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How To Keep A Cat Off The Bed: Tips For A Good Night’s Sleep

How To Keep A Cat Off The Bed: Tips For A Good Night’s Sleep

Until we get our sweet little feline friend, we all dream of snuggling with a cat in our comfy beds and drifting to sleep. Once you become a cat parent, however, you notice many problems with that sweet scenario. Don’t feel bad if you start thinking about how to keep your cat off the bed. We’ve all been there.

I get it – there’s nothing more comforting than sleeping next to your kitty, listening to her purrs, and feeling her paws on your skin. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news but, although it has some benefits, a list of why you shouldn’t do it is much longer.

If your cat’s already used to sleeping in your bed, or you made it extra comfy, keeping her off won’t be an easy task. It is the comfiest place in the house, after all. It takes a lot of patience and a strong will to shift your buddy to a new sleeping area.

If you’re done with waking up tired, sleeping in one position all night, or waging an endless war with cat hair – then it’s probably time for you and your cat to get separate beds. Don’t worry, although it takes time, a little bit of creativity and patience goes a long way.

Why is your cat obsessed with your bed?

If you’ve been wondering why is your four-legged friend so obsessed with your bed, ask yourself why you are first. You made it so comfortable, warm, and safe that your cat simply can’t resist it – and we can’t blame her.

Listed below are three main reasons why your furball might enjoy your crib more than you do, so you can understand her better. It’s the first step on your journey of getting your bed back, so let’s dive right in.

1. They love the warmth

How To Keep A Cat Off The Bed: Tips For A Good Night's Sleep

Just like humans, cats love to feel warm and comfy when they’re drifting off to sleep. Think of your home: where can you find such a place? Exactly, in your sweet little bed. We invest so much for a good night’s sleep, so why wouldn’t our feline friends use the opportunity at hand?

Sorry to burst your bubble but, you don’t have to be in your bed for your cat to enjoy it being snug. The warmth of your bedding alone is enough for her to cuddle up and sleep for hours.

Cats are sleeping pros, after all. Your kitty has probably tried every sleeping spot in your home and decided that your bed is their new sleeping throne. You should be honored that you have the comfiest crib in the hood.

2. Your furbaby wants to be close to you

This one is sure to make your heart warm or maybe even make you question your decision to keep your cat off the bed. You have to stay strong, even when you find out that your snuggle bug loves to sleep next to you because they like having you close.

I know, it’s enough to make a grown man cry – but it’s the truth. Your cat loves you, and sleeping next to you makes them feel safe, protected, and at peace. Yes, felines are known for being cold-hearted but that’s really not the case, and this is their sweet little way to show you they care.

If you adopted your kitty when she was just a small furbaby, then you were probably with her at the time when imprinting occurred. If you gave her all your love and care, then you’ve gained her adoration and trust, which is why she loves having you next to her in her most vulnerable state.

3. It’s the most peaceful place during the day

If you live in a loud household, your cat will do everything in her power to find a place where she can get some peace and quiet. Usually, we spend most of our waking hours outside of our bedroom, making it one of the most peaceful rooms in the house.

Just like babies, our fur-child also needs quiet space where they can nap, and your bed is made just for that. Quiet, comfy, and it smells like you – how could she resist?

Why should your bed be off-limits?

Although it’s a wonderful bonding experience and great stress relief, sleeping with your cat comes with its own set of challenges. It’s not all sunshine and rainbows, even if it seems like it at first.

Do you hate having your face covered in cat hair or waking up tired after sleeping in one position the whole night? Then maybe you should keep your cat off the bed, and here are other reasons why.

1. Cats are night owls

Waking up in the morning and seeing the mess your cat made during the night is always an exciting experience, to say the least. Every cat parent knows the danger of night zoomies and how loud they can be.

You’ve probably noticed your feline buddy sleeping the whole day through but being extremely active at night – and that’s completely normal. Cats are crepuscular animals and your bedroom can quickly become a playground when you’re trying to get some sleep.

Since you and your kitty friend have very different ideas of what night should be like, maybe keeping her in your bedroom at night isn’t the best idea.

2. A nightmare for people with allergies

How To Keep A Cat Off The Bed: Tips For A Good Night's Sleep

If you decided to become a cat parent, then you’ve agreed to wage a never-ending war with cat hair. You’ll find it everywhere. And I mean EVERYWHERE. This morning I found them in my candle wax.

If your feline chose your bed as her sleeping throne, then good luck getting her hair out of your sheets. Even washing them in a washing machine doesn’t do the trick. It’s a war, I tell you.

If you’re allergic to cats, then sleeping with one will be a nightmare. It will be impossible to stay away from her fur and you’ll likely have it all over you. Waking up with puffy eyes and sniffles isn’t really worth it, is it?

3. You need some quality sleep

You shouldn’t feel guilty for not being able to get a good night’s sleep when your cat’s constantly in your bed with you. Even while sleeping, we can feel anxious about accidentally hurting our fluffball, so our mind never actually rests.

If you’re a light sleeper or suffer from insomnia, then you must know how easily disrupted your sleep can be by your cat’s presence. Every slight change in her position or a sleepy noise she makes can wake you up from your well-earned sleep.

On top of that, as a cat parent, you probably want your kitty to be comfortable at all times, so you put her comfort over yours. Because of that, most of the time you end up sleeping in one position the whole night – and with neck pain in the morning.

4. You don’t want to hurt your fluff

If you like to sleep with your cat, then you’ve probably experienced the fear of rolling over and hurting her. During sleep, it’s impossible to control your body movement, so it’s rather easy to accidentally hurt your cuddle buddy.

Yes, cats are smart animals and they are quick to escape from dangerous situations, but accidents can always happen. Especially if you’re both deep in your sleep. On top of that, the constant anxiety that you’ll feel is bound to reduce the quality of your sleep.

How to keep your cat off the bed: 7 tips and tricks

Keeping your cat off the bed isn’t the easiest – for you or your cat. It might take a lot of strength and patience to keep your buddy in a different room or on a different bed – but don’t worry. There are many ways you can achieve this, and your mind and body will be thankful once you do.

1. Training and patience

If you decided to get a cat instead of a dog because they don’t need training – that’s where you’re wrong. Cats need training as much as dogs do. If you’ve just adopted a kitten, it should be easier for you to keep her off your bed than an older cat that’s used to sleeping with you.

When a new kitten starts exploring her new home, let her know which things are off-limits – and include your bed. If your cat is no longer a kitten – don’t worry. It might be a slower process but it’s not impossible.

When you’re home, try distracting her from entering your bedroom. Cats are generally determined and stubborn, so you must stay consistent in your intention to keep her off the bed. That means there are no exceptions – not even during the daytime or when you’re feeling down. Strength is key here.

If you need some extra comfort or bonding time with your cat, try finding a new place where you can do that. A different room, a cozy nook, or any other place that your snuggle buddy can now associate with you.

2. Invest in a comfy cat bed

Just like comfort and warmth are essential for your good sleep, so they are for your fluff. They chose your bed because it’s comfortable and snug – why not get them their own? No, I don’t mean you should get your cat a king-size bed, but the one made for cats would be a perfect alternative.

It’s important that you find a comfortable bed that makes your snug bug feel warm and cozy. You did a great job at making your bed feel soft and comfy, so the one you make for your cat should be even better! Pay attention to what your cat enjoys the most.

Does your feline like cuddling under your duvet covers or snuggling up your bed sheets? Then you might consider getting her a nice little hooded cat bed or one with higher sides. That way she’ll feel more protected and warm.

If you’re a parent to a hairless cat or your feline baby is getting older, then you know how much they love being extra warm. If that’s the case, you might want to check out a heated cat bed for some extra coziness. Don’t worry, they’re completely safe – and your cat will love them.

For those of you who have some extra space in your house and want to treat your fluff, a cat condo will be her new heaven. This bed of her dreams provides her with different levels where he could jump, play, and nap. It’s like fun and coziness all at once! How could any cat resist it?

We’ve all seen our furballs sleep in the most random places – bags, shoe boxes, or soft blankets. It’s definitely up to them and what they like the best. They’re always full of surprises – but that’s what makes them such perfect companions after all.

3. Find a spot your fuzzball loves

Now that you’ve picked a perfect cat bed for your fluff, it’s time to choose a spot where he can fully enjoy it. The fact that your bedroom is one of the quietest places in your house plays a huge part in why your kitty chooses it as its sleeping kingdom.

One of the first things you should do is find a quiet spot for your cat’s new bed. It will provide her with a feeling of safety and protection. Who doesn’t want to feel that way when they’re falling asleep? Other than picking a quiet spot, you should also pay attention to other things.

If your ball of sunshine likes sunbathing, make sure to put her new bed somewhere near the window. Waking up to the morning sun and watching birds in between naps sounds like cats’ heaven. Some cats like sleeping in high places. If that’s the case with your feline buddy, make sure to lift her bed off the floor.

Felines love sleeping in our beds because we’re there. Putting her new crib near your bed, or beside your work table is also a good idea. That way she can do two of her favorite things at the same time – spending time with her favorite person and napping.

4. Make your bed less appealing

We spend so much time making our bed our safe space. To keep your cat off of it, however, you need to make it a little less appealing. A good way to do that is by covering your bed with some double-sided tape. Cats don’t like noises and weird textures, and this is a good way for them to choose a different sleeping spot.

Another great way to make your bed less dreamy-like for cats is using scents they don’t like. Our fluffy friends are not huge fans of citrus and eucalyptus. Spraying your bed with these scents won’t only keep your cat off of it, but it will also make your bedroom smell fresh.

5. Stick to a bedtime routine

How To Keep A Cat Off The Bed: Tips For A Good Night's Sleep

Changing up the routine or establishing a new one is also a great way to train your cat not to sleep on your bed. No matter what time it is, your fluffball friend will wake you up if he’s hungry or simply wants to play with you.

To prevent that, you can try establishing a bedtime routine for your feline buddy. If your cat has a habit of waking you up to play, try spending some fun time with her before you go to your bedroom for the night. That way, night zoomies will become a thing of the past.

Training your cat to eat at certain times of the day will help with those hungry drama-queen meows at 3 AM. Investing in a puzzle feeder is also a good idea. It would keep your cat entertained during the night, while she’ll also have something to nibble on.

6. Keep your bedroom closed

Sometimes, no matter how hard you try, your cat simply won’t stop sleeping on your bed. In that case, it’s best to keep your bedroom completely off-limits. I know, it probably makes you feel guilty just thinking about it – but there’s nothing wrong with that. You’re not a bad cat parent for needing some sleep.

It might take some time and a lot of protesting from your four-legged bestie, but it’s not impossible. Make sure that you spend enough time with your cat, feed her before bedtime, and she’ll be a happy little fluff.

7. Put your foot down and say no

Although we don’t speak the same language, cats can understand perfectly well when you tell them “No.” Even when they act like they can’t.

Telling your cat no and taking her off your bed is a good way to train them. Eventually, she’ll learn that she shouldn’t be there, and it will be much easier for both of you. If you’re lucky enough, of course. We all know the royal mentality our cats have and sometimes they simply don’t care.


Yes, sleeping with your cat is great stress relief and a wonderful way to bond, but that’s all the magic it brings. There are many reasons why you and your cat should sleep separately – and it doesn’t make you a bad fur parent. Good sleep is crucial for a happy and peaceful life, and you’ll cat will learn to appreciate it.

How To Keep A Cat Off The Bed: Tips For A Good Night's Sleep