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The Universe Gives You What You Need: This Brokenhearted Man Finds A Cat-Buddy On His Stairs

The Universe Gives You What You Need: This Brokenhearted Man Finds A Cat-Buddy On His Stairs

Cat purrs are good for your physical, mental, and emotional health and nobody can argue that. Whether you’re snuggling with your fluffy friend after a hard workday, hearing her purr and trill when she’s sitting on your chest, or bonding with her when she’s “making biscuits” on your thighs, she’s guaranteed to make your mood much better within minutes.

Now, cat purrs are actually proven to have an effect on humans. A calming effect, for that matter. Cats’ purr vibrations are around the 20 Hz to 140 Hz range for the most part, which means their purring can have a therapeutic effect.

Also, cats’ purr vibrations can lower your stress levels, lower your blood pressure, reduce the risk of heart attack, decrease dyspnea symptoms, mend infections and swellings, and remedy muscles, tendons, and ligaments.

According to whoever conducted the research, there’s nothing stopping you from calling off your massage appointments, throwing away your scented candles, and getting a cat (“for your stupid mental health,” as TikTok would suggest).

And, that’s what happened when MK, the protagonist who shared the story on Reddit, went outside to vent after an arduous breakup. MK was going through a rough time because of the termination of the relationship he worked hard on.

He was crying, but he was trying to lighten the mood by going for a walk and breathing the fresh air. He wasn’t expecting to uncover a scruffy, scrawny kitten the moment that he stepped outside of the second-story apartment, though.

When MK approached the kitten, he noticed that he appeared wounded, blinded, or otherwise unwell. MK argued that the kitten’s eyes were caked with suppuration (pus, ooze, or however you want to address the gross discharge that was coming out of the kitten’s eyes).

Before MK could figure out what to do about the kitten, the kitten darted toward the apartment. But, the weather was too hot to handle and MK assumed that the kitten couldn’t bear the heat anymore.

(Credit: Reddit)

So, he ran back to the apartment, found the kitten, and brought him a bowl of cold water to help cool him down. And, he chopped up some fajita meat to feed the kitten because he didn’t have anything that would be appropriate for a kitten to eat.

MK added how the kitten scoffed down everything within minutes because he was hungry and dehydrated. MK was already dealing with separation anxiety and abandonment problems, and he didn’t even consider the possibility of releasing the kitten back to the horrible heatwave outside.

When he named the kitten Fajita because of the first meal they shared together, MK knew that they were going to become BFFs.

When he noticed that Fajita wasn’t blind and that he was suffering from health problems galore, he decided to turn to Facebook and check whether anyone had any suggestions on how to handle the situation.

He went out to the store and bought a bunch of things that Fajita would need (food, kitty litter, a cat carrier, etc.). He scheduled an appointment with a vet to check whether his new buddy needed medication and treatment, and he even bonded with Fajita while waiting for the appointment.

After the vet’s appointment, MK learned that Fajita’s eyes were crusted and closed because of conjunctivitis. And, Fajita was suffering from an upper respiratory infection and was underweight for his age.

Now, he wasn’t microchipped which was great because that meant that Fajita wasn’t anyone’s kitten and that he was allowed to go home with MK. Of course, the vet cleaned Fajita’s eyes which meant that Fajita could finally see MK.

Oh and, Fajita was put on antibiotics which, according to MK, weren’t cheap whatsoever. But, MK was over the moon when Fajita started feeling better, getting comfortable, and showing off the purrsonality that was hidden due to stress and other health problems.

The Universe Gives You What You Need: This Brokenhearted Man Finds A Cat-Buddy On His Stairs

(Credit: Reddit)

MK added that he had a moment with Fajita where the two were snuggling together and MK asked “Do you want to be my pet?” Fajita meowed right back at MK, and he started crying because he knew that Fajita would mend his broken heart one meow at a time.

MK was suffering, battling depression and emotional distress before he cross paths with Fajita. He believed that he wasn’t the one that rescued Fajita, Fajita rescued him – or perhaps, the two tortured souls rescued each other.

MK knew that he wanted to give Fajita everything he never had, and he was excited about the prospect of sharing a life with someone as pure, trusting, and wholesome as Fajita.

We’re pretty sure that the story of how MK and Fajita saved each other attests to the fact that our fluffy friends affect us more than we might think. We’re pretty sure that we’re all praying to be chosen and touched (physically and emotionally) by a fluffer such as Fajita. Fajita, we love you and wish you and MK all the best!

The Universe Gives You What You Need: This Brokenhearted Man Finds A Cat-Buddy On His Stairs