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190+ Mischievous Cat Names To Suit Their Personality

190+ Mischievous Cat Names To Suit Their Personality

Every cat can be a little naughty from time to time. Then you get some furry companions that are headstrong and have a feisty nature. These kittos certainly require mischievous cat names to match their personality. It’s only the right thing to do.

Whenever you watch a cartoon with a naughty cat, they always have some clever, unique name that suits their nature. It would definitely be a shame to waste the opportunity of giving your pet a similar name!

It’s not something people do to warn others of their cat’s vexatious and playfully delinquent nature. Quite the contrary, it’s merely a way to have some fun with their pets. No matter how naughty they are, we still love them to bits.

Usually, people will name their felines after some of their physical features or even after their previous pets. However, this time, it’s different. This list of fun names will definitely bring a smile to your face.

Sure, dealing with a rambunctious pet is never easy. But you also can’t deny that they make every moment of your life entertaining! They’re constantly plotting something, pulling new stunts, and always up to some or other antic.

Yes, they can be a bit of trouble at times. It’s annoying when your cat’s constantly pushing things off your counter. Sure, it can be a hassle having to clean up the mess after them every time. But they’re still worthy of love.

Therefore, instead of trying to hide or change who they are, try to embrace it. Start doing so by choosing one of the perfect mischievous cat names for your feline companion. Embrace your pet’s personality and make the most out of your situation.

After all, I have a strong feeling you’ll be shouting this name a lot of the time!

How to pick out the right name?

190+ Mischievous Cat Names To Suit Their Personality

The thing that always bugs pet parents is what they’re going to name their new four-legged family member. It might look like an easy task, but trust me, it’s easier said than done.

You can always play the safe card and name your pet after one of their most obvious physical features. But you wouldn’t be reading this if you were looking for simple and boring.

Have you ever wondered how many white cats are out there named Snowflake or Snowy? Too many. People don’t give much thought to name-giving.

But it’s something worth pondering over. After all, your pet’s going to be stuck with that name for the rest of her life. And just for the record, felines can live up to 20 years.

So, it’s definitely a long time to call your furbaby Whitey. It’s too simple and you’d quickly get bored of it.

That’s why you can always give her the perfect name according to her personality. It’s something you can never go wrong with.

Some cat parents choose to be sarcastic and name their cats the opposite of what they’re like. If their felines are calm and peaceful, they might name them Chaos just for kicks.

Life is always more fun when you add a bit of spice to it, right? And the same goes for our furry friends. When you have a pet that’s all over the place, life is more fun and interesting.

Sure, they can sometimes drain every ounce of your energy, not to mention patience. But in the end, it’s all worth it.

So, if you have a little delinquent on your hands, make sure you make the most of it. Pick out one of these mischievous cat names for your feline buddy and have a laugh. You’ll thank me later!

Mischievous cat names for your female purrincess

Girls can be quite mischievous little creatures. But it’s hard to stay mad at them for a long time. All it takes is one look and those big, doe eyes will have us melting like ice on a hot summer day.

Cats are usually inquisitive creatures and it’s in their nature to be curious about things – sometimes too curious. Combine that with being spoiled and you have a disaster waiting to happen.

Mischievous cat names don’t only describe a feline’s behavior. They can also serve as a warning to people who are meeting your pet for the first time. It’s kind of an introduction to what your pet is like. A simple warning, something that they should be aware of.

That said, you don’t want to scare people away. That’s why it’s best to choose a name that’ll represent her playfully naughty side, all the while maintaining her femininity and grace.

Here is a list of mischievous cat names for female felines. These will paint the right picture yet still hold some elegance to them.

190+ Mischievous Cat Names To Suit Their Personality

1. Mayhem

2. Luna

3. Spicy

4. Cheetah

5. Faye

6. Raven

7. Blaise

8. Cinnamon

9. Pepper

10. Kahali

11. Moxie

12. Buffy

13. Shiva

14. Kiara

15. Leah

16. Jezebel

17. Rogue

18. Indra

19. Roxie

20. Inga

21. Puma

22. Harley

23. Trixie

24. Chili

25. Allegra

26. Cayenne

27. Nike

28. Harley

29. Missy

30. Tempest

31. Sierra

32. Rhonda

33. Lilith

34. Deja

35. Terra

36 Zara

37. Jinx

38. Rebel

39. Aella

40. Lorelai

41. Dash

42. Harlow

43. Tsunami

44. Storm

45. Hazel

46. Gemma

47. Stormy

48. Cobra

49. Lux

50. Zina

51. Wolfie

52. Kora

53. Oopsie

54. Monkey

55. Cappuccino

56. Crispy

57. Nessy

58. Babe

59. Lina

60. Maleficent

61. Lucy Liu

62. Ursula

63. Angelina

64. Jessica

65. Glenn Close

66. Wanda

67. Ramona

68. Violet

69. Tinkerbell

70. Winnie

71. Veruca

72. Hermoine

73. Blossom

74. Bubbles

75. Buttercup

76. Ginger

77. Lizzie

78. Phoebe

79. Poppy

80. Lulu

81. Agatha

82. Anne

83. Matilda

84. Zelda

85. Rosemary

86. Sabrina

87. Agatha

88. Winifred

89. Asteria

90. Winter

91. Alaska

92. Ruanda

93. Feisty

94. Fire

95. Sixty

Mischievous cat names for male felines

The best place to start when trying to name your new cat is to consider his personal qualities. It appears that mischief is your kitto’s most outstanding feature, which appears to drastically reduce the name options.

If you’re a new cat owner, you already know how much personality kittens have. They are also capable of becoming quite cunning and naughty.

This list of mischievous boy cat names is a great go-to if your cat has quirky and occasionally wicked behavior.

His witty, amusing side dates back to his predator ancestors in the wild. They could catch their prey by using cunning, deceit, and hunting techniques.

Even today, our domestic cats still engage in these amusing activities around the house, whether it’s by following us all the way into the bathtub, chasing balls at 4 am, or leaving dirty paw prints all over the house.

Our cunning companions frequently engage in amusing mischief and interfering. And male cats are thought to be more outgoing and confident. Therefore, it’s mostly expected of them to show their quirky side more often than not.

In the wild, these fun traits and show-off antics would most probably attract a female. Trouble boys always have undoubtedly endearing qualities. They frequently exude charm, humor, and mystery. And trust me, you won’t be immune to it all!

The name you choose for your cheeky male cat should reflect his rebellious yet lovable character. So, don’t hesitate to pick one of these devilishly handsome names!

190+ Mischievous Cat Names To Suit Their Personality

1. Trouble

2. Turbo

3. Bolt

4. Rascal

5. Speedy

6. Chaos

7. Diesel

8. Mischief

9. Stinker

10. Frisky

11. Rowdy

12. Bandit

13. Buster

14. Blaze

15. Flame

16. Frosty

17. Cosmo

18. Gunner

19. Rambo

20. Willy

21. Loki

22. Rex

23. Jett

24. Bender

25. Hunter

26. Hoppo

27. Maverick

28. Spunky

29. Skeeter

30. Tiger

31. Wolf

32. Hugo

33. Bullet

34. Cash

35. Breaker

36. Ray

37. Flash

38. Electro

39. Gizmo

40. Havoc

41. Khan

42. Tornado

43. Lucifer

44. Santo

45. Dex

46. Devil

47. Hellboy

48. Kong

49. Dozer

50. Hercules

51. Homer 

52. Buggs

53. Lexus

54. Dennis

55. Garfield

56. Daffy

57. Leo

58. Sly

59. Alex

60. Harley

61. Woody

62. Scooby

63. Bear

64. Wolf

65. Enzo

66. Maxwell

67. Simba

68. Felix

69. Jerry

70. Yogi

71. Tom

72. Goofy

73. Billy

74. Lion

75. Pinky

76. Patrick

77. Elmer

78. Sam

79. Mewt

80. Tipsy

81. Tank

82. Collin

83. Hank

84. Bjorn

85. Stitch

86. Ren

87. Coyote

88. Road Runner

89. Rocky

90. Hannibal

91. Percy

92. Reggie

93. Ronald

94. Donnie

95. Viking

96. Falcon

97. Victor

Mischievous cat names with unique meanings

Being cat parents ourselves, we’ve discovered that observing your new cat’s unique personality is the best approach to naming them.

All cats have unique characteristics, and if you are aware of what those characteristics are, choosing a name becomes much simpler.

However, there are situations where the ideal name comes to you on the spot, such as one that highlights your cat’s distinctive markings or another trait.

Other times, you could spend days and even weeks trying to think of something special. And that’s when it hits you – you need a mischievous cat name but with a meaning behind it! Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.


This name holds a special place in Greek mythology. Ares is the Greek god of war and is known for his ruthlessness.

If you’re looking to give your pet a mischievous cat name, this one is right for him. Ares translates to “ruin,” “bane,” or “curse.”


I’m positive that this name rings a bell. It’s popular because of the series and movies of the same name. The main character Zorro is a fierce fighter who fears no one.

Moreover, Zorro has a special meaning in Spanish. It translates to “fox,” who is known for being sly and smart.


Artemis is a strong name for your mischievous female companion. If she’s more on the rambunctious side, it’ll suit her well.

Artemis is the Greek goddess of hunt and wilderness. What better way to describe your feisty little queen!


Back to Greek mythology once again. They just have the coolest names for the coolest characters, don’t they?

Hera is the mother of Ares and sister-wife to god Zeus. If you have more than one feline, imagine the team they could make!

190+ Mischievous Cat Names To Suit Their Personality