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11 Actual Health Benefits Of Having A Cat (The Purr Is A Cure)

11 Actual Health Benefits Of Having A Cat (The Purr Is A Cure)

A life without a cat is unimaginable. These small, fluffy creatures purr their way under our skin. Cat ownership is an experience that many people are blessed with. So, it goes without saying that there are many benefits of having a cat.

We often think about how we’re the ones who offer them unconditional love and support. It’s true, but they give double in return.

Having a feline friend has many pros, and I’d say there are no cons at all! Pet owners know what I’m talking about, but just how much do our furbabies help us out?

Oftentimes, we’re not truly aware of all the benefits a cat brings along. We think of them as our feline companions, but they’re much more than that.

All the health benefits of having a cat

11 Actual Health Benefits Of Having A Cat (The Purr Is A Cure)

There’s more to these adorable pets than meets the eye. The benefits of cat ownership are infinite, so we’re going to list just a few. Our furbabies have so many positive effects on us that we can’t count all of them!

1. Cats are energy boosters

Once you get a cat your life is going to change completely, but for the better! These fluffy and curious creatures will keep you on your toes all the time.

This is especially true when it comes to kittens as they’re more active than adult cats. Your furry friend will make you play with her which will get you off the sofa. After a play session, you’ll be running to break your membership at the gym. You don’t need it because you have a personal trainer back home!

Although they’re low maintenance, they can get you up on your feet and you won’t be lazy about it. This helps create some patterns for you which help you stay more focused.

If you have a stay-at-home job, hide-and-seek with your pet is a great way to get some rest. After this quick break, you’ll feel fresh and ready to get back to work while your pet doses off next to you.

2. They improve the overall morale

Cats bring many benefits to people. These beautiful, rambunctious creatures tend to bring out the best in us. Generally speaking, a cat person tends to be more happy and relaxed than people without pets.

Having to take care of a small animal also brings immense joy. People who don’t have any pets are more likely to surrender to feelings of loneliness. When you have a furry companion by your side, you’re oblivious to the outside world and all of the burdens it may carry.

The love that radiates off their tiny faces boosts our morale. Thanks to cats, we’re ready to take over the world because we feel more relaxed when they’re by our side.

3. They teach you empathy

Having a cat shows us and others that we’re capable of caring for another living being. We know just how empathetic and compassionate a person can be when we see how they treat their pet.

Cats are amazing with kids as well, as they teach them responsibility and love. Every pawsome childhood has a memory of a loving family cat that taught them how to look after others.

4. They’re not masseurs but they can relax you

If you’re feeling stressed out lately, I suggest you propose a cuddle session with your cat.

Lounging on a sofa and scratching behind your pet’s ears can strip you of any stress and has a calming effect. The feeling of happiness and content comes from the release of serotonin.

It’s a chemical compound that affects your whole body in a positive way. It’s widely known to reduce depression and anxiety.

5. Cats boost your sleeping

Next to serotonin, cortisol also regulates your mood and you can easily go from a stressed to a relaxed person in no time. Your pet can also make you fall asleep rather quickly.

These affectionate furbabies help us loosen up, especially after a long and hard day at work. What better way to spend your evening than with a boost of serotonin!

Not to mention how warm and fuzzy cats are! You’ll just want to snuggle up to them and listen to those soft purrs that are like a lullaby.

Not only are they great companions, but they help us with our mental health, for free!

6. They heal your bones and muscles

11 Actual Health Benefits Of Having A Cat (The Purr Is A Cure)

Next to reducing the feelings of loneliness, one of the health benefits of their meows and purrs can have a strong impact on our bones.

We know that they make these cute sounds when they’re expressing their gratitude and love. However, we’re the ones who should be thankful for their purring vibrations.

The sound frequencies are found to improve bone density. If you notice your cat laying on your old wound, she’s trying to heal you.

7. They decrease the risk of heart diseases

Cat owners are lucky people because they have their own healers at home. Next to promoting good mental health, felines are masters in keeping our physical well-being in check.

A number of studies show that cat ladies and gentlemen are at a lower risk of developing heart diseases. Reduced stress levels decrease the chances of cardiovascular diseases.

Reduced stress also means lower blood pressure and heart rate, all thanks to those purrs! Who would’ve thought that a cat’s purr would be so beneficial to us?

8. They reduce the sneeze and the fleas!

A lot of people are allergic to cats and dogs. However, this can all be overcome by simply getting a cat.

It may not make sense now, but trust me on this one. Studies have shown that kids who start to develop certain symptoms of an allergic reaction should come into contact with pets.

An allergy is our body’s response to things that aren’t necessarily harmful. However, the body sees it as a threat and starts defending itself.

You know how they say – take a hair of the dog that bit you. Well, it’s not a dog and it didn’t bite you, but you get the point.

Cats can also improve your immune system through their magnificent purr and exercise! Basically, they’re the heroes in this story.

Furthermore, they don’t just help with fighting off allergies. Exposure to these cuddly furballs also helps with sensitivity toward allergens such as dust mites.

9. They make you attractive to women – a pawsome wingman!

Even though they tend to spend their time inside the house, cats can help you win over your partner.

Just upload some cute photos and videos of your furball and your chat will blow up. Women are more on the sensitive side, so they’ll be drawn to men with cats.

They’ll instantly fall for the way you’re treating your furbaby. Your cat will most certainly be your ticket to the next date!

10. They promote socialization among seniors

If you’re an older person, your pet will be more than enough to fill your rainy days with sun. They provide great companionship to people who like spending their time indoors.

One of the benefits of having a cat is that you don’t need to lead an active life. You can have a normal job or be retired.

They sleep through most of the day, so you’ll know she isn’t alone and bored. Cats like to play, but it doesn’t have to be a consistent pattern like a dog person has.

Felines are no trouble for first-time or elderly pet parents. The litterbox is easy to clean and they bathe themselves. Although you can pay a visit to the groomer, it doesn’t have to be frequently.

So, they make your days better but also give you a feeling that you have a purpose in life.

11. Cats provide emotional support to children with disorders

Cats can even be trained to become therapy animals. Lots of autistic children have found emotional support in their furry friends and created strong bonds with them.

These animals helped them with recognizing emotions and associating them with something positive. Remember, these are just a few of the many health benefits of having a cat.

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11 Actual Health Benefits Of Having A Cat