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Are Baby Wipes Safe For Cats? Can I Use Them On My Furbaby?

Are Baby Wipes Safe For Cats? Can I Use Them On My Furbaby?

My kitty and I like to spend time in our garden. I like to chill and read a book, while she enjoys exploring and practicing her hunting skills. It’s truly my favorite way to spend every minute of my free time. However, when we come back her paws are always muddy, so I wonder are baby wipes safe for cats.

If they are, it would save me a lot of trouble. I’m pretty sure that Pearl is the biggest water hater in the history of the universe, so taking a bath every time after playing in the garden is a big NO. Therefore, I needed to find a new solution. Something quick, yet efficient. That’s how I got the idea to use baby wipes.

However, I never liked using any product on my pets before researching about it. Who knows, maybe something that is harmless for us is actually harmful to animals. And if it is, I need to know so I don’t make a huge mistake.

The best way to find the right answer to every concern is to either ask a professional or find it on a reliable website. I decided to combine the two options. I contacted the best vet in town and did some online research and I finally got the answers I was looking for.

And now I can share everything I learned with you. Stay here to find out are baby wipes safe for cats. But I also included other explanations and information that will be very useful for you. I promise you, you’re in for a real treat. So let’s check it out!

Can a baby wipe hurt my cat?

Are Baby Wipes Safe For Cats? Can I Use Them On My Furbaby?

Can a baby wipe be harmful to cats? Absolutely, yes, and it is. However, you would probably think that it’s about the texture that could be too harsh for feline skin. But that’s not the case. Your kitty won’t get hurt because of the texture.

So, if it’s not about the act of wiping that could be harmful, what is it then? Is it the strong smell, or the fact that it’s damp? No. Even though cats aren’t big fans of either of those things, they still aren’t the real reason why a baby wipe isn’t safe to use.

What makes those wipes dangerous is the risk of ingestion. I’m sure you already know this, but I need to remind you that cats adore grooming. They are one of the cleanest animals in the world and they enjoy spending their free time cleaning themselves.

Therefore, whatever is on their fluffy coat will probably end up in their mouth too. So if you use a baby wipe and your kitty decides to groom herself after it, she will ingest the chemicals that are present in the wipe.

Of course, those chemicals aren’t natural so they definitely shouldn’t end up in your feline’s body. That’s why it’s said that you shouldn’t use a baby wipe on your pets, especially cats.

Are baby wipes safe for cats?

Absolutely not. As already mentioned, grooming is a part of their daily routine. Therefore, we should always be careful about what ends up in their fluffy coats. Because everything that’s there could easily get inside their bodies too.

But what makes those wipes unsafe for cats? It’s all about the ingredients that definitely aren’t supposed to be ingested by anyone, humans, or pets.

Baby wipes contain lots of preservatives. Some of the most popular ones are DMDM hydantoin and bronopol. But if you aren’t a chemistry expert, you probably don’t know a lot about them, so I’ll try to help you out.

When they break down, they release formaldehyde. And if by any chance your feline comes near it and accidentally ingests it, there is a big chance of developing a serious health problem. If the cat doesn’t get treatment on time, it might even lead to death.

Have you ever heard of Parabens or Phthalates? You can find them in makeup, moisturizers, hair-care products, shaving creams, vinyl flooring, and many personal-care products.

What makes them most dangerous for your cat is the fact that they can cause serious rashes. If that can irritate a cat’s skin from the outside, imagine how awful it would be if it ended up inside her body.

Another chemical that could be harmful is Triclosan. You can find it in some antibacterial soaps and body washes… However, they are just tiny parts of those things we use every day.

But if a cat licks it from her body and therefore ingests it, it could be very poisonous. And if it’s not treated on time, it could lead to the worst scenario.

More about the harmful ingredients

Are Baby Wipes Safe For Cats? Can I Use Them On My Furbaby?

We all know that most baby wipes have different fragrances, perfumes, and aloe as a part of their ingredients. Those chemicals can also cause big problems for your cat. They can damage the neurological and endocrine systems if they end up in her body.

We might think that it would be a cute thing to have a cat who smells of lavender or coconut, however, it would be very toxic to use those scented wipes on your fluffball.

Another thing that makes baby wipes unsafe for cats is the fact that many of them contain certain soaps and detergents. They aren’t just dangerous for cats’ internal organs but also their skin.

All pets have a certain pH level that they need to keep. If it gets messed up, it could be very harmful to them. So it’s important to pay attention that it stays in balance while cleaning.

While I was learning about this, I was very surprised to see that there are so many harmful chemicals in baby wipes. So now I’m very happy that I could share this information with you and keep your fluffy roommate safe.

Can I wipe my cat’s bottom with baby wipes?

Most pet parents consider using baby wipes to either clean their pet’s paws or their bottom. And if you’re wondering whether it’s okay to do that or not, then you’re at the right place.

So, can you wipe your cat’s bottom with baby wipes? No! Baby wipes aren’t safe for cats so you must avoid using them.

We’ve talked about the harmful chemicals that are inside those wipes. And even though they are most dangerous if they are ingested, and your kitty is probably not going to groom her bottom, we still advise that you don’t use baby wipes at all.

Cats are explorers and if they smell that wipe it will probably pique their interest to find where it comes from. And when they do, it’s also very likely that they will lick it and it won’t end up well for them.

Therefore, you should not only stop using them to clean your cat but also try to keep them hidden and use them on yourself only when she is far away. That’s because if you clean your hands with it and your kitty licks it, it will have the same effect as if she ingested it by grooming herself. So be careful!

Do I even need to clean my cat’s bottom?

We all know that cats are one of the cleanest animals in the world. They like to spend their days grooming themselves so they can proudly wear this title. However, did you know that they sometimes need help with keeping their bottoms clean?

Yes! That’s because accidents can happen. But that doesn’t mean you should forget that using baby wipes on cats is not safe!

Maybe you forgot to clean your kitty’s litter box, or she was playing outside and got very dirty. Outdoor cats are used to that, but your indoor kitty isn’t. So her bottom might end up being much dirtier.

In case you have a cute little kitten, then you need to know she definitely needs help caring about her hygiene. She is very young and still doesn’t know all the secrets to keep herself clean all the time. So she needs some help while she’s still learning.

Kittens don’t know much about potty habits. So unlike their mother, they might not know how to clean themselves afterward, or even how and when to groom.

What happens often is that they don’t know whether they’re completely finished or not, and they leave the litter box too early. And they find it very difficult to hide their mess when they are done. But don’t get angry, your kitty’s just a little baby.

Are Baby Wipes Safe For Cats? Can I Use Them On My Furbaby?

When it comes to adult cats, those who require the most help are the long-haired kitties. It’s because feces can get stuck in their long fur, and they won’t be able to completely get rid of it. That’s why you might need to give them a hand.

It’s very important that your cat’s bottom is clean because it can carry fecal matter all around your home and I don’t think that’s something you would like to deal with. Cats are explorers and hunters, so imagine all the places she visits when you’re not at home.

Those feces might end up on your pillow, carpet, bookshelf, kitchen, bathtub, and basically, anywhere your kitty can reach. And if it somehow ends up in your food or you inhale it while sleeping, you could have many problems. Make sure you stay safe!

Also, keep in mind that it’s not only about you, but it could be very harmful to your fluffball too. It could lead to severe infections or bacterial and skin issues. So always make sure to check whether her bottom is clean.

What are the best alternatives?

Since we now know that the answer to “Are baby wipes safe for cats?” is a resounding “No”, it would be fair of me to share a few tips and tricks with you. Even though cat wipes aren’t safe, there are still some other things you can use to keep your fluffy roommate clean. And here are some of them.

1) Warm damp washcloth

The best thing you can use is a warm damp washcloth. We all know that cats hate cold weather, food, floor, or anything else that’s not at their desired temperature. And they also aren’t big fans of water.

So you should make sure the washcloth is damp and warm enough to make the experience at least bearable.

2) Small tub of water

Even though cats and water are one of the world’s most famous enemies, they still need to get cleaned from time to time. Grooming is sometimes not enough, especially if we’re talking about the feces stuck in their fur.

So take a small tub of water and place your kitty in it. That way she won’t be completely in the water so she won’t get mad at you that much.

3) Regular brushing

And finally, regular brushing will definitely help you have the cleanest cat in the history of the universe. Sometimes they gag when they see a comb, but that’s only because of the sound it makes.

The truth is, they actually enjoy brushing if you know how to do it gently. Your kitty might think it’s actually cuddling time!

Final words

We’ve reached the end of our journey, so let’s repeat it once again. Are baby wipes safe for cats? Absolutely not. Should you use them to clean their bums? No! Should you clean them at all? Yes, especially if you have a little kitten who needs your help.

And always remember that there are so many safe alternatives that you could use to keep your kitty clean. So help them keep their title and proudly wear the crown of the “Hygiene Kingdom!”

Are Baby Wipes Safe For Cats? Can I Use Them On My Furbaby?