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Siberian Maine Coon Mix – A Match Made In Heaven Or Hell?

Siberian Maine Coon Mix – A Match Made In Heaven Or Hell?

Perhaps you’re struggling to determine whether your pet’s a Maine Coon or a Siberian cat. To most people, they look quite the same. But what if she’s a Siberian Maine Coon mix?

These two breeds blend in perfectly and they make a magnificent specimen for sure. Oftentimes, people will want to get a cat based on their looks. However, little do they know that felines have more to them than what meets the eye.

They’re individuals, with characters that are unique in every aspect. Therefore, you should never get a pet based on its pretty looks.

Felines might be cuddly and fluffy, but these cats aren’t the ones you’ll be hugging all day long. Remember that looks can be deceiving.

That’s why every cat owner has to do thorough research before purchasing or adopting their new furry companion. You’re getting a friend for life and not a nice decor to fit into your home.

Siberian Maine Coon mix: the best of both worlds or?

Siberian Maine Coon Mix - A Match Made In Heaven Or Hell?

Siberian Maine Coon mix is a term that’s kind of self-explanatory. It’s when you mix these two breeds and voila! You get a beautiful, fluffy, and soft kitty.

People don’t really produce this blend often and on purpose although there are some exceptions. If you’re looking for a purebred feline, Siberian Maine Coon isn’t one of those.

However, some people are still fascinated by them. Well, who wouldn’t be? I can look at my fluffy combination all day long!

Siberian Maine Coon isn’t something you’ll stumble upon frequently. And if you do, you’ll probably have a hard time telling apart the two sides.

Therefore, if you’re really keen on having a Siberian Maine Coon mix as your furry friend, you must know some facts first.

Both of these breeds are quite known for their characteristics. I don’t want to scare you away, but these are definitely not suitable for everyone.

The origin of the Siberian Maine Coon mix

Because Maine Coons and Siberian cats are so similar, you must wonder about their origins and do they share some of their ancestries. However, these two breeds come from completely different parts of the world.

Maine Coons were originally bred in America, in the state of Maine, hence the name. On the other hand, Siberian cats originated in Russia. As you might’ve guessed, they come from Siberia.

Now, you might wonder why is it that these two look almost identical. It’s due to the fact that both Maine and Siberia are harsh climates with lots of snowfall and low temperatures.

We all know that unrelenting weather requires some good equipment to keep warm. Felines aren’t able to just throw on some extra clothes, aren’t they?

That’s why Mother nature has gifted them with long, thick, double-coated fur. They’re fluffy, which can really add up to their size. However, it’s not all about looks, right? The long, thick fur is the least of our worries when it comes to this furry feline.

The characteristics of this mixed breed

Just like any responsible cat parent out there, you’ll first want to look into their characteristics. Sure, we’re all easily smitten by their magnificent and lavish looks.

However, the appearance won’t do you any good if you’re not a match personality-wise. Therefore, you must not let their looks be a deal-breaker.

There are obviously some physical features that we’re going to discuss as well. These can also play an important role when searching for your new companion.

Physical features

Let’s talk about the obvious feature they both share and that’s probably the most interesting to everyone – the fur!

If you can’t decide between these two breeds but you love the fur of them both, you might want to get a Siberian Maine Coon mix.

This cat has semi-long fur that’s thick and ready to fight the cold climate it originated from. There’s one surprise though: the fur might be double-coated as a Maine Coon’s or a triple coat, the one of a Siberian cat.

Either way, it’s silky and smooth to the touch and just makes you want to cuddle up next to them all day long. You don’t even need a pillow or a blanket anymore!

The coat of a Siberian is water repellent because they’re bred to sustain harsh winters all while keeping the warmth.

These two breeds differ in size because Maine Coon is double the size of a Siberian cat. Therefore, if Maine Coon is too big for you and you find the Siberian cat to be too small, there’s only one option left. A Siberian Maine Coon mix would have the perfect proportions.

Another difference is obvious in the form of their heads. The shape of a Maine Coon’s head is more square and the snout is longer, whereas a Siberian’s is more round and its snout shorter.


Siberian Maine Coon Mix - A Match Made In Heaven Or Hell?

This can be hard to tell due to the fact that each cat is an individual and acts on its own terms. However, there are some characteristics that are popular among these cats.

For instance, Maine Coon is known to be quite stubborn, but loyal. However, if you’re looking for a cat that’s going to spend her day in your lap, better continue with your search.

Maine Coons are highly independent cats and don’t like to be smothered all day long. Therefore, if you have small kids that can’t keep their hands off of fluffy stuff, it’s best to avoid getting a Siberian Maine Coon mix.

To my great surprise, a Siberian Forest cat isn’t really any different. They also like their freedom and appreciate being left alone.

This breed has an adventurous spirit and is naturally curious. Well, I wouldn’t expect anything less from a breed that was born in such circumstances!

Take this information from a firsthand experience: my fluffy buddy doesn’t have a problem with telling me to back off. She’ll walk away anytime she feels like it!

It’s not that she doesn’t like affection. She’d just rather be in charge of things and has way too much dignity for you to carry her around.

For instance, my furry companion will gladly come up to me asking for attention. She’ll invite me to play or just hang out with her and watch the birds through the window.

Does a Siberian Maine Coon mix require special care?

When it comes to grooming, every cat needs it done regularly. The good thing about having a feline friend is that they mostly tend to groom themselves.

They’ll bathe themselves a couple of times a day, especially after lunchtime. This way felines get the excess hair off their body and clean up any dirt left.

However, a Siberian Maine Coon mix will need some help with maintaining her magnificent fur. It’s so thick and long which means that she’ll need regular brushing.

If you don’t want it to get tangled, you’ll have to brush her at least once every two days. Especially if you can’t resist the pets and cuddle time. My cat usually doesn’t want any help from me. However, I always bribe her with some treats and lots of cuddles and kisses.

If you realize that you’ve skipped brushing your feline for a couple of days, and now her fur is matted and tangled, then you should consider getting yourself this FURminator 10730 Long Hair Deshedding Tool for Cats.

It’s amazing for long coats as it makes the grooming process a lot easier. Also, if you use it regularly, it’s supposed to reduce your cat’s shedding by 90%. I think that’s something every cat parent is dying to hear.

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When it comes to their diet, they don’t require any special care. A Siberian Maine Coon mix needs all the nutrients any other cat requires in order to stay happy and healthy.

You can look for nutrition advice and food recommendations in your nearest vet office or pet shop. It might look like they’re low-maintenance, but they’re anything but.

Personality-wise, they’ll need a lot of attention and a little extra care. These big cats need to have mental stimulation and regular exercise. Otherwise, they get bored quite easily as they’re highly intelligent breeds.

You’ll want to keep your furry friend mentally satisfied and fit as well. What I usually do is stage a hunting scene where she goes around sniffing for any treats and kibbles. Put that nose to work!

How to know if you’re the right fit for this cat?

Siberian Maine Coon Mix - A Match Made In Heaven Or Hell?

Due to it being a bit different than your regular cat, a Siberian Maine Coon mix just isn’t the right fit for every person. Don’t feel bad for yourself though.

Unfortunately, many people judge based on appearance, and to be honest, it’s hard not to fall in love with the looks of this beauty.

However, this is where most people go wrong. All they want to do is cuddle them constantly and brush them all day long.

Sure, I’d definitely do the same because it’s just too hard to resist such beauty. And this is exactly the reason why I never got a Siberian Maine Coon mix before doing detailed research.

We’ve already mentioned how they like their independence and don’t like to be bothered. Therefore, you must take all of this into consideration before your get a pet.

It doesn’t have to mean that every single cat’s going to have these characteristics, but most of them do. Maybe you’ll end up with a snuggle bug, but it’s more likely that you’ll end up disappointed if you’re just looking for a cuddle buddy.

Siberian Maine Coon Mix - A Match Made In Heaven Or Hell?