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Why Does My Cat Climb Me Like A Tree? True Feline Chipmunk

Why Does My Cat Climb Me Like A Tree? True Feline Chipmunk

You’ve heard of a stereotype that cats are cold-hearted and not huge fans of affection. But with your feline sitting on your shoulder like a fluffy parrot, you have to wonder what’s going on. “Why does my cat climb me like a tree?”

Cats LOVE to climb and scratch. They got that from their ancestors, who are known as great tree-climbers. That’s probably where they get their sharp claws from, too. They have to hook themselves to the tree somehow, right? But it’s bad when your skin becomes an alternative to the tree bark…

Not only is it painful, but it can become annoying, too. No matter how much we adore our lovely felines, them climbing us isn’t on our list of top 5 most enjoyable experiences. And no, that doesn’t make you a bad cat parent. Actually, fixing your kitty’s behavior makes you a pretty good one.

Cat claws are really sharp and it can be really painful when they dig into our skin. Plus, it can become really hard to get anything done when your fluffy climber is all over you. Because of that, it’s important to work on teaching your kitty that you’re not her personal, walking tree she can climb on.

No matter how small, cute, and affectionate our kitties may be, they still have a predator side. Although it’ll always be a part of them, you can still train your kitty and work on her behavior. We’re here to help you, with possible reasons why she’s climbing you and how to fix it. Let’s dig in.

Why does my cat climb me like a tree? 5 possible reasons

Why Does My Cat Climb Me Like A Tree? True Feline Chipmunk

Have you ever wondered why your sweet kitty is always jumping against walls and can climb pretty much anything? That’s because they trace ancestry from tree-climbing mammals. They have strong legs, keen eyes, strong balance, and sharp claws to prove it.

In nature, climbing high places helped cats spot prey and potential predators from a safe distance. Even now, as sweet domesticated felines, cats feel a lot safer when they’re off the ground as they can have a good view of their environment.

All of that sounds perfectly normal, but the question remains: “Why does my cat climb me like a tree?” Are you the tallest in the room, or is there more to it? Let’s see what could be potential reasons why your cat sees you as a tree.

1. She’s just being a playful kitten

If your fur kid is still a baby, it’s perfectly normal that she wants to climb you. Kittens are playful, energetic, and super curious. They want to explore EVERYTHING. And they do it with a lot of energy, too. Having a kitten is like babysitting a baby squirrel – there’s not a place in your home she won’t try to reach.

Kittens love to go to high places because it helps them explore. Plus, it’s a great way to play! They make everything seem fun, don’t they? They’re small balls bursting with energy running around your home, and we love them for it.

Because they’re so curious and energetic, they might start climbing you, too. Your small fluff is not trying to annoy you; she’s just being playful around (and on top of) her favorite human. Climbing is a great way for them to test themselves and learn new abilities. They’re just like toddlers!

Climbing you might also help your kitty learn to trust you and feel comfortable around her human parent. We know how hard it can be to do anything with your fur ball constantly jumping on you, but don’t worry. Most kittens grow out of it in adulthood.

Once your cat turns into a lazy nap monster, you might even start missing her energetic self that used to climb you like a tree. As they grow larger, it becomes harder for our little monkeys to climb, so most of them just quit trying.

2. She’s asking for affection

Why Does My Cat Climb Me Like A Tree? True Feline Chipmunk

Cats are known for being independent and cold with sassy attitudes, but that’s far from the truth. Yes, they enjoy their peace and quiet, but they also crave your affection. If you don’t give enough of it to your snuggle bug, she’ll find a way to make you do so.

One of those ways can easily become climbing you like a tree just to get you to notice her. You might be shocked when you see her jumping on your leg, but she definitely got your attention, so who’s the winner there? Her way works, you have to give her that.

If you notice your cat climbing you like a tree, you might have to spend more time with her. We get it, it’s easy to get lost in work, relationships, social media, and other distractions we all face. So think about it: when was the last time you spent some time playing with your feline buddy? Maybe it’s time to do so.

It could be a great way for you to unwind, while also giving your cat some long-awaited attention. Plus, your leg will be safe from her claws! Sounds like a win to us. However, if you give your kitty enough affection but she still keeps climbing you like a tree, there might be some other issue that’s causing this.

3. She needs something to climb

If you keep smothering your cat with love to the point of annoyance, yet she’s still climbing you like a tree, lack of affection is definitely not the reason behind it. It’s highly likely that your kitty simply needs something to climb on, and you’re the closest thing she has to a tree.

Our little fur monkeys need outlets for their energy, especially if they’re inside cats with little room to explore and run around. If you want to keep your legs, curtains, walls, and furniture safe, investing in a cat tree like this one by Amazon Basics would be a game-changer for you.

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When choosing the right cat tree for your purrer, it’s important to pay attention to a few things first. If your cat is of a larger breed, make sure you don’t buy a tree that’s too small for her to climb. You want her to be able to jump on it, scratch it, and even sit on top.

A cat tree with a bed and a scratching post would be perfect for your kitty. That way she can satisfy all her needs, from climbing to scratching and napping in high places. It will soon become your kitty’s favorite thing in the house, and you and your furniture will be safe.

4. Your fluff has too much energy

One of the reasons why your cat climbs you like a tree lies in the fact that indoor cats have a hard time finding a way to exert their energy. That’s when their humans become the victims of their zoomies. It’s completely normal to try and avoid being your cat’s scratching post, so don’t even think about being a bad cat parent because of it.

A good way to help your cat get rid of excess energy is by finding ways to work in some additional exercises. A good idea would be to buy a leash, so you and your feline friend can go on long walks together. Not only will it help with her energy levels, but it will also enable her to get some fresh air.

Interactive toys are also a great way for your cat to lose that excess energy that makes her climb you. Not only will they tire her out, but they’re also really fun! Whatever method you choose, helping your cat work off her energy will keep her off of your legs and curtains, for sure.

5. She’s showing dominance

Why Does My Cat Climb Me Like A Tree? True Feline Chipmunk

If none of these reasons prove to be true for your cat, it’s likely that she’s simply asserting her dominance. This is often the case with multiple-cat households. Your cat is the queen of the house and she wants everyone to know that.

If your home is blessed with more feline friends, one of them has to be more dominant than the other. Although some behavior can be altered through training, some things are simply a part of your cat’s purrsonality.

Her jumping on your leg might be a way for her to show you and the other cats who’s the boss. She might know that what she’s doing is wrong, but that doesn’t stop her. She’s the queen, and she’ll get what she wants when she wants it.

How to stop your cat from climbing you?

Figuring out why your cat’s climbing you like a tree is the first step in finding a way to stop her. Whether it’s getting her a cat tree, spending more time with her, or training – this behavior can be altered, so don’t worry. Here are some things you can do.

1. Spend more time playing with her

Spending more time playing with your fur friend not only satisfies her need for affection, but it’s also a great way for her to get rid of the built-up energy. On top of that, it’ll help you bond and strengthen your relationship, especially if you’ve been busy lately and had no time to spend with your kitty.

When she starts needing your love and affection, she’ll find a way to show it to you, even if it means literally climbing on top of you. Try playing with your kitty for at least an hour each day and see if her behavior changes.

Getting her some new toys, playing the string with her, or cuddling with your snug bug on the couch are all great ways to show your feline you’re there for her, and that she has your attention. If you can’t spend an hour playing with your kitty, getting her a cat tree would be a good idea.

A tree equipped with a scratching post, a bed, or even some toys would be a perfect addition to your house. It would enable your kitty to climb, play, scratch, and even nap – all without hurting you or your furniture. Sounds like a purrfect solution to us!

2. Trim her nails

Trimming your cat’s nails might not stop her from climbing at first, but it will definitely make the whole process less painful for you, and it will help protect your furniture. On top of that, it will make it harder for your kitty to climb you, so she might quit trying altogether.

Cats love textures that feel nice under their paws and claws, which is why they often scratch our sofas and carpets. Keeping their claws trimmed will make it less tempting for them to climb and scratch anything that comes under their paws.

3. Talk to a professional

Why Does My Cat Climb Me Like A Tree? True Feline Chipmunk

If everything else fails, talking to a professional would be a great idea. Yes, you can try to train your cat by yourself, but working with a behavior consultant would bring the best results.

Remember that you should never try negative reinforcement with your feline, as it doesn’t work on cats as well as on other animals. Telling them “no” should be enough. Anything more than that could lead to fear, anxiety, and loss of trust.

Why Does My Cat Climb Me Like A Tree? True Feline Chipmunk