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7 Great Emotional Support Cats That Won’t Ever Leave Your Side

7 Great Emotional Support Cats That Won’t Ever Leave Your Side

Cats can be amazing pets and great life companions. Contrary to popular belief, they don’t always live in your home just to ignore you and do as they please. They can be a part of your life and actually contribute to it in many ways.

Other than being fun playmates and perfect cuddle buddies, cats can also be great emotional support animals for those in need.

Generally speaking, an emotional support animal (ESA) is any animal that is able to provide therapeutic assistance and fellowship for those who struggle with any type of mental or emotional disorder.

For an animal to qualify as ESA, a certified mental health professional must provide his or her expert opinion and say that it is recommended for the well-being of the person in need to get an emotional support animal.

Then, he can write an ESA letter which a person can use to have certain protection under the law.

This license is important because emotional support animals have special legal rights like being allowed to stay in non-pet-friendly apartments.

Any domestic animal can qualify for ESA, but cats and dogs are the most common choice. Also, if you decide to go for a feline ESA, bear in mind that basically, any breed can do the job. However, some kitties are more affectionate than others, therefore better in this field.

Here is a list of 7 amazing cat breeds which are considered to be great emotional support cats. I’m sure you’ll find the perfect one for you.

1. American Bobtail cat

7 Great Emotional Support Cats That Won't Ever Leave Your Side

Even though this one has somewhat of a wild appearance, American Bobtail is a lovely domestic cat that can easily fit in with any family. She is easy-going, fun, and playful, but also very cuddly and affectionate.

People say that in a lot of ways this breed bears some dog-like personality traits. She is highly intelligent, loves playing interactive games, and even allows to be walked on a leash.

American Bobtails have a soft voice and are not overly vocal. They are always ready to show their owners some love and are perfect for people who need a little feline magic to lift their spirits.

2. Manx cat

This adorable-looking kitty might not have a tail, but she has an outstanding personality. She is a very playful, intelligent, and poised feline known for forming a strong bond with her owner. She loves to follow him around the house and enjoys cuddling up next to him on the couch.

Manx cat is amazing when introduced to new people. She enjoys car rides and loves to play in the water. She is eager to learn new fun tricks every day and, just like her buddy above, doesn’t mind being walked on a leash.

She is also known to strike up a fun conversation with her owner, using her adorable trill. All of these incredible characteristics make this kitty a perfect emotional support cat and a great option for people who live alone.

3. Maine Coon

7 Great Emotional Support Cats That Won't Ever Leave Your Side

This gentle giant is extremely people-oriented. She is interesting, affectionate, and sociable and is known for always being on her best behavior. Many owners claim that this playful and curious kitty tends to keep her kitten-like spirit throughout her life.

Main Coons are said to be great at reading their owner’s feelings. This lovely feline will know when you’re feeling blue, and she’ll gladly come to your rescue. This personality trait makes her a purrfect cat for people who struggle with anxiety.

They do require a lot of work, though. Because they have such long and luxurious coats, Maine Coons need to be regularly brushed. However, even though that can be a tedious job, it can also be a form of stress relief.

4. Persian cat

Are you looking for a kitty who prefers some peace and quiet? Then a Persian cat is perfect for you! This feline is very calm and collected, and never tends to be loud and overly excited about something.

This breed is known to love her owners dearly. She is a true lap cat and cuddling for hours on end is her favorite pastime activity. But when her humans have guests over, she’ll much rather retreat and observe everyone from a safe distance.

She is not overly active, and you cannot say she’s very playful, but she’s known to play an interesting game or two here and there. Despite being shy at first, once she gets to know you, she’ll show you her true colors. And if you’re lucky enough, you’ll experience what it is like to be truly loved by a feline.

5. Ragdoll cat

7 Great Emotional Support Cats That Won't Ever Leave Your Side

Another great emotional support cat is Ragdoll. This breed is well-tempered, loving, smart, and playful. She is easy-going and gentle and doesn’t mind being carried around like a baby. In fact, once she gets picked up, she sort of becomes limp in her owner’s arms (hence her name).

This feline loves to be around people and doesn’t mind being constantly cuddled, petted, or bothered. This makes her a great emotional support kitty for people with ADHD who need a tolerant pet to keep up with their restlessness.

Many people claim that the Ragdoll cat resembles a dog in a lot of ways. She loves to follow her humans around and is willing to learn new fun and interesting tricks.

6. Russian Blue cat

This elegant-looking feline might be shy at first, but once she gets to know you, she loosens up a bit. She is very affectionate, well-behaved, and gentle and prefers to keep to herself. However, she’s able to sense when her owner needs her, and she’s willing to give him all the support he needs.

Russian Blue kitty is not the type of feline who enjoys crowds, strangers, or sudden changes. She’s very timid and usually prefers the company of two – her and her human.

She is extremely easy to maintain and is not very demanding, which makes her a perfect feline for introverted people or individuals who are dealing with depression.

7. Siamese cat

7 Great Emotional Support Cats That Won't Ever Leave Your Side

And last on our list is the chattiest of them all – the Siamese cat. This kitty is known to be very vocal. She loves talking back to her owners and striking up a conversation each time she feels like it.

This breed is very affectionate, smart, and sociable with both people and other pets. She enjoys constant company and is very playful. She can be taught many different tricks, like playing fetch, which is probably why she’s often referred to as “the dog of the feline world”.

Unfortunately, a Siamese cat is extremely prone to separation anxiety. Because of the strong bond between her and her owner, she doesn’t like being left alone for too long. So, she’s a perfect option for someone whose schedule doesn’t require constant absence from home.

All things considered, this breed is a great emotional support cat. She is a fan of both playing and cuddling, as long as she’s with her humans. If you know you will not mind her persistent “in your face” energy, she’ll be a purrfect kitty for you.

7 Great Emotional Support Cats That Won't Ever Leave Your Side