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The 6 Healthiest Cat Breeds – Cats Who Live Long And Prosper

The 6 Healthiest Cat Breeds – Cats Who Live Long And Prosper

If you have been thinking about finally getting a cat for yourself and your family, but you wanted to get a breed that’s going to grow old with your kids, you might have wondered what could be some of the healthiest cat breeds.

Wanting to own a kitty who’s going to live long and prosper and be your feline companion for years on end is a completely normal and natural thing. Many cat lovers want to have a cat who’ll they get to love forever, and who’ll, most importantly, have as few health issues as pawssible.

Of course, even the healthiest feline can have a certain health condition, but by choosing wisely and opting for a healthier breed (from a reliable breeder!) you can at least try to dodge the bullet.

We here at Cats Chef have searched the web and consulted several cat professionals to come up with a list of the healthiest cats in the world today. After extensive research, we have decided on six breeds that you must definitely check out!

1. American Shorthair cat

The 6 Healthiest Cat Breeds – Cats Who Live Long And Prosper

Starting off strong, we have an American Shorthair cat. Known for her great hunting skills, this muscular breed is fairly active and enjoys learning new tricks with her humans. She is extremely easy-going and generally good-natured, which makes her an ideal addition to any family.

American Shorthair loves attention, but only to some extent. She might enjoy her occasional cuddles but is not a die-hard fan of being carried around or overly bothered. She enjoys her owners’ company but is fairly independent.

When it comes to her health, American Shorthair is a very healthy breed. Their only drawback is that they are genetically predisposed to mouth and gum disease. And if not active enough, they have a high risk of becoming obese.

So, if you decide to go for American Shorthair, make sure to take her to the vet regularly and maintain her playful and active spirit. That way, you’ll get to keep her for up to 20 long years.

2. RagaMuffin cat

RagaMuffin is your perfect family cat. This breed gets along great with adults, children, and other pets and is a great option if you live in an apartment. She is well-tempered and friendly, very peaceful and patient, and easily adaptable to changes.

RagaMuffins are big felines. They have big round eyes and big, muscular bodies, with medium-long to long voluminous hair that tends to be as soft as that of rabbits.

This breed is known as “the teddy bears of the feline world” and is one of the most affectionate lap cats.

Their health is almost immaculate. It’s suggested to keep an eye on their weight since it can have a huge impact on the health of their joints. Apart from that, this breed has no other major issues. So, if taken regularly to the vet, this breed can live up to 18 years.

3. Savannah cat

The 6 Healthiest Cat Breeds – Cats Who Live Long And Prosper

If you’re looking for a healthy kitty that will most closely resemble some of her wild relatives, this breed is for you. Because a Savannah cat is exactly that – a hybrid between a domestic and a wild cat.

Savannah is a tall, slender, and muscular feline with beautiful spotted or marbled fur. She’s not a lazy and affectionate lap cat, but rather a hunter kitty who’s always on alert. So, she’s not recommended for owners with kids who love to cuddle with cats.

This breed is very energetic, and active and requires a lot of playtime. She also adores water and loves going for a swim.

When it comes to her health, Savannah is a very healthy kitty with no known genetic health issues. With proper care, she can live up to 20 years.

4. Russian Blue cat

Russian Blue is an extremely affectionate kitty who tends to form a strong bond with one of her parents in particular. She loves to play and cuddle with her humans but also enjoys her privacy and alone time. Everything is in moderation with this breed!

This breed is very tall and slender, with a triangular face and a natural smile. But, she’s most famous for her amazing gray fur and beautiful green eyes.

This breed has no specific health problems and overall is fairly healthy. With regular vet visits, she can be your feline companion for 20 long years.

5. Siamese cat

The 6 Healthiest Cat Breeds – Cats Who Live Long And Prosper

This is probably the most famous cat breed in the world, recognized even by people who dislike cats. Siamese cat is tall and gracious, with beautiful, almond-shaped, blue eyes which can be a bit slanted inward, and with a short and soft coat.

This breed is very intelligent, affectionate, and extroverted, and tends to form a strong bond with her owners. She is also among some of the most vocal felines ever.

When it comes to her health, Siamese is generally a very healthy and hearty kitty, with no specific genetic health issues. And she can live up to 15 years.

However, because of her tendency to strongly attach herself to her owners, this breed is prone to separation anxiety. So, it’s best to not leave her alone for too long or to get her another feline for company.

6. Balinese cat

Balinese is an elegant, medium-sized cat with a beautiful flowy coat and mesmerizing blue eyes. Because of her beautiful coat, this breed requires regular grooming sessions, in order to avoid forming annoying knots and tangles.

Balinese is often compared to Siamese as she has a similar temperament and extroverted nature. This cat is extremely loyal, affectionate, playful, and fun, and can be a great life companion for both children and adults.

This breed is also known to be very vocal, almost to the point of “talking back” to her owners. But, this sassy behavior comes across as extremely adorable, rather than rude or annoying.

And just like Siamese, this breed also requires a lot of attention and a constant companion (either in the form of a human or another feline).

When it comes to her health, the Balinese kitty is a fairly healthy feline. With a regular vet check and lots of love and cuddles, this breed can live up to 12 happy years.

The 6 Healthiest Cat Breeds – Cats Who Live Long And Prosper