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Cat Names That Start With T: A List Of 145 Pawsome Names

Cat Names That Start With T: A List Of 145 Pawsome Names

You just adopted a new kitten and are looking for a list of cat names that start with T? Then my friend, you’re at the right place!

Maybe you have some kind of special connection to the letter T and feel drawn to it. Maybe you and your family are like the Kardashians and everyone’s name has to start with the same letter (including your cat’s). Or maybe for no special reason at all, you want to give your new furbaby a name beginning with T.

Either way, it can get extremely hard to choose a perfect name.

First of all, we’re talking about something permanent. It’s not like you’re going to change your cat’s name whenever you feel like it. And second of all, you cannot give your fluffball any kind of name. There are a lot of things to take into consideration.

You have to align the name with your cat’s personality. You cannot just name your cat Bella when she obviously gives Molly vibes. And anyway, how can you know anything about your cat’s personality if you’ve just met your kitten?

Also, the name has to be creative and fun. It has to make a statement and be a reflection of your cat’s attitude. And it would be best if it could have a personal meaning to you, as well.

The naming process can get extremely stressful and time-consuming. You don’t want your cat to be nameless for too long, don’t you?

No worries! I’ve got your back! I made sure to put together a list of some awesome cat names that start with T. I’m certain you’re about to find just the one you’ve been looking for.

So, without further ado, let’s start the selection process!

Male cat names that start with T

Cat Names That Start With T: A List Of 145 Pawsome Names

Your new kitten just so happens to be a male. Great! There are many powerful names that start with T that you can use to name your little prince.

Let’s not waste any more of your precious time, and see what are the options!

1. Ted

2. Teddy

3. Theo

4. Theodore

5. Tesla

6. Thomas

7. Thumper

8. Thunder

9. Tig

10. Tiki

11. Tob

12. Tobias

13. Tom

14. Trayan

15. Tonks

16. Trouble

17. Tucker

18. Tux

19. Tyson

20. Tristan

21. Tim

22. Timothy

23. Tatum

24. Tanner

25. Travis

26. Thanatos

27. Titus

28. Tiberius

29. Thiago

30. Toto

Female cat names that start with T

If you have adopted a female kitty, then you will need an appropriate female name.

Personally, I find it much easier to come up with cute and girly names. Maybe it’s just me and my preferences.

Anyway, here’s the list of female cat names that start with T. Let’s see if you’ll find the right one for your kitty-cat.

1. Tabitha

2. Tessa

3. Tina

4. Tanya

5. Tatiana

6. Tilly

7. Tinkerbell (perfect for a cat whose coat is shiny and shimmering)

8. Tiny

9. Tippy

10. Trixie

11. Twinkie

12. Tonya

13. Talia

14. Tiff

15. Tennesse

16. Tasha

17. Thea

18. Thelma

19. Tabia

20. Teagan

21. Tammy

22. Tamara

23. Tinsley

24. Treasure

25. Tacey

26. Tallula

27. Tasha

28. Tiara

29. Trudy

30. Tue

Cat Names That Start With T: A List Of 145 Pawsome Names

Whether you are a professional chef or a cooking amateur, your new kitty should have a name that supports your passion.

Even if you have no cooking skills whatsoever but are a self-proclaimed foodie, it would awesome if your cat could be a proud bearer of a food-inspired name.

And, let’s be real! We know that every cat is gourmet, as well. So, here’s the list of perfect food-inspired names for your little furry friend.

1. Taco

2. Taro (a starchy root vegetable)

3. Tart

4. Tahini

5. Tamari (Japanese version of soy sauce)

6. Tangerine

7. Tomato

8. Toast

9. Toasty

10. Twix

11. Toffee

12. Toffifee (a German brand of caramel candies)

13. Tofu

14. Tuna

15. Tortellini

16. Tapioca (a gluten-free starch from the roots of the cassava plant)

17. Tater Tot

18. Tarragon (a highly aromatic, versatile leafy green herb)

19. Tabasco (perfect for sassy cats with attitude)

20. Taffy

21. Tea

22. Tayberry

23. Tangelo (a citrus fruit hybrid)

24. Tim Tam (an Australian brand of chocolate)

25. Tortilla

26. Turkey

27. Turmeric

28. Tiramisu

29. Tempura (a Japanese dish)

30. Tenderloin (appropriate for a beef-lover cat)

Cat names that start with T (inspired by Game of Thrones)

This one is for my fellow Game of Thrones aficionados!

The end of this famous TV show has probably left you disappointed and brokenhearted. If you’re anything like me, you’ve probably asked yourself, “How come the Night King was so easily defeated? What do you mean Bran the Broken ended up as the king? And why did they have to ruin Daenerys?”

There are so many things wrong with the last season, but one thing is certain: that TV show is a cinematic masterpiece! And don’t get me started on the books! Just brilliant!

Imagine how cool it could be if your new kitty was named after a Game of Thrones character. That would be a pretty awesome way to pay homage to your favorite show.

And on the plus side, you would have a feline companion to comfort you when the night is long and full of terrors (aka memories from the last season). Until George R.R. Martin decides to finally finish the last book so you could have the ending you wished for and a peaceful night of sleep.

So, if you wish to name your fluffball after a Game of Thrones character whose name starts with T, I have just the right list for you.

1. Tyrion Lannister

2. Taywin Lannister (a great name for a slightly arrogant tomcat)

3. Tormund (I’m imagining a big orange tomcat)

4. Tommen Baratheon

5. Theon Greyjoy (purrfect for a grey cat)

6. Talisa (a great name for a gentle cat)

7. Teora Hunter

8. Taena

9. Taela

10. Talla

11. Temmo

12. Theomore

13. Thistle (since this is a wilding spearwife, this name is purrfect for a wild cat)

14. Timeon of Dorne

15. Timotty Snow

16. Tion Lannister

17. Tuffleberry

18. Tully

19. Tya Westford

20. Tyana Wylde

21. Tarber

22. Toefinger (suitable for a cat who likes to nibble on your fingers and toes)

Cat names inspired by other fictional characters

Cat Names That Start With T: A List Of 145 Pawsome Names

Maybe you’re not a fan of Game of Thrones. Or maybe you are, but you haven’t found the right name on the list above. If you still want a cool fictional name for your kitty cat, I have a list for that as well.

Don’t know about you, but I really enjoy watching movies and TV shows. There is nothing like the smell of freshly popped popcorn, your cozy bed, and a new TV show to binge-watch. And if you’re lucky enough, your cat might just decide to snuggle up with you.

So, if you wish to name your feline after some of the greatest fictional characters, take a look at the list below.

Movies and TV shows

1. Thor (from Marvel Universe)

2. Thanos (from Marvel Universe)

3. Tony Stark (from Marvel Universe)

4. Tony Soprano (from The Sopranos; maybe you like this guy more)

5. T’challa (from Marvel Universe)

6. Taskmaster (from Marvel Universe)

7. Torvi (from Vikings)

8. Torstein (from Vikings)

9. Tommy Shelby (from Peaky Blinders)

10. Tia Dalma (from Pirates Of The Caribbean)

11. Thingol (from The Lord Of The Rings)

12. Theoden (from The Lord Of The Rings)

13. Thranduil (from The Lord Of The Rings)

14. Thorin Oakenshield (from The Lord Of The Rings)

15. Tauriel (from The Hobbit)

16. Turk (from Scrubs)

17. Toby Flenderson (from The Office; a suitable name for a quiet and calm tomcat)

18. Tara Knowles (from Son Of Anarchy)

19. Tyler Durden (from Fight Club; a great name for little fighter)

20. Trinity (from Matrix; I’m seeing a beautiful black cat)

21. Tin Man (from The Wizard Of Oz)

22. Terminator (from Terminator)


1. Timon (from The Lion King)

2. Tweety Bird (from Looney Tunes; a purrfect name for a chirping cat)

3. Tarzan (from Tarzan; this one is for our jumpy cats)

4. Taiga Kagami (from Kuroko No Basuke)

5. Tiana (from The Princess And The Frog)

6. Thorfinn (from Vinland Saga)

7. Tigger (from The House At Pooh’s Corner)

8. Todd Chavez (from Bojack Horseman)

9. Tenten (from Naruto)

10. Temari (from Naruto)

11. Timmy Turner (from The Fairly Odd Parents)

Some for the road

As I mentioned at the beginning of our journey, naming your cat can be a seriously stressful task. There are so many things to take into consideration, the most important one being that you have to pick a name with which your cat will be stuck forever.

I hope this list helped you find the perfect cat name starting with T. The one you have been looking for all along!

Best of luck with the naming process! I’m sure your cat will love it and embody it perfectly!

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Cat Names That Start With T: A List Of 145 Pawsome Names