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The Power Of Genes: A Split-Colored Cat Becomes Father To Kittens In His Own Colors

The Power Of Genes: A Split-Colored Cat Becomes Father To Kittens In His Own Colors

If anything is true in this world, it’s the fact that every cat is beautiful in its own unique way. Regardless of whether she is big or small, what color her eyes are and the color of her fur (if she even has one), every kitty is purrfect just the way she is.

This could just be me being biased, of course. But, somehow, I believe that there is no one in this world who can deny feline beauty and cuteness.

Sure some people can be indifferent toward cats and not particularly like them, but they would definitely be able to agree with the fact that cats are some very cute animals. If not the cutest ones.

God, I wonder what those people would say about Narnia, a beautiful blue-eyed British Shorthair feline from France?

Narnia was born on March 28, 2017, and, just like any other kitten, was more than adorable. But, what made him stand out weren’t his blue eyes or the mere fact that he was a kitten. Nope. It was actually another one of his very prominent and unique features.

In fact, Narnia was born as a two-faced feline. His face was very precisely split into a black and gray side. The rest of Narnia’s body was all black, except a little spot under his mouth and two back paws which were all white.

The Power Of Genes: A Split-Colored Cat Becomes Father To Kittens In His Own Colors

(Credit: @amazingnarnia)

When his owner, Stephanie Jiminez, saw him, she knew that what that kitty needed was a majestic and fantasy-related name. You know, because his appearance was out-of-this-world, obviously.

Stephanie is actually a cat breeder herself and owns her own cattery called Chatterie de la Grace. She said that her aim actually was to breed a very special and unique cat. However, this genetic mutation that Narnia has was not a part of her initial plan at all.

Narnia was actually a part of the Celestia Project, founded by Sophie Guittonneau of Chatterie Aerlin. This project includes Stephanie and other breeding partners, and its aim is to breed more cats with piercing blue eyes since it’s such a rare feature in cats.

Narnia did end up as a blue-eyed cat, but he also came out as a two-faced feline. When she first laid her eyes on him, Stephanie knew her fluff boy will be famous.

She waited a couple of months until he somewhat grew and then in 2018 introduced him to the world via Instagram. She made him his own profile (@amazingnarnia) and it wasn’t long before the likes and followers began to pile up.

Everyone lost their minds! So many people have fallen in love with him and his interesting facial feature which became so desirable that everyone wished to have a kitty just like that for themselves.

Of course, many people believe that Narnia’s looks are a product of Photoshop. But Stephanie makes sure to prove infidels wrong by uploading daily funny videos of him in action.

The scientific explanation behind Narnia’s peculiar appearance could lie in the term – a feline chimera. This is an official name of a cat whose cells contain two types of DNA. This unique phenomenon is very rare and occurs only in very few cats. Other famous felines with this characteristic are Venus and Quimera.

This condition is thought to be a result of two embryos intertwining together, or in other words, two non-identical twins fusing together into one.

However, contrary to that scientific belief, Narnia is not a feline chimera. On one occasion, Stephanie mentioned how Narnia has undergone genetic testing, which proved that he has only one set of DNA. This means his appearance still remains a mystery for all, even for science.

Stephanie wanted to test whether his facial feature is hereditary. So, she found him a lovely partner, a cat named Bella, who almost had a split face herself, but not quite so. This couple became parents on several occasions, each time producing kittens in one plain color.

(Credit: @amazingnarnia)

Their kittens, named Prada and Phoenix, Orfée and Ozanna, Roswell and Rose, and Polaris and Phantom were all born as twins and proudly carried their father’s colors. They were either black, gray, or a mix of the two – but none of them had the split face.

So, Narnia’s feature wasn’t in the genes, but a product of mystery indeed. Which is not a big deal, really. All the kittens inherited their father’s icy blue eyes, meaning Stephanie was on the right path of possibly creating a new breed.

And they were all extremely cute, which was always in the picture since their parents are both beautiful.

We might never find out how did Narnia end up with a split-colored face. What glitch happened in the making of this beautiful tomcat that he was born with a feature common in calico and tortoiseshell cats, but never in British Shorthairs?

We’ll never know. But in that uncertainty is all the fun, right?

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The Power Of Genes: A Split-Colored Cat Becomes Father To Kittens In His Own Colors