesmerizing moggies for a reason!

Other than being the prettiest, Wegies are known to be gentle, generous, and friendly. They’re great with big families because they crave attention and adore hanging out with humans (both little and big). And, they’re thought to have kept a Norwegian wild streek because they’re fans of the great outdoors.

7. Persian

10 Cats With Big Heads You'll Want To Snuggle And Squish

Persian fluffers might not be the biggest we’ve mentioned thus far, but they’re fluffy enough to make you believe they were graced with big bodies. When you’re searching for cats with big heads that are sweet-tempered, tender, and kittenish, you can’t go wrong with a Persian.

Persian cats are the crème de la crème of the feline world, with long, luscious coats, round, downturned eyes, and pansy-like faces. They’re guaranteed to make you want to smoosh them the moment you get your hands on them, and that’s the best part about owning a Persian.

8. Ragamuffin

Ragamuffin cats are as yummy as you might think. Muffins were created by Ann Baker (the same breeder who created Ragdolls), from a domestic longhair named Josephine.

RagaMuffins are generally thought to have been created by crossing Ragdolls with different longhaired felines, from moggies to Turkish Angoras, Himalayans, and Persians. When you get your hands on one of these paw-licking treats, you’re going to learn that “floof for days” means brushing and grooming every single day.

9. Birman

10 Cats With Big Heads You'll Want To Snuggle And Squish

OK, we can’t forget about the Sacred Cat of Burma, with piercing blue eyes, a soft, silken coat, and mysterious markings scattered across the face, paws, and tails. Birman cats are easy-going, easy to care for, and friendly. Who wouldn’t want them as a pet?!

Sure, they’re not the biggest cats we mentioned thus far. But, they’re fluffy enough to appear bigger, rounder, and cuddlier than most moggies you’ve seen before. Birman cats were bred to make them the most family-oriented cats, and we’re petty sure the breeders succeeded.

10. American Bobtail

And, we had to shout out the loving, loyal, and playful American Bobtail cats, too. When you throw a glance at one of these cuties, you might think you’re staring at a wild thing. However, American Bobtail cats are adored because of that same wild appearance and not-so-wild nature.

We’re pretty sure everyone and their mother knows that American Bobtails were named after the short, bobbed tails, but they aren’t that short themselves. Cats with big heads and even bigger purrsonalities are the best, and we’re keeping our fingers crossed you found what you were searching for!

10 Cats With Big Heads You'll Want To Snuggle And Squish