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Kitty Yankee Is A Tiny Survivor Who Overcame All Odds And Stole The Hearts Of Many

Kitty Yankee Is A Tiny Survivor Who Overcame All Odds And Stole The Hearts Of Many

I am not sure if you have ever experienced it, but a kitten’s cry can be super alarming. And I mean super. So much so that it can move to rescue action even the coldest heart of a man who does not like cats whatsoever.

It is so powerful, it forces you to stop everything you are doing and jump right into action, searching for the poor kitten with the intention to help her.

I remember one time I was on a video call with my friend Eve. Since we live in two different cities very far from each other, every once in a while, we schedule a video call to catch up and talk about everything that has been going on.

We’d agree on a date and time that suited both of us, and we’d follow through. But this one time was different. We were on a call for no more than five minutes, when I noticed she wasn’t paying attention to me. It was elsewhere.

I asked what was wrong, to which she replied, “I’m not sure. I swear I can hear a kitten crying outside.” She proceeded with opening the window, after which she was one hundred percent sure: There was a kitten in need outside her apartment.

Of course, she immediately hung up and went to save the poor fluff from any potential danger outside. She found her hidden in the nearby bushes, alone, frightened, and starving.

To spare you the rest of the details, that is the story of how my friend – who just so happened to be an avid dog person her entire life, might I add – became a proud cat mom.

But we have not gathered here so that I can tell you a story about my empathic friend. Nope. We are here for another equally adorable and praiseworthy cat rescue story about a kitten who overcame all the odds and stole the hearts of many people all around the globe.

Our hero today is a kitten named Baby Yankee who was one day found all alone on a construction site waiting to be saved by a good hooman.

Poor Baby Yankee was crying for help, trying to call someone to come and rescue her. And she succeeded. Workers at the construction site heard this tiny feline weeping and momentarily began searching for her.

They found her curled up in a ball in freezing cold temperatures trying to warm herself up. She was defenseless and barely alive.

One of the men took her to their break room and tried to feed her. However, Baby Yankee was so extremely frail and weak, she could barely walk, let alone eat.

Thankfully, site workers did the right thing: They called the Puppy Kitty NYCity animal rescue center and asked them for help. A lady named Megan answered the call and once she heard about Baby Yankee’s condition, she rushed right to the construction site.

She knew that the poor kitty didn’t have much time and so she needed to hurry as much as she possibly could.

Poor Baby Yankee was in a state of utter oblivion; she was so cold and weak that she did not even realize someone was taking her away.

Megan quickly took the poor kitten to her car and carefully positioned her on a heating pad. It did not take much for the warmth of the pad to overtake Baby Yankee. She soon started to calm down, letting the heat do its thing.

However, at one point she appeared limp, and Megan thought she had lost her. But thankfully, she was wrong. Baby Yankee was a true survivor, and she managed to fiercely hold on to life.

At the vet clinic, the poor fluffer got her shots and was properly hydrated. They also made sure she stayed warm the entire time.

And soon enough, thanks to the construction workers’ attentiveness, Megan’s swift action, and the abundance of care she received, Baby Yankee’s condition started to improve. And it took her only three days! Can you believe that?

After additional check-ups, the vet determined that there was nothing critically wrong with her. She was a happy and healthy little tabby ready to experience the world. Her playful and curious side started to peek through, which is something Megan definitely did not expect. She was a true miracle!

The rescue center got many offers to foster her. Everyone wanted to meet the kitty who had defeated the odds and managed to escape death.

But Baby Yankee never got her foster family. She actually found her furrever home and was soon adopted by a very kind and cat-loving family.

Baby Yankee is living proof that in life, nothing is impossible. With a little bit of care, will, and love, people can truly do wonders!

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