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This Wobbly Kitten Wins The Heart Of The Family Dog And Gets A Furever Home

This Wobbly Kitten Wins The Heart Of The Family Dog And Gets A Furever Home

Some languages in the world have the expression “fighting like cats and dogs,” used for situations when two people are fiercely and forcefully arguing.

This indicates that those two people do not get along very well, which consequently means that cats and dogs do not get along very well, too, right? Well, not so much.

This is an age-old question and something many people have throughout the years pondered. Can cats and dogs coexist in the same space without jumping at each other’s throats? The answer is, believe it or not, a resounding YES!

They might not be besties all the time, but they sure can learn how to at least tolerate each other. In fact, some can reach that best-friends-furrever status. Just like the main protagonist of our story today who befriended his canine buddy.

Want to know how this tale goes? Then keep on reading! Let’s meet Grasshopper and Hippo.

How did Grasshopper become a part of Hippo’s household?

Grasshopper is known as a wobbly shelter kitty. His owner, Micky, decided to take him under her foster care until they found him good adoption candidates and his furrever home.

Micky is no stranger to foster care. In her adult life, she has been a foster mama to countless kittens and puppies, and each time she has done a truly amazing job.

So, when she had laid her eyes on tiny Grasshopper, she knew this fluff was a very special feline in need of extra love and care. She simply had to have him!

But, what was so special about Grasshopper, you may wonder? And why on earth did we call him a wobbly shelter kitty a few moments ago?

Well, Grasshopper was born with a very unique medical condition called cerebellar hypoplasia. This disorder is often found in both cats and dogs.

It affects the part of their brain that is in control of fine motor skills and balance, and it causes tremors, twitchy movements, and in general, pretty uncoordinated motions. It is also regularly referred to as wobbly cat syndrome.

Felines with cerebellar hypoplasia usually have trouble walking, fall down fairly easily, or in some cases are not able to walk at all. This disorder is non-progressive, which means that it does not get worse as cats age. This means that kitties with this disorder can lead a purrfectly healthy and happy life.

This disorder is usually caused by the Panleukopenia virus which the mother gets infected by during her pregnancy. However, this does not mean that kittens born with cerebellar hypoplasia are born infected or as carriers of this virus. It only means that their cerebellum’s growth got stunted while they were in the womb.

This disorder can also be caused if a certain trauma, like malnutrition, for example, happens to kittens while they are in their mother’s belly.

We do not know for sure what caused cerebellar hypoplasia in Grasshopper. All we know is that he has it and that he deals with it stoically.

Sure, he looks silly as he walks and wobbles around the house. But that does not stop him from enjoying life and everything that it has to offer. He is always on his feet, running around the house, and playing with basically anything that gets under his whiskers.

Micky and the rest of her family soon grew accustomed to Grasshopper’s condition. It didn’t take long for them to fall head over paws with this peculiar kitto and his funny mannerisms.

Even their family dog, Hippo, was immediately intrigued by his new roommate. These two had an instant connection, and they bonded basically the moment they saw each other. They LOVE to play with one another, and they truly give off that BFF vibe.

Apart from hanging out with Hippo, Grasshopper also gets along with other foster animals in their household. He loves to explore the world with them and take his regular naps cuddled right next to other kittens.

And apart from the animal company, he also loves to spend time with Micky’s daughter.

But his best buddy is, without a shadow of a doubt, his beloved Hippo.

What happens with Grasshopper in the end?

As we mentioned before, Grasshopper was only supposed to be a foster kitty for this family. As you might have already guessed, though, the family was completely smitten by him and decided to keep him.

They simply could not separate Grasshopper from Hippo, and could not imagine him not being a part of their family.

So, that’s the story of how Grasshopper got his furrever home. His friendship with Hippo only grows stronger. Not a day goes by that they’re not playing with each other. And the rest of the crew has also grown to love him even more.

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