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Couple Want To Adopt A Cat But Little Do They Know That A Blind Cat Will Adopt Them

Couple Want To Adopt A Cat But Little Do They Know That A Blind Cat Will Adopt Them

Sometimes when you get married or start living with your partner, the natural turn of events is to expand your little family of two. Some people chose to have a child, some opt for adoption, while others decide to take it slow and first get a furry child, a.k.a. a pet.

What kind of pet they opt for depends entirely on their preferences. As does the number of pets. Some end up being overwhelmed by just one, while others don’t mind the company of multiple pets.

Either way, having and caring for a pet can be very beneficial. It can teach you a lot about yourself and the level of responsibility you’re ready to take, and it can serve as a sort of trial period for when (and if ever) you decide to have a little human of your own.

It can also bring you closer to your partner or at least help you determine where you two stand and what kind of relationship you have. It’s like a “make it or break it” experiment.

One couple from Virginia knew this and felt they are finally at that point in their relationship when they should bring some novelty into their lives. And not any kind of novelty, no. Rather, the novelty in the shape of a four-legged furry feline.

In 2017, Elliot and Nathanial Green heard from a close friend that there is an event called “Free Cat Friday” at the Lynchburg Humane Society. They decided it’s definitely worth checking it out since they have been thinking about adopting a cat for a long time.

Their initial plan was to adopt a Siamese kitten. They were always enchanted by this breed and desperately wanted this slender, dramatic feline with blue, almond-shaped eyes to fill their lives with her famous distinctive personality.

However, by the time they got there, all of the Siamese kittens have already been taken.

Elliot and Nathanial were at first upset and wanted to call it quits, and go home without a fluff in their embrace. But, an odd gut feeling told them to stick around and take a look at other kittens available.

A shelter worker noticed them wandering around, looking at different cats and appearing very confused and in desperate need of help. She approached them and offered to help them, telling them she can show them her favorite cats.

Elliot and Nathanial agreed and let her walk them around. She presented them with various kittens, who were all very adorable, but none of them felt like “the one.”

That odd feeling kicked in once again, telling them that there might be something else at the shelter. It was as though someone there was meant to be adopted by them and they couldn’t choose just any cat.

The lady then led them to a medical wing where she showed them a little kitty who was in the middle of a head cold recovery. It was a beautiful Napoleon cat, very small but with beautiful black and gray fluff, named Merlin.

Couple Want To Adopt A Cat But Little Do They Know That A Blind Cat Will Adopt Them

(Credit: @merlin.griffith)

The couple loved the cat and thought how adorable he was. However, they felt a tad bit reserved because the poor thing was blind.

Elliot was afraid they would not be able to provide him with the love and attention he deserves. He said how it would be hard to take care of Merlin due to him being a full-time student and working two jobs.

At that time, Merlin was a two-year-old cat and had already dealt with several rejections. In the past, many people would approach him, mesmerized by his beauty, but would soon back away, not wanting to adopt the cat that required that much attention.

So, Merlin knew this might be his last chance. With the mindset, “It’s now or never!” he went straight to Elliot, even though he couldn’t see him. He completely relied on his other senses and his intuition and came close to him.

First, he started sniffing him and rubbing against his legs. But soon enough, he had found himself in Elliot’s embrace, curled up in his arms.

At that moment, both Elliot and Nathanial realized they have found the one.

(Credit: @merlin.griffith)

They took Merlin home, got him everything he needed, and let him get used to his new space. Merlin had some troubles here and there, but he soon got a hold of this new space that became his forever home, and he learned how to navigate around.

Elliot and Nathanial even made him his own Instagram account which today has more than 76. 000 followers. Many people fell in love with Merlin’s story and his uniqueness, and with the benevolence of this amazing couple.

Let this wonderful story be a motivation and encouragement to all those who hesitate to adopt a special need animal. It’s true, that experience will be ten times harder, but the love received will be ten times more rewarding.

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Couple Want To Adopt A Cat But Little Do They Know That A Blind Cat Will Adopt Them