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6 Playful Cat Breeds Perfect For Families With Kids

6 Playful Cat Breeds Perfect For Families With Kids

There’s truly nothing more adorable than seeing kids interacting with cats. Both of them are cute on their own, but when their paths cross – it’s basically the best thing in the world! So, if you have a child, it doesn’t surprise me that you wish to give him or her a furry feline buddy.

I’m someone who grew up with cats. My parents were never against having a pet in the house and walking all over our furniture and countertops. They were actually the ones whose idea it was to adopt Molly, a beautiful Ragdoll kitty.

Sure, they had to do what every parent does. “This is your responsibility, now. We want nothing to do with it.” but they loved her just as much as I did (if not more).

Having a cat was a great lesson about responsibility. Since they are generally not hard to maintain, I mostly took care of her on my own. I fed her, cleaned her litter box, and brushed her beautiful fur. And later, when I grew up a bit, I even clipped her nails.

Therefore, if you want your kids to have a similar experience, I truly encourage you to get them a cat. She can be an amazing playmate and a great fluffy cuddle buddy.

However, you cannot just get any cat. Some felines are more independent than others and prefer their privacy, and generally don’t enjoy the company of small humans.

But, don’t worry. Here are 6 incredible and playful cat breeds which would be perfect for your family.

1. Ragdoll cat

6 Playful Cat Breeds Perfect For Families With Kids

I have to admit I’m a bit biased when it comes to this breed, but Ragdoll is truly the best cat breed to have as a kid. She is intelligent, affectionate, and playful. She is willing to learn fun tricks and can even be taught to play fetch.

And she’s, hands down, the best snuggle buddy! She prefers to be near her humans at all times, either playing or simply cuddling on the couch. And she loves to be held! She almost becomes limp when someone picks her up. That’s where the name actually comes from!

Ragdoll cats are one of the most popular domestic cats today. With beautiful blue eyes and a long soft coat, this breed truly resembles a doll.

You might think she’s hard to maintain (because of all that fluff) but it’s actually quite the opposite. She sheds moderately throughout the year and requires regular brushing, something your kid can easily do.

She’s truly a perfect little kitty!

2. RagaMuffin cat

This breed is commonly mistaken for Ragdoll cats. And rightfully so, since they are an intentional combination of Ragdolls, Persians, Himalayans, and other long-haired domestic breeds. However, it’s still a breed of its own.

RagaMuffin cat has a very similar nature to Ragdoll. She is also very loving, easy-going, intelligent, and playful. She’s no stranger to learning new tricks every once in a while, but when it comes to her favorite pastime activity, it is definitely sleeping next to her owner for hours.

This breed is very people-oriented and gets along great with her humans. Her friendly nature makes her a perfect companion for any family with kids.

3. Birman cat

6 Playful Cat Breeds Perfect For Families With Kids

Birman Cat is another gentle, loving, and playful kitty. Her best physical feature is her long silky coat and beautiful blue eyes, and the sweetest face you’ll ever see.

She is known for following her humans around the house, trying to spend every pawssible minute with them, since spending time with her owners is something she simply adores!

This breed is extremely patient with children but a great buddy to other animals as well.

An interesting thing is that Birman cat loves to “help” her humans with whatever they’re doing. She’s always in their business, trying to get her paws dirty. She’s also known to talk very softly and use her chirping voice.

Birman is generally a very healthy kitty and can live for more than 15 years, which makes her a perfect companion for any kid to grow up with.

4. American Shorthair cat

This friendly and easygoing kitty is perfect for families with kids. She is playful and loves to engage in interactive games and learn new tricks, which makes her an ideal playmate for any equally active kid.

American Shorthair is fond of spending time with her owners cuddling on the sofa, but she’s not the biggest fan of being carried around or forcefully placed on one’s lap. In that area, she’s more on the independent side and prefers to cuddle on her own terms.

This breed was formerly a working cat used to hunt rodents and vermin. She is very muscular, but not that tall. And her coat is also not that long, which means she’s fairly easy to maintain.

Because of her hunter genes, she can be a threat to some smaller animals, like hamsters or birds.

So, if you happen to have those in your home already, bear in mind you will have to keep a close eye on your kitty to see how she “interacts” with them. You might even have to consider making some adjustments around your home, like always keeping them separated.

All in all, American Shorthair is a perfect breed with great health and a long life span, which means she can be an addition to your family and your kid’s friend for many years.

5. Maine Coon cat

6 Playful Cat Breeds Perfect For Families With Kids

Even though she’s considered to be the largest domestic cat in the world today, this gentle giant is actually perfect for kids. She is affectionate, kind, friendly, playful, and curious – everything a child could want in a cat!

Some even claim that this feline tends to nurture her kitten spirit throughout her life (and I’m all here for it!).

This breed, apart from her size, is most famous for her bushy tail and well-tufted paws. Their coat is thick and suitable for snow. So, if you live in areas with heavy snowfalls, Maine Coon can be perfect for you!

Because of all that coat, Maine Coon requires regular grooming. But, that’s not a challenging thing to do because she generally loves it!

Some people say that this gentle giant can be an amazing therapy cat, too. There’s truly nothing to dislike about this breed.

6. Abyssinian cat

Finally, we have an Abyssinian kitty who is said to be perfect for families with older kids. This cat is loving, playful, and intelligent with a highly curious nature. You can be sure this feline will explore every corner of your home.

This breed loves to jump and climb, so she should have several cat trees around the house. She also loves to play with her humans and enjoys a variety of interactive toys and challenging puzzles.

She is slender and muscular and has a short coat that is very easy to maintain. A weekly brushing session will be more than enough.

This kitty also has a very interesting nickname – Abby Grabby. She earned it because of her strange but endearing habit of grabbing things she finds interesting and taking them with her to her secret place.

All in all, this is a very good breed to have and can be a lovely life companion for the entire family!

6 Playful Cat Breeds Perfect For Families With Kids