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Stray Cat Takes Her Family To A Police Station And It Becomes Their Forever Home

Stray Cat Takes Her Family To A Police Station And It Becomes Their Forever Home

“Where do stray cats sleep at night,” you wonder as you prepare a cute, comfortable bed for your fluffy friend.

You’re getting ready to take on the night, but you can’t stop wondering whether stray cats have a soft spot to sleep on, too. You’re saddened by the thought of stray cats roaming the streets at night, alone and afraid.

“A stray cat” tends to be a catchall term, to set the record straight. Stray cats, for the most part, refers to cats that have been abandoned, escaped, or ended up on the street one way or the other.

Cats that were born outside are known as feral cats. Cats that have owners but sleep outside because that’s what they’re taught to do are known as outside cats.

Most people, though, refer to them as stray cats. What does that matter? Welp, that determines where they decide to sleep at night or seek shelter.

Abandoned cats, for example, might end up sleeping on someone’s porch or snuggling under someone’s outside blanket because that’s what they’re used to, that’s what reminds them of home.

Feral cats, on the other hand, might show up at someone’s house searching for food but they’re not likely to stick around and sleep there. These cats are more likely to seek out a safe space, a hidden spot where nobody can see them.

Cats are not nocturnal animals, they’re crepuscular.

Contrary to popular belief, cats don’t spend the entire night awake. You might think that’s the case because they’re most active at dawn and dusk, but they’re keen on getting a few hours of sleep during the night. Cats are better at finding shelter and a safe spot for sleeping than you might think, too.

Police officers from the Pusan police station, South Korea, attest to the fact that stray cats can fend for themselves.

When a stray cat walked up to an officer working at the police station, he wasn’t sure whether she wanted something. He thought she was minding her business, stopping to greet the people at the police station, and going about her way.

Credit: Busan Police

He was wrong, though. She stopped for a few head scratches and tummy rubs before she went away, but she came back the following day, too. She was named Molang which translates to “don’t know” because nobody knew where she came from. She was a regular, though.

When Molang stopped by the police station the first time, she was there because the officers uncovered a litter of dead kittens after an accident – the kittens were hers.

She followed the officers around the police station the entire day and watched them take care of her kittens. She observed them from afar when they were trying to bury them, too.

She was brokenhearted, but she wanted to see what was going to happen to them. She went away for a few months and the officers forgot about her.

When she came back, she was pregnant. She kept coming by the police station every day, hanging out with the officers, and waiting for her kittens to arrive.

She knew that she could trust them because she didn’t go away when she was about to give birth. She stayed at the police station and gave birth at the guard post. She stayed there to take care of her kittens, watch them grow bigger and stronger, and present them to the officers.

Credit: Busan Police

We know what you’re thinking – the officers probably chased her away because they weren’t allowed to keep a cat at the police station, right? Wrong!

The officers were more than happy to help her with everything she needed. They kept feeding her, watching over her, and playing with her whenever they had the time. They made a comfortable room for her, too, and helped her give birth. They even cut the umbilical cord.

They were obsessed with the fluffy family and they were excited to help her take care of her kittens. The mother cat and her kittens became some sort of a mascot of the police station – the four kittens, every one of them different from the other, were the cutest kittens the officers had ever seen.

They were growing bigger and stronger every day. They were affectionate and appreciative and they were great at making everyone’s day better and that’s why everyone was happy to keep them there.

Credit: Busan Police

The officers spent every free moment watching over them, feeding them, and playing with them – these kittens were super, super energetic, but the officers didn’t mind keeping them entertained. The kittens were growing before the officers’ eyes and that was a beautiful thing to witness, that’s for sure.

The fluffy family helped the officers, too, and that’s why the police station decided to award them for the contribution they’d made. They even took to Facebook to post a few photos of the officers saluting the mother cat, playing with kittens, and sneaking a few treats.

They could have chosen the bus station or the train station, but the mother cat and her kittens knew what they were doing when they came to the police station. What more can we say? The fluffy family adores the police station, and the police station adores them back!

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Stray Cat Takes Her Family To A Police Station And It Becomes Their Forever Home