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170+ Best Three-Legged Cat Names For Your Brave Little One

170+ Best Three-Legged Cat Names For Your Brave Little One

Three-legged cats are a joy to be around. The worst part about having to care for these felines is choosing the right name. Three-legged cat names aren’t easy to come up with but some of these will give you a kick!

Perhaps you’ve decided to welcome a feline who’s missing a leg into your home. Maybe she has a fascinating story about how she ended up on her three paws. Or you never actually knew the real truth about what happened before you adopted her.

Your cats are certainly heroes to you and you probably want to honor their courage by giving them a unique name.

There’s no time to lament about the loss of a body part. It might not be easy, but cats are intelligent creatures who easily find their way around new situations and challenges. Therefore, I’m sure your cat will get the hang of it pretty quickly and learn to live her life to the fullest!

As proof, here are some three-legged cat names that can brighten up your day.

What to name your three-legged cat?

170+ Best Three-Legged Cat Names For Your Brave Little One

Deciding on a name for your new three-legged family member might be a major brain-racker. Sure, you could always play it on the safe side and give your pet a name based on one of her most distinctive physical traits.

But we’re going to list a few names for your three-legged buddy that emphasize the loss of your pet’s leg as something brave and unique.

Additionally, some individuals want to match the names of their furry babies to their personalities. If you have a little rascal who doesn’t act at all like she’s missing a limb, the sky is the limit when it comes to name options and you can maybe end up choosing one of these mischievous cat names.

If you were looking for something simple and uninteresting, I’m sure you wouldn’t be reading this. After all, it’s the name by which your pet will be recognized for the rest of her life. And in case you were wondering, cats can live up to 20 years – a long time to be stuck with one name!

For this reason, we have compiled a list of 170+ three-legged cat names for both male and female feline companions. Of course, some names are unisex, but most cat parents choose ones that are obvious about the gender of their cat.

There are a ton of beautiful and inspiring cat names to pick from, which is fantastic news! In fact, we may have made it a bit more difficult for you to choose a name because they’re all so adorable!

Losing a limb isn’t something to be ashamed of. Instead, it’s something worth honoring and celebrating because there’s certainly a background story that led to it. What better way to celebrate victory over such a battle?

Three-legged cat names for your male feline

1. Bernard

2. Bingo (because you got the best three-legged cat ever!)

3. Bizirik

4. Buddy

5. Cardini

6. Chappie

7. Charm (three-legged cats are really special)

8. Chop

9. Clinger

10. Dazzle

11. Dennis Hopper

12. Dochas

13. Dreamer

14. Drei (meaning “three” in German)

15. Drumstick

16. Eileen

17. Enchant

18. Flipflop

19. Foster

20. Found (for those who were found and rescued)

21. Froggy

22. Gem (because he’s a real treasure)

23. Gimpy

24. Gulliver

25. Hat trick

26. Hatty

27. Heegner

28. Hieronymous

29. Hoover

30. Hopper (because he adorably hops around on his three legs)

31. Hoppity

32. Houdini (it’s pure magic how nothing phases him)

33. Humpback

34. Iago

35. Jackpot (because you hit the jackpot by finding him!)

36. Jeronimo (meaning “saved” in Spanish)

37. Jonathon

38. Julian

39. Kayle

40. Keeper (you know he is)

170+ Best Three-Legged Cat Names For Your Brave Little One

41. Kelpie

42. Bill

43. Lamer

44. Lefty

45. Leg

46. Lucky

47. Lumos

48. Mikado

49. Milo

50. Mittsu (meaning “three” in Japanese)

51. Moses (meaning “saved” in Egyptian)

52. Moshe (meaning “savior” in Hebrew)

53. Naji (beautiful Arabic name for your cat)

54. Nancy

55. Neapolitan

56. Neo

57. Newton

58. Niedo (meaning “survivor” in Polish)

59. Obi

60. Oliver

61. Omi

62. Peg

63. Pickles

64. Pie

65. Pinky

66. Pogo

67. Pokey

68. Presto

69. Puck

70. Reuben

71. Riley (meaning “brave” in Irish)

72. Romeo

73. Scout

74. Seraph

75. Shaman

76. Shazam

77. Sibyl

78. Skip

79. Skippy

80. Snookie

81. Specter

82. Speedy (just for the irony)

83. Star

84. Stumpy

85. Survivor (just to emphasize the obvious!)

86. Synchrony

87. Tadpole

88. Tango

89. Three Paws (the right name for warrior kitties)

90. Threepeat

91. Three-wheeler

92. Tippy

93. Tipsy

94. Toblerone

95. Tre (meaning “three” in Italian)

96. Tres (meaning “three” in Spanish)

97. Tria

98. Triangle

99. Triathlon

100. Tricycle

101. Trifle

102. Triforce

103. Trike

104. Trinidad

105. Trinity

106. Trio

107. Tripaw

108. Triple Heart

109. Triple Love Bug

110. Triple Sec

111. Tripod

112. Tripoli

113. Tristan

114. Tri-tip

115. Trois (meaning “three” in French)

116. Trzy (the purrfect Polish name for your cat)

117. Túlélő (meaning “survivor” in Hungarian)

118. Vietnam

119. Waffles

120. Wilbur

121. Wobble

122. Billy

123. Casino

124. Caesar (the right name for an emperor cat)

Beautiful names for your female companion with three limbs

170+ Best Three-Legged Cat Names For Your Brave Little One

1. Angel

2. Apple

3. Attitude

4. Abby 

5. Abracadabra 

6. Akuba 

7. Alice 

8. Alley 

9. Alohomora 

10. Andromeda 

11. Aurora 

12. Autumn 

13. Chance

14. Charisma 

15. Charm 

16. Circe 

17. Dara (meaning “wisdom” in Hebrew)

18. Destiny 

19. Diamond 

20. Fiona ( meaning “white” in Scottish)

21. Grace 

22. Gypsy 

23. Happy

24. Heaven 

25. Heidi 

26. Hoax

27. Hope 

28. Ivy 

29. Jesse 

30. Journey 

31. Karma 

32. Kisa 

33. Lady

34. Lottie 

35. Lotus 

36. Maireann (meaning “survivor” in Scots Gaelic)

37. Mantra

38. Margarita 

39. Mika ( meaning “gift from God” in Japanese)

40. Mo

41. Nona 

42. Nova 

43. Nyssa (meaning “goal” in Greek)

44. Ophelia (meaning “brave” in Greek)

45. Pixie (an Irish magical fairy)

46. Pooka (meaning “good luck” in Irish)

47. Roxana

48. Rune 

50. Secret 

51. Shade 

52. Shiloh 

53. Sparkle 

54. Spirit 

55. Lady TriPaws

170+ Best Three-Legged Cat Names For Your Brave Little One