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My Cat Is Obsessed With Me! I Don’t Mind, But I Wonder Why?

My Cat Is Obsessed With Me! I Don’t Mind, But I Wonder Why?

Not many cat parents can proudly say, “My cat is obsessed with me!” and if you’re one of those who can, I want to congratulate you sincerely.

Our feline friends have this bad reputation for being ignorant, self-centered, and rude. Because of that, many people prefer dogs to cats since they seem to possess opposite personality traits.

I would stand in their defense any time, but I cannot help but agree that our beloved kitties do love to be mean sometimes. At the end of the day, it just comes down to whether you love their sassy behavior or not.

However, some cats are exceptionally loving. These fluffballs, for whatever reason, really enjoy their owner’s company and love to spend quality time with them, not just for their own benefit, but to show that they genuinely love them.

One of my kitties is precisely like that. I am a proud mother of three, and while I love them all unconditionally, my furbabies cannot say the same thing for me. Two of them ignore me on a daily basis and only occasionally come to cuddle.

But the third one… Oh, my that one really loves me. She’s constantly following me around the house; if I’m cooking something she has to be on the kitchen counter, and if I’m on the couch watching TV, you bet she’s there, right on top of me.

And if I’m, God forbid, absent for more than usual, she’s right there at the door, desperately meowing for my return.

I only recently came to the conclusion that yes – my cat is obsessed with me! But I don’t know why. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t mind her constant outbursts of affection, but I’m baffled by the fact that she’s so loving, while the other two aren’t as much.

I know not every kitty is the same, but they have been raised similarly. How on earth did they turn out so different?

If you’re wondering about similar questions and wish to find out why your cat is obsessed with you, this article will end your troubles. Keep on reading to resolve this mystery.

My cat is obsessed with me: 10 reasons why

My Cat Is Obsessed With Me! I Don't Mind, But I Wonder Why

There are indeed cats who prefer to be left alone for the majority of the time and only let you cuddle them on their own terms. These fluffs don’t mind your absence, and maybe secretly even look forward to it.

However, there, on the other side of the spectrum, are kitties who simply cannot get enough of their owners and have to occupy their personal space always. And I mean always.

Those kitties follow their owners around the house, watch them shower, sit on them all the time, and basically desire to be close to them always.

This kind of behavior is nothing to be alarmed about, and while it can be sometimes annoying and make your everyday life a tad bit harder (especially if you’re working from home), it’s no reason to speed-dial your vet.

I had to remind myself many times about this one. “My cat is obsessed with me, yes. But, she’s completely fine. She’s not sick. She’s not in pain. She’s a healthy and happy Catto!”

There are many reasons why your cat might be obsessed with you. One of them does include health concerns, but it’s nothing serious to fret about. Take a look at these 10 reasons below and see if you can pinpoint one or more to your fluffball.

1. Your cat has been separated from her mother way too early

First of all, it could be that your kitty was separated from her mommy too early.

Kittens are supposed to be left with their mothers for about two to three months. This is a crucial period for their development. At this stage, they are relying on their mother for food and nourishment, their baby teeth start to come in, and they are learning how to groom themselves from their mom.

Sadly, many kittens don’t get to experience this, especially those who have an outdoor cat for a mother. They end up abandoned on the streets and become orphans. And life on the streets can be tough for stray kitties since it is full of potential threats.

Usually, these kinds of cats didn’t have enough time to bond with their mother and learn how to be a cat. If they end up being adopted, they might form an extremely close bond with their human savior who becomes their mother figure.

So, if your fluff is adopted, and you find her following you everywhere and sleeping on your chest, it might be because she’s trying to work on your mother-daughter relationship. How adorable!

2. Or, she has been coddled as a kitten

My Cat Is Obsessed With Me! I Don't Mind, But I Wonder Why

This is the other side of the spectrum, for sure, but with the same ending nevertheless. Maybe your kitty didn’t have a traumatic childhood at all. Maybe she was coddled as a kitten and was actually taught and raised to be attached to humans, you in particular.

Some cats who were adopted as kittens and were constantly babied, tend to continue this behavior and affection as they get older.

If you took your kitten everywhere with you, let her do all kinds of things, and sleep wherever she wanted, even with you in bed, there is a high probability that this will remain a learned pattern of behavior for her.

If your cat is overly obsessed with you, she should develop some sense of independence, so you both can have some of your precious privacy.

For example, you can get her some interactive toys, so she could be amused when you’re busy, or you can make sure she gets off your bed at night and provide her with her designated sleeping place.

3. Your cat is insecure

Maybe the reason why your cat is obsessed with you is that there has been some kind of change in your home.

Did you bring a new kitty home? Or a dog? Did you renovate your home and moved everything around? Or have you maybe moved to a different place in general? Or, perhaps it was something as simple as the fact that you’ve got a new job and started to come home later than usual?

All of these things can significantly affect your kitty’s mood. She probably doesn’t understand what’s happening and doesn’t appreciate when her usual routine is disrupted. All she knows is that something’s off, and she can’t seem to figure out what.

Any kind of change can be stressful for our feline friends and can cause them to seek safety and comfort someplace they know and love and will never change, aka. their owner’s embrace.

If you think, “Wow. My cat is obsessed with me. Could it be because of the new dog we got?!” you’re probably right.

4. Your cat is anxious or under a lot of stress

Fear, anxiety, and stress are closely related to a feline’s obsession with her owners. Especially if the bond between them is exceptionally strong. As mentioned above, cats can seek refuge in their owners’ presence since that’s the place that almost never changes and remain familiar.

Some cats are by nature timider than others. All it takes is an unexpected ring of the doorbell, and they’ll bolt to their safe zone.

Whenever your furbaby is stressed, anxious, or afraid, be sure she won’t leave your side because you make her feel safe. She is smart enough to know that you love her and won’t let anything bad happen to her. You’ll be her protection from any potential threat.

I encourage you to show your kitty some extra love in these situations because she really needs all the support she can get.

5. Your cat has separation anxiety

Some cats are extremely prone to separation anxiety which comes as a result of excessive attachment. Cats with this syndrome can display various destructive behaviors, like peeing or pooping outside the litter box, being extremely vocal, breaking things around the home, and many others.

Apart from being naughty, these cats can be extremely obsessed with their owners and not wish to leave them alone.

A cat that struggles with separation anxiety is usually an only child to a single cat parent. Therefore, she is probably used to spending the majority of her time with her owner in the past.

If you can relate to this, just remind yourself that she’s a needy cat because she’s not used to not having you around 24/7.

There is a way to deal with separation anxiety, and it includes getting a new fluff friend for your kitty, spending some quality time with her, buying her some interactive toys, and others.

6. She has trust issues

My Cat Is Obsessed With Me! I Don't Mind, But I Wonder Why

Adopting cats from shelters is a great and noble thing to do, but also extremely challenging.

You never know the entire history of the cat you’re adopting, whether she was bullied and abused or not, and how many times (if any) she has been previously returned to the shelter. If she had changed several adopting families but none of them seemed to work, she’ll most definitely develop trust issues.

So many bad things could have unfortunately happened in her short little furry life which can have an immense impact on her behavior.

Some shelter cats can be furious, act hostile, and constantly hide, while others can be needy and cling to their new owners. These kitties need constant reassurance that their new family won’t one day give up on them and return them to the shelter.

Obsessing over their owner usually last for a few months, until the cat is sure she’s found her forever home. If your kitty is recently adopted, and she doesn’t leave her side, make sure to show her all the love she needs. And be sure she’ll regain her confidence and independence in no time.

7. Your cat is pregnant and her due date is close

If your cat is a future momma, then being obsessed with you is her way of letting you know, “It’s time!”

Usually, cats who are first-time mothers are scared because the contractions are something they have never experienced before. The pain they’re going through is unimaginable, and they’ll either hide someplace safe, like their owners’ closet or their bed, or come straight to them.

If you have a pregnant kitty, and she decides to share her first labor experience with you, take it as a compliment. Mothers are highly protective of their newborn kittens, and if your cat decided to deliver her babies near you, that just means she trusts you completely and loves you very much.

Also, congratulations on your new litter of kittens!

8. Your cat is getting old

Being obsessed with you can indicate that your cat is getting old. I know it’s not nice to talk about it since getting old inevitably leads to passing away, but we simply have to mention this possibility, too.

As cats get older, their vision and hearing become weaker and weaker. Because of this, cats lose their confidence and become insecure about their sudden “flaws”.

It’s natural they would prefer to stick to their owners since it’s a safe and familiar place that offers them a lot of comfort, but also it’s easier to orientate in the surroundings if they have an extra pair of eyes and ears to help them.

9. She just wants some attention

If you have been ignoring your cat for too long then it’s no wonder she’s obsessed with you!

You might think, “Oh, cats are generally independent and solitary animals. She doesn’t need me that much, for sure!” but you’ll be so wrong. No matter how self-reliant your kitty is, at the end of the day, she’ll still need some of your time and attention just for herself.

If she feels neglected, she might lie on something you’re using, like your laptop or the chair you have been sitting on before you went to refill your glass of water. It’ll be her way of letting you, “Hey, I’m alive and well, thanks for asking. I think it’s playtime now!”

Always make sure you find a balance between your work and personal life. Your day has to have a time specifically dedicated to your fluffball.

It might be funny and entertaining if she’s showing how obsessed she is with you, but a lack of attention can result in separation anxiety. And that is something you probably don’t want to deal with.

10. She could be sick

My Cat Is Obsessed With Me! I Don't Mind, But I Wonder Why

“My cat is obsessed with me these days. She never used to behave this way. What’s up with her?”

If you can relate to this, then I hate to say this, but your cat might be sick or in pain.

Cats rarely change their behavior to extreme extents. If they are usually not overly affectionate and needy, it’s definitely weird when all of a sudden they become obsessed with their owners. This new behavior is not to be ignored, for sure.

Some cats, when they are sick or in pain, tend to hide and deal with their condition on their own. However, others meow and follow their owners everywhere in order to make them notice something is wrong with them. That’s because, as mentioned above, their owner is their source of safety and comfort.

If your kitty developed this obsessive behavior only recently, make sure to take her to the vet to determine what’s wrong with her.

Is my cat really obsessed with me? I’m not entirely sure

Maybe you’ve accidentally stumbled upon this article without actually dealing with an obsessed kitty. But, perhaps after reading those 10 reasons above you’ve started to question the nature of your fluff.

“Wow. So much interesting information. My entire world is turned upside down. My cat is obsessed with me?! Or not? How could I know for sure?!”

If this is your thought process right now, fear not! We’ll go through 6 possible indicators that your cat is obsessed with you to which you probably haven’t paid attention before.

We’ve already mentioned cats who follow their owners around the house, who always lie on top of them and sleep next to them, and those who are extremely vocal with their owners. But what are some other indicators of obsessive behavior? How can you know if your kitty is obsessed with you or not?

Keep reading to find out!

1. She rubs herself against you

Apart from following you around, an obsessive kitty will rub herself against you. By doing so, she is stimulating special scent glands which release pheromones. These chemical messengers are your cat’s way of claiming you as her own.

Yup! She is marking you as she would her territory. She could be rubbing her head on your legs if you’re standing, or even performing the famous head-butt move. Headbutting in the feline world is a sign of extreme affection.

2. She softly blinks when she makes an eye contact

You might find this weird, but if your cat tends to stare at you with her eyes half-closed – that means she loves and trusts you. And if she adds a soft blink here and there, just know you’re super special.

Cats don’t usually love when someone stares and that’s why in a room full of people they almost always choose someone who doesn’t identify as a cat person. That’s because that person will usually ignore and not bore them, which cats usually enjoy.

So, if your kitty doesn’t mind your loving stares and even initiates them – that’s love!

3. She makes biscuits on top of you sometimes

Kneading is probably the cutest thing cats do. This behavior remained from their kitten stage when they were pressing their little paws on their mothers to encourage milk flow.

Adult cats do this out of pure happiness and contentment. If your cat is making biscuits when she’s lying on top of you, be sure she’s happy and satisfied and feels safe and secure in your presence.

4. She occasionally grooms you

If your cat is grooming you by licking your fingers, ears, or hair, that’s a sign of immense loyalty and trust. By licking you, your cat is trying to let you know you’re a part of her gang. She’s so obsessed with you, she wants you to look presentable the whole time. So considerate, right?

5. She brings you gifts

My Cat Is Obsessed With Me! I Don't Mind, But I Wonder Why

Cats love to bring gifts to their favorite humans. Whether it’s socks, hair ties, their own balls, toys, or other random things around the house.

Oftentimes those gifts can be inappropriate, too. If they have the access to the great outdoors, they will probably bring some small trinkets as a souvenir from their ventures, like bugs and small animals.

This can be a very unpleasant experience because it’s extremely hard to react to it. If your cat brings you an inappropriate gift, you know you cannot scold her since she’s just being – well, a cat. How can you punish someone for being themselves?

Anyway, if they decide to share their “prey” with you, find a way to appreciate it since it is a sign of trust and affection. If you don’t want your gifts to be bug corpses, ensure you have a cat-proof balcony. And your problems will be solved.

6. She shows you her belly here and there

Last but not least, if your kitty is showing you her belly, just know she completely trusts you! She’s so over the moon with you, she’s willing to expose her most vulnerable body part. She knows you would never hurt her.

When your cat rolls onto her back and shows you her belly, gently rub it and make sure you’re not too harsh or too impulsive. Show her that you appreciate her gesture so very much!

My Cat Is Obsessed With Me! I Don't Mind, But I Wonder Why?