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Why Does My Cat Watch Me Shower? Don’t Pawnic Yet!

Why Does My Cat Watch Me Shower? Don’t Pawnic Yet!

It’s super early in the morning. You’ve barely opened your eyes, and your body is only craving a long, warm shower. When you’re about to get out of the tub, you almost step on your fluff; why does my cat watch me shower?!

I know this is not something you’d like to see, and perhaps this whole occurrence is a bit uncomfortable for you. Especially if you’re a first-time pet owner. Is she getting ready to attack you, or does she just need to desperately be in your presence?

I can reassure you of one thing, she’s not planning to hurt you. For the other reasons, we’ll talk about them in a bit. But, you can definitely add this kind of behavior to the list of weird things our felines do. Cats are extremely curious beings and they’ll explore everything around them.

There can be multiple reasons she decided to watch you while you’re taking a shower. Perhaps she heard the sound of water and wanted to know what was happening, or she simply missed you.

It could also happen that you’ve decided to shower precisely at the time when it was supposed to be her playtime and she’s reminding you about it. I mean, there’s nothing cats like more than playing with their hooman. Well, maybe food tops that.

Since I already mentioned some of the possible reasons, let’s just go further and solve this mystery once and for all. Are you ready to get an answer to the question “Why does my cat watch me shower?”

Why does my cat watch me shower?

Why Does My Cat Watch Me Shower? Don't Pawnic Yet!

So, as I’ve mentioned earlier, there are a couple of reasons your cat is watching you while you shower. I promise, it’s not a big deal and she’s not hatching some evil master plan on how to hurt you.

It was unexpected to see her when you turned around, I understand, but there’s nothing to worry about. Her reasons for doing so are pretty simple. I bet that after reading them you’ll nod your head and confirm that some of them may actually be true in your case.

Without further ado, let’s go through the answers to the why-does-my-cat-watch-me-shower question. Buckle up!

1. You’re stopping her from doing her business

First things first, what do you do in the bathroom when you’re not showering? Exactly. Is your feline’s litter box placed somewhere close as well? If that’s the case, that’s why your cat was watching you while you were showering.

Cats are real ladies and gents, so when they’re doing their business, they need to be alone, or at least make sure that no one is watching. Yet, there you are, singing in the shower, making it obvious to her that she’s not on her own.

What is she supposed to do? Your fluff will start meowing to let you know that it’s urgent and that you have to leave the bathroom as soon as possible.

You’re well aware that cats cover their feces when they’re done because they don’t want predators to find them. Of course, she’s not looking at you as a predator, but some inborn things simply can’t be changed.

When you’re occupying the bathroom of a feline that knows at least some basic cattiquete, she’s either going to run away and wait for you to be done, or she’ll stare at you to make it clear that it’s her time to use that room.

Apparently, your fluff is a part of the second tribe. Therefore, next time you ask yourself “Why does my cat watch me shower?” think about if you’re interfering with her bathroom schedule.

2. She’s curious

There’s no need to particularly explain this one. As we mentioned in the beginning, cats are curious beings and want to explore their surroundings to the last bits. When it comes to your bathroom, it’s a pretty intriguing place.

You know, cold bathroom tiles, fluffy rugs, pleasant smells, and the sound of running water. I’d say that’s a decent amount of things that are tingling her senses as well. That roll of toilet paper is also pretty appealing for her to play with, don’t you think?

During summer, bathroom tiles are a perfect place for your kitty to cool down. Especially if you live in an area where it’s pretty warm. She’ll need that little freshness that comes out of the tub every time you’re taking a shower or long bath.

3. She wants attention

Tell me honestly, when do cats not want attention? That’s what I thought. If your fluff is following you around and watching you shower, it may be because she wants your undivided attention. Being the only feline in the house is not as easy as it seems.

She has to play on her own, comfort you as her owner, and still be able to explore the world around her. Those are pretty demanding tasks for someone who needs attention themselves as well. Observe what she’s doing when you’re doing daily tasks at home.

Is she following you around the house and brushing herself against your legs? Notice if she’s scratching the door when you close them, meows loudly, or waits for you to come out from the room and remove the obstacle between the two of you.

All of these actions may indicate that she needs to spend more time with you, or that she has separation anxiety. She’s obviously attached to you because of some previous experiences that you’ve shared. Maybe you rescued her when she was young, or you used to spend more time together.

She may also enjoy seeing you happy and relaxed. And, she’ll definitely use that opportunity to ask you for some cuddles or invite you for playtime. Another cure reason why your cat watches you shower is that she wants to make sure you’re okay.

Cats are protective over their owners, even though most people don’t mention that. Monitor her behavior and figure out if she’s sleeping outside your bedroom door as well, for example. If she is, then you can rest assured that she doesn’t want you to get hurt and she wants to make sure that you’re safe.

4. You’ve invaded her hiding spot

Why Does My Cat Watch Me Shower? Don't Pawnic Yet!

When they were in wild, your domestic cat’s ancestors had their own hiding spot. They’d run there to seek protection from their predators and they’d hide their little ones. Now, when it comes to your furbaby, she’s not necessarily in danger.

If your cat watches you while you shower, maybe she’s trying to tell you that you’ve invaded her hiding spot. She loves you unconditionally, but she loves herself more if I’m being honest.

I mean, she was looking for a place where she’ll rest from everything that was happening, and bam, her favorite human is there.

It’s true that your cat may be feeling a bit uncomfortable at your home. She may be stressed, or anxious a bit and she needed to find a place that will provide her comfort. Turns out, that’s your bathroom or some parts of it, like the sink or laundry basket.

Stop for a second and think if there were some changes in your household that could negatively influence your furball. You know that even the smallest change can upset your cat. So, try to figure out what’s happening, and remove the stressors from her surrounding.

Perhaps someone new came to visit you, or you adopted a new pet and the bathroom is actually the only safe place right now where she can get attention from you without being disturbed.

If you catch her scratching her litterbox, or if she’s showing some kind of destructive behavior, contact your vet to check out what may be happening. Surely, your fluff is not happy with something and you have to figure out what that is.

5. She simply likes water

Yes, I know most of you believe that cats despise water with every atom of their being, but in some cases, you couldn’t be more wrong. If you have a Bengal, or a gentle giant (read Maine Coon) as your pet, you have to know that they adore water!

Your cat could be watching you while you’re taking a shower because she would love to take a bath herself, too! Or, if she doesn’t feel like dipping her paws into that bath of yours, she probably enjoys seeing water and those soap bubbles are extremely fascinating for her.

I don’t want to scare you, but sometimes, the need for water may mean that your cat has some underlying health issues. If she’s drinking excessively, or if she’s not drinking at all, it could possibly indicate that your feline has some kidney problems or diabetes.

It’s also possible that she’s dehydrated, so make sure that you check her water bowl as soon as you get out of the shower. However, if your fluff simply enjoys hearing running water (like my Nora and I do), get her one of those water fountains for the full experience.

6. You’re messing up her routine

What do I mean by this one? Let’s say that every day when you come back home from work, you two have lunch together. Today, you’ve decided to take a shower first instead. Don’t you think that messed up her routine a bit?

Because of that, she’ll stare at you while you’re taking a shower, and even meow a bit. Since you forgot about her needs, she’ll make sure you remember. Even though you think that some changes are minor, cats know their schedule and they’ll definitely show you disagreement if you try to mess it up.

This is not going to make her stressed, or anxious, but she’ll definitely show you who’s the queen of the house. Sooner than you realize, you’ll be the one who’s trained and living her life according to your fluff’s rules (and that’s adorable!)

Pay attention to what’s happening when you’re taking shower. Maybe you were supposed to take her out, play with her or feed her. Her needs need to be fulfilled and if she’s happy, you’ll surely be happy too.

How can you stop your cat from watching you shower?

Why Does My Cat Watch Me Shower? Don't Pawnic Yet!

Even though there’s nothing extremely bad as an answer to the question “Why does my cat watch me shower?” I assume some of you still find it uncomfortable. For that reason, I’ve prepared some tips on how to keep her away while you relax.

In the next part, you’ll find some advice on how to handle the situation better and prevent her from watching you while you’re enjoying your shower. So, let’s do it!

1. Give her food

Do you remember that I mentioned how spending time with you is almost as important as eating her food? Perfect. Because of that, feed her right before you enter the bathroom to take a shower or a bubble bath.

It can be anything from human food to dry kibbles. She’ll be busy dipping her whiskers into those delicious treats, rather than watching you while you shower.

2. Shut the door when you enter the bathroom

This may be a bit rude, but you need your privacy. If you want to keep your cat away from the bathroom while you shower, shut the door once you’re all set to take a bath.

Indeed, you’ll hear her vocalizing how she’s not satisfied with that decision, or she’ll be scratching the door from the other side. Whatever you do, don’t give in and let her enter. With time, she’ll learn that you need some time alone and that the bathroom is your getaway.

I know that it will be difficult to listen to her sad meows, but give her some treats for being a good girl after you get out of the toilet. Try to train her to at least stay calm while you’re trying to relax.

3. Modify your bathroom so it’s not appealing to her

If you don’t want your fluff to watch you while you’re taking a shower, try modifying it. For example, if she loves snuggling in your laundry basket, secure the lid, or move it completely to another place.

Also, move around the objects that she likes, so she can’t reach them. Another thing that you could do is to use essential oils while you’re taking a bath. Opt for those scents that deter your cat, like lavender or citrus. They’ll help you relax, but your kitty will definitely stay away.

4. Give her some toys before you hop into the tub

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What can entertain her more than her favorite toys? Invest in some interactive playthings that she can use while you’re away or taking that well-deserved, long shower. That way, you’ll be able to leave her in the living room.

If the toy is interesting enough like this one by Potaroma, I can guarantee you that you’ll be out of the bathroom before she even notices that you were away. It’s a win-win situation (except that your wallet will be a bit lighter).

5. Entertain her with some catnip

Catnip always comes to the rescue when your cat is behaving a bit oddly. If you keep asking yourself “Why does my cat watch me shower?” try to redirect her attention from you. I’m sure that once she gets that kitty-high, she won’t even care if you’re in the bathroom or not.

Give her some catnip balls that she can play with and chase around the house. She’ll relax and enjoy her time alone, perhaps even more than you.

6. Move her litter box

Why Does My Cat Watch Me Shower? Don't Pawnic Yet!

When felines have problems with their toilet, whether we’re talking about its location, shape, or cleanliness, she’ll scratch the sides of her litter box and make it clear that something’s off. I assure you, you’ll know it.

So, if your lady is watching you while you’re taking a shower only because you’re stopping her from doing her business in private, move her litter box outside. Find another good location and make both of your lives easier.

7. Ignore her

This may sound a bit harsh, but just ignore her when she comes into the bathroom to watch you while you’re taking a shower or trying to relax in the bathtub. It’s behavior that you won’t tolerate, so simply act as if nothing’s happening.

Similar to what you do when raising kids – if you give them attention when they require it, they’ll know that they can manipulate you. I know you adore your fluff, but she’s highly intelligent and will use anything in her power to get what she wants.

On the other hand, make sure that you reward her when she does something right. Use the method of positive reinforcement. That way you’ll train her to know what she should or shouldn’t do.

In case you’re not sure whether or not you can do this on your own, you can always consult a cat behaviorist. He or she will help you understand why your feline is behaving a certain way and how you can make things better.

This will definitely make your bond stronger and you’ll understand each other way better, so why wouldn’t you listen to an expert’s advice?

Should I let my cat watch me while I take a shower?

As you can gather, there’s nothing bad about this behavior. Yes, it’s weird and maybe a bit uncomfortable for you, but your feline simply wants to be close to you. If you allow her to be present while you’re taking a shower, there’s one thing you have to pay attention to.

That’s the location of substances you keep in the bathroom. Try to move them somewhere out of her reach, so she won’t harm herself. Most of our cleaning products can be toxic for our pets, so if you haven’t started using those pet-friendly ones, do it now.

You can also make your bathroom completely cat-friendly by adding some toys or cushions. That way, she’ll spend time with you, but you’ll avoid her gaze. She’ll do her thing and have fun while you’re relaxing.

Both of you will enjoy being together and that will definitely help you to strengthen your bond. Or if your fluff loves water, you can install a little bathtub for her as well. That way, you can both relax at the same time. Sounds like a cool new habit to adopt, right?!

Final words

In the end, I can tell you that there’s nothing wrong with your cat wanting to be with you while you’re taking a shower. Of course, we went through all the possible answers to why your cat watches you shower, and I hope you figured out your feline’s reason for doing so.

Also, I gave you some ideas on how to keep her away from the bathroom and have that much-needed relaxing time. You can choose from redirecting her attention, modifying your bathroom, giving her food, and closing the door.

Try as many of these suggestions as you need, or combine some of them and you’re sure to enjoy some alone time during your next shower.

I mean, there’s nothing wrong with the fact that your fluff wants to protect you, or spend time with you, but you can easily make her stop doing so if you feel uncomfortable. Good luck!

Why Does My Cat Watch Me Shower? Don't Pawnic Yet!