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245 Lord Of The Rings Cat Names: Perfect Names For Your Hobbit

245 Lord Of The Rings Cat Names: Perfect Names For Your Hobbit

When you think of Lord of the Rings, chances are you envision Elijah Wood wearing prosthetic ears and playing the most popular hobbit, Frodo Baggings. Or, you trace back to the scent of Tolkien’s books and the ease with which he brought the mysticism of Middle-Earth closer to you. Lord of the Rings cat names, though? Why not?!

Hear me out because there’s no chance nobody ever suggested you named one of your fluffy offspring after a character from the greatest high fantasy of our time.

Whether you’re a fan of hobbits, elves, dwarves, orcs, trolls, or ents (the list seems to go on and on), you have a bunch of adorably dorky names to choose from.

And, not only are dorks trending right now, but dorks with precious purrincesses sporting Lord of the Rings names are bound to score a date with whoever they want.

Who wouldn’t want to date someone who can remember every line of the LOTR trilogy – they can definitely remember your birthday, your anniversary, and your dentist appointment!

What’s more, a name presents more meaning and significance to a cat’s life than you might think. When you name your fluffer Serena Wanderwoodsen, chances are she’s going to become a catfluencer that wears fashionable outfits and winks at the camera.

But, when you name your mischievous monster Narya, she’s bound to become a little hero. Whatever the case might be, both the books and the films have amassed a considerable number of followers.

And, granted you’re one of them, we’re bringing you a bunch of Lord of the Rings cat names sported by characters that have graced our silver screens (and our bookshelves).

Top 10 Lord of the Rings cat names based on the popularity

245 Lord Of The Rings Cat Names: Perfect Names For Your Hobbit

Sauron might not have used the words “one kitty to rule them all,” but we know that’s what he meant. But, when you want your kitty to become the ruler of the neighborhood Arda, you need to choose the right name for her. She can’t possibly become the queen when she’s named Katy Purry, right?!

And, to be completely honest with you, choosing the right name for the most valuable member of your family seems to be a bigger challenge than providing her with food, water, and shelter.

Not only do you want to pick something that describes her and sets her up for a bright future, but you want to pick something that sets her apart.

Consequently (granted that you’re as big of a fan of LOTR as everyone else seems to be), you might want to start with something that’s bound to let everyone know what the two of you are going to be for Halloween. Aragorn and Arwen, Gandalf and Galadriel (controversial as they might be), or Frodo and Sam are my purrsonal favorites.

Whatever the case might be, here are the top 10 Lord of the Rings cat names based on the popularity of the characters.

1. Aragorn

Aragorn’s the heir to the throne of Gondor (which, right off the bat, sounds like a name that hits the spot) and one of the leading characters.

Bestowing your fluffy friend with such a powerful name wouldn’t be a mistake, at all. Not only does the character carry the entire trilogy on his shoulders, but he’s got every quality a man (or a cat) could desire.

Aragorn proved to be a brave soul and a noble warrior that does everything he can to protect everyone around him. He’s strong, authoritative, and understands the art of negotiation – which seems to be pretty much every quality you want your beautiful beast to possess.

2. Legolas

Oh, the heartthrob of the trilogy!

When I watched The Fellowship of the Ring for the first time (and there were many, many times after that), I was surprised to catch feelings for a character that was the opposite of everything I considered attractive at the time. But, Legolas Greenleaf was something else (and Orlando Bloom made the fantasy come to life purrfectly).

So, when you want your furry friend to sport a name that’s the epitome of agility, bravery, and strength – you’ve got yourself a winner. Legolas certainly made himself a desirable character when he took down the enemy while sliding down the elephant’s back and shooting arrows at the same time.

What a champ, right?

3. Gandalf

245 Lord Of The Rings Cat Names: Perfect Names For Your Hobbit

Who else would bring heart and humor to your otherwise boring existence than a kitty bearing the name of one of the oldest and wisest characters of the LOTR trilogy? He’s the leader, the one everyone turns to for advice, and the one that’s the driving force behind everything everyone does.

Who wouldn’t want the ultimate Lord of the Rings cat name to be Gandalf, then?

Not to mention that Gandalf doesn’t seem to be the only name he goes by! That means you have a bunch of possibilities to choose from and pick something that works for you (as a devoted enthusiast) and for your kitty (as someone who has to bear the name for the rest of her life).

It’s a win-win situation, don’t you think?

4. Gollum

Oh, Gollum! He’s a deformed, horrible-looking creature that became popular because of the complexity of his character. He’s creepy, mean to everyone who dares touch “his precious,” and wicked. And, he’s one of those characters that make you let out an “ew” whenever they appear on the screen.

But, hear me out. Gollum’s pretty much one of the most recognizable characters with the most heartwrenching scenes you could think of (the moment he recites a poem about Bibo, maybe). And, Gollum’s a great name for a Sphynx, an Oriental Shorthair, or even a Devon Rex. Why not!

5. Samwise Gamgee (or Sam)

Samwise Gamgee has to be one of the most relatable and likable hobbits out there! He might not be the sharpest tool in the shed, but he certainly puts a lot of heart into everything he does – and that’s why we love him. And, to set the record straight, Samwise and Frodo make for the best Halloween costume for you and your kitty!

To make everything even better, you don’t have to name your kitty Samwise – you can name her Sam, Gamgee, or even Samwise the Brave. Whatever you decide to do, know that she’s going to grow up to be the most loyal, trustworthy, and devoted friend you might ever meet.

6. Frodo Baggins

Of course, the list wouldn’t be complete without Frodo Baggins!

Samwise might be the most relatable hobbit out there, but Frodo’s the most famous one. Frodo’s the ring bearer and the protagonist of the trilogy – and the one that stole our hearts with bravery, extraordinary courage to fight everyone and everything, and perseverance.

Whether you read the books or watched the movies, you probably rooted for Frodo from the very beginning. And, that’s why you shouldn’t shy away from naming your precious purrincess Frodo – even when she’s a girl because who cares about gender norms and stereotypes?!

7. Gimli

Gimli’s a dwarf but he’s got the biggest heart out of the bunch! He’s one of the bravest and strongest characters that stood out for the loyalty he felt for Thorin Oakenshield. He’s one of Middle-Earth’s greatest characters and that’s why he deserves a spot on the list.

And, you might not think of Gimli when you look at your feline friend. But, when your feline friend’s a Siberian Maine Coon, she might fit the description with her long, luscious coat and distinguishable whiskers. Not only that, but the two of you could have the ultimate Gimli and Legolas friendship for life.

8. Pippin and Merry

245 Lord Of The Rings Cat Names: Perfect Names For Your Hobbit

“But, that’s not one character! It’s two!” You don’t have to tell me that, but wouldn’t you feel weird separating two of the most bromantic characters of the trilogy? Pippin and Merry are names that would be purrfect for twins or best friends that do everything together.

Now, these two characters certainly made the trilogy worth watching for those of you who love a great friendship trope. And, even when you don’t have two kitties, nobody’s stopping you from choosing one of the two names – either would be adorable and fitting for a true, brave, and courageous hobbit.

9. Éowyn

When you’re looking for Lord of the Rings cat names for your precious purrincess, you’re hoping to cross paths with some of the most mind-blowing female characters out there.

While the trilogy offers a couple to choose from (Éowyn being one of them), you might be disappointed to learn there aren’t that many ways to sugarcoat the lack of diversity.

But, that being said, Éowyn does deserve her place under the spotlight. She’s a strong and worthy warrior and desires to fight at every given moment – if that sounds like something your mischievous monster would meow, you might have yourself the purrfect name.

10. Saruman

“Saruman, don’t sniff your droppings!” Wouldn’t you want to scream that sentence from the top of your lungs every time your fluffy friend decides to do that? Sure, Saruman might have been one of the villains of the trilogy, but he was certainly one of the greatest characters.

Whether you would want to name your cat Saruman because of the cunning purrsonality or the mischievous nature, you wouldn’t be making a mistake. Saruman’s a great name even when you’re someone who hasn’t watched a minute of Lord of the Rings – you have to agree that the name slips right off the tongue.

Lord of the Rings cat names based on gender

Lord of the Rings offers you a bunch of characters to choose from, whatever your preferences might be. Maybe you want a name for your easy-to-love, soft-spoken, and kind kitty? Name her Gandalf, without a doubt. Perhaps you want something different for your devil’s spawn, the mischievous monster? You might want to go with Sauron or Saruman.

Notice how most of these names are fitting for a male kitten? That’s because Lord of the Rings doesn’t have that many female characters.

Whether that’s because the world of fantasy doesn’t care that much for strong female leads or because of something else, you might have a tough time finding a truly “girly” name for your kitten.

But, who says you have to pay attention to gender? Name your fluffer whatever you want and whatever works best for the type of purrsonality he or she possesses.

Without regard to the gender they assumed (they’re orcs and ogres, after all), here are our favorite picks of Lord of the Rings characters that would make for the greatest cat names ever.

Male Lord of the Rings cat names (kind of)

1. Morgoth

2. Aldor

3. Damrod

4. Ungoliant

5. Melian

6. Herefara

7. Fili

8. Isildur

9. Idril

10. Túrin Turambar

11. Finwë

12. Angbor

13. Éomer

14. Théoden

15. Aragorn

16. Murgash

17. Kili

18. Háma

19. Fastred

20. Mrs. Bracegirdle

21. Forlong

22. Gollum

23. Pippin Took

24. Mûmakil Mahûd

25. Merry Brandybuck

26. Elendil

27. Faramir

28. Thranduil

29. Figwit

30. Sharku

245 Lord Of The Rings Cat Names: Perfect Names For Your Hobbit

31. Faramir

32. Denethor

33. Robin Smallburrow

34. Bilbo Baggins

35. Hirgon

36. Shagrat

37. Freda

38. Dwalin

39. Fëanor

40. Lobelia Sackville-Baggins

41. Elendil

42. Frodo Baggins

43. Nestadion

44. Saruman

45. Irolas

46. Gríma Wormtongue

47. Círdan

48. Lord Elrond

49. Haldir

50. Widow Rumble

51. Shelob

52. Haleth

53. Celebrimbor

54. Elrond

55. Grishnákh

56. Beren

57. Rosie Cotton

58. Nori

59. Fladrif

60. Thingol

61. Barliman Butterbur

62. Sméagol

63. Gothmog

64. Shelob

65. Éomund

66. Finglas

67. Ted Sandyman

68. Legolas

69. Thorin Oakenshield

70. Déagol

71. Treebeard

72. Durin’s Bane

73. Eldarion

74. Will Whitfoot

75. Snaga

76. Nilfaleth

77. Samwise Gamgee

78. Mrs. Proudfoot

79. Beechbone

80. Denethor

81. Farmer Maggot

82. Balin

83. Guritz

84. Maedhros

85. Glóin

86. Bruno

87. Boromir

88. Dori

89. Erkenbrand

90. Celeborn

91. Anborn

92. Otho Sackville-Baggins

93. Grimbold

94. Carl Cotton

95. Éothain

96. Gimli

97. Míriel

98. Mauhúr

99. Théodred

100. Bregalad

101. Nazgûl

102. Rúmil

103. Shadowfax

104. Éowyn

105. Erestor

106. Déagol

107. Ufthak

108. Bard the Bowman

109. Mat Heathertoes

110. Isildur

245 Lord Of The Rings Cat Names: Perfect Names For Your Hobbit

111. Horn

112. King Théoden

113. Khamûl

114. Fredegar Bolger

115. Bombur

116. Hugin

117. Ori

118. Lothlórien

119. Landroval

120. Melilot Brandybuck

121. Gamling

122. Gorbag

123. Madril

124. Morwen

125. Hamfast Gamgee

126. Old Oakes

127. Celeborn

128. Filibert Bolger

129. Gandalf

130. Silinde

131. King of the Dead

Female Lord of the Rings cat names (sort of)

132. Irolas

133. Meneldor

134. Bifur

135. Lugdush

136. Lurtz

137. Bofur

138. Hurin

139. Tuor

140. Angelica Baggins

141. Gleowine

142. Diamond Took

143. Odo Proudfoot

144. Rivendell

145. Aredhel

146. Belladonna

147. Elanor

148. Arwen

149. Nerdanel

150. Elwing

151. Gilraen

152. Celebrían

153. Goldberry

154. Lúthien

155. Galadriel

156. Haleth

157. Nienor

158. Idril

159. Melian

160. Morwen

161. Ungoliant

162. Nimueh

163. Shelob

164. Tauriel

165. Yavanna

166. Rosie

Lord of the Rings cat names that haven’t appeared on our silver screens

245 Lord Of The Rings Cat Names: Perfect Names For Your Hobbit

Now, when you’re looking for Lord of the Rings cat names, you might be on the market for something that hasn’t graced our silver screens. Tolkien’s books, thank goodness, have a bunch of names that haven’t made the cut but have made an impression on every reader out there – so, here we are.

167. Chieftain

168. Alatar

169. Bill

170. Quickbeam

171. Nob

172. Halbarad

173. Pallando

174. Lobelia

175. Blue

176. Gaffer

177. Barrow

178. Bob

179. Erestor

180. Harry

181. Ghân-Buri-Ghân

182. Gildor

183. Goldberry

184. Gamgee

185. Sancho

186. Radagast

187. Rorimac

188. Goatleaf

189. Willow

190. Orophin

191. Orc

192. Ham

193. Elladan

194. Tom Cotton

195. Twofoot

196. Baggins

197. Gloín

198. Lotho

199. Glorfindel

200. Elrohir

201. Sackville

202. Everard

203. Imrahil

204. Wight

205. Inglorien

206. Tom Bombadil

207. Ferny

Lord of the Rings cat names that deserve an honorable mention

But, what do you do when you’re looking for Lord of the Rings cat names that aren’t necessarily names of the characters?

Maybe you want to give the nod to one of the greatest trilogies of your time, but you don’t want to shake your entire head, so to say. Or, maybe you want your cat to have a LOTR name without the LOTR fandom coming for your neck.

Whatever the case might be, we’re bringing you a couple of suggestions that might float your boat. From Gandalf’s other names to Elvish words with breathtaking meanings, here’s what we’ve managed to gather.

1. Gandalf’s names

208. Láthspell

209. The White Pilgrim

210. Grahame

211. Olórin

212. Mithrandir

213. Old Grey Beard

214. The White Rider

215. Incánus

216. Tharkûn

217. Big Grey Beard

218. The Grey

219. The White

220. Stormcrow

2. Elvish words that have a ring to them

245 Lord Of The Rings Cat Names: Perfect Names For Your Hobbit

221. Aaye

222. Aina

223. Amon

224. Anarya

225. Beleg

226. Brethil

227. Certhas

228. Dae

229. Dina

230. Ëar

231. Elear

232. Faroth

233. Gwador

234. Minas

235. Namárië

If you somehow haven’t found what you’re looking for, here’s another list of names you can check.

245 Lord Of The Rings Cat Names: Perfect Names For Your Hobbit