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When A Stray Cat Chooses You: Spiritual Meaning And More

When A Stray Cat Chooses You: Spiritual Meaning And More

“Spiritual meaning behind a stray cat choosing you,” you catch yourself typing these words as you’re watching over a kitten that’s sleeping on your sofa.

Earlier that day, you left your apartment unaware of the events that were about to unfold. Even more so, unaware that you were about to become a pet parent.

But, there she was. She noticed you from across the street and walked towards you slowly, as though she knew you wouldn’t leave her there. She propped her front paws on your hands and looked at you like she was waiting for you to say, “You’re coming home with me.” And, you did.

There’s hardly anything odd about that. After all, how many times have you heard one of your friends or acquaintances describe how they were the ones that were adopted, rather than the other way around?

“She chose me,” they would say. “She stared at me from across the shelter and started meowing the moment I came closer.”

Of course, cats have earned a reputation for many things over time. We adore them because they’re the purrfect pets (who wouldn’t want to cuddle with a furball?). We appreciate them because they’re easy-going (for the most part) and self-sufficient (even when we don’t want them to be).

However, cats have earned the admiration and recognition of many high-status humans throughout history. They were even considered royalty or supernatural deities by cultures galore. Therefore, you can’t help but wonder whether there’s a spiritual meaning behind a stray cat choosing you.

How were cats seen by different cultures around the world?

When A Stray Cat Chooses You Spiritual Meaning And More

Worry not, we’re bringing you everything you need to know about why a stray cat would choose you – with a focus on spiritual meaning.

While some people might argue that putting cultural, religious, or spiritual undertones on everything sounds strange, there have been numerous examples throughout history of people doing exactly that (and getting away with it).

Cats represent different things to different people, and there’s nothing wrong with that. For example, the Ancient Egyptians were the first to play with the thought of “worshipping” cats for what they were (sweet-natured protectors and companions).

Cats became the earthly personification of their gods (such as the goddess Bastet who was depicted with a cat head).

And, to make things even better, the ancient Egyptians loved cats so much that they held funerals for them after death, had them mummified and preserved, and even shaved an eyebrow or two to help them mourn.

On the other hand, the presence of a cat has been associated with different meanings for centuries and centuries.

Some Christians believe that when a cat sleeps (or sits) on someone’s grave, that means that the person’s soul has been possessed by the devil. Some Europeans, to follow the theme of death, believe that when a cat hops over someone’s grave, that person might wake up from the dead as a vampire.

Wherever you stand with the whole “cats know more than what you think” thing, there’s a chance you’re wondering whether there’s a spiritual meaning behind a stray cat choosing you. Throw a glance at what we’ve gathered and decide for yourself – are cats more spiritual than you might think?

What’s the spiritual meaning behind a stray cat choosing you?

1. She’s your spirit guide

Bear with me – spirit guides and spirit animals aren’t the same. No matter who you are, where you come from, or what you do, people believe that all of us have spirit guides sending us different messages and helping us make difficult decisions.

Some spirit guides have been there your entire life, others appear depending on the type of guidance you might need at the moment. Spirit guides have different means of communicating with people (through numbers, messages, and synchronicity). Synchronicities, of course, are meaningful coincidences.

Therefore, you might think that a stray cat choosing you couldn’t be anything other than a coincidence. However, she could be a guide, a push towards something you’ve been trying to deal with but didn’t know how. Observe what happens when you bring her home and voilà!

2. She’s your spirit animal

Now, we only use the term “spirit animal” to make sure you understand what we’re talking about. But, you shouldn’t use those words (lightly or at all) because the Western civilizations appropriated them from the indigenous peoples.

From now on, we’re talking about spirit animals with the utmost respect for what they represent. More often than not, spirit animals represent a pet you once had that passed away and returned to guide you and keep you company.

On the other hand, a spirit animal can be any animal that has something to teach you. For example, a wolf might teach you the importance of trusting your gut (or your survival instinct). And, needless to say, spirit animals don’t even have to be animals.

They can be spiritual entities that were sent to offer you help, whether you realize that or not. Thus, a stray cat choosing you can carry the spiritual meaning of helping you with something when you didn’t even know you needed help.

3. She’s the sign you’ve been waiting for

When A Stray Cat Chooses You Spiritual Meaning And More

Though that might sound strange, a stray cat choosing you could be the sign you’ve been waiting for (with an emphasis on spiritual meaning). Now, the universe would typically send you numbers, pictures, or other symbols that might spark your attention and motivate you to do some digging.

But, a cat can also be a message. First things first, cats symbolize secrets which means somebody’s keeping a secret from you. Or, you’re the one keeping a secret from yourself. Whatever the case might be, the cat’s saying you should know the truth before the truth harms you.

Secondly, a cat that wants to go home with you might symbolize change (the good kind, for that matter). She’s communicating how you should accept and welcome whatever’s heading your way because you’re ready to shake things up a bit.

4. She’s chosen you because you have a good heart

And, with that, we come to the end of the spiritual meanings behind a stray cat choosing you. That’s right, a cat might decide to approach you because she can sense that you have a good heart and that you won’t hurt her.

Whether she’s a cat looking for shelter or a spirit looking to guide someone, she decided to go with you because you seemed trustworthy. Feel free to take that as a compliment. But, not before you take her home and give her the food, shelter, and affection she deserves.

When a cat chooses you, you have a responsibility to take care of her the best way you know how. We can go hours and hours talking about the bad things that could happen if you choose to leave her there.

What’s the meaning behind a stray cat choosing you (other than the spiritual meaning)?

1. She’s hungry

Sure, there are different spiritual meanings behind a stray cat choosing you. But, you can’t overlook the fact that she might have walked home with you because she was hungry, lonely, or looking for someone to take care of her.

So, you happened to catch her praying for you to take her home (making those praying hands and all). And, you started to wonder whether her appearance had some religious or spiritual connotations you weren’t aware of.

Despite that, she was (probably) hungry and noticed you were carrying a McDonald’s bag. Feed her and observe whether she leaves the moment you’re out of food.

2. She needs shelter

Here’s another reason (one that’s not spiritual) why a stray cat might choose you. She needs a roof over her head.

Many, many cats out there live on the streets and depend on people like you to feed them and keep them warm. That’s why some cats try following people around, hoping they would offer to take them home.

And, when you think about that, stumbling upon a cat that needs help can be a sign, too! Whether you’ve been dealing with relationship drama or overworking yourself to the point of breaking, caring for a cat can have a therapeutic effect on you. Worth trying, right?!

3. She’s curious

When A Stray Cat Chooses You Spiritual Meaning And More

Cats are curious creatures, as many would agree. They seem standoffish and unapproachable, but they’re dying to know what’s going on around them. They’re looking for an excuse to stare at you and approach you while thinking, “She pets me and I’m hers!”

Therefore, there might not be a spiritual meaning behind a stray cat choosing you. Or walking up to you while you’re sipping on your coffee and minding your business. Or coming home with you.

We’re trying to say that cats can be curious enough to come your way to check whether you’re going to feed them, pet them, or even adopt them right there and then.

4. She needs attention

And, which cat doesn’t?! While there’s something comforting about thinking how a stray cat choosing you must have a spiritual meaning, there’s nothing wrong with coming to terms that she simply wanted some attention.

Cats love when you cuddle them, talk to them, or feed them without a reason (or a plea). So, she could’ve followed you back home because she wanted more of what you were giving her.

Maybe you petted her for a couple of minutes. Perhaps you ran off to the nearest store to get her some food. Whatever you did to get her attention could’ve yielded the same results.

Whether there’s a spiritual or a regular meaning behind a stray cat choosing you, one thing’s for sure. You’ve been chosen to take care of that cat, and that’s what you should do. Good luck!

When A Stray Cat Chooses You: Spiritual Meaning And More