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8 Actual Reasons Why A Cat Tree Is Great For Your Cat’s Health

8 Actual Reasons Why A Cat Tree Is Great For Your Cat’s Health

Cat trees – adored by cats and hated by humans.

On one hand, they’re great for cats because they’re entertaining, physically and mentally stimulating, and challenging. On the other, they’re incredibly impractical for humans because they’re expensive, extravagant, and take up too much space.

What’s the consensus on cat trees, then? Do we need them? Do we want them? Or do we think our cats are going to agree to more cuddles and snuggles should we agree to provide them with a cat tree?

Whatever the case, cat trees are a burning discussion among pet parents and we’re here to share our two cents on the matter.

Why do cats like cat trees?

8 Actual Reasons Why A Cat Tree Is Great For Your Cat's Health

Cats don’t like cat trees, they love them! Cats are different than humans, which means they’re going to appreciate different things. Cats and cat trees go together for a multitude of reasons, but we’ll cover a few that might make you understand your kitty better.

First things first, cats aren’t afraid of heights the way humans are. For one, cats are both predators and prey and they’re known to view heights as an advantage.

Furthermore, cats need heights because they crave the sense of security that height provides them – they’re able to run away from their enemies (cats, dogs, toddlers, vacuum cleaners…)

Cat trees are created to mimic actual trees. Wild cats have been known to use trees to sharpen their claws, stretch their backs, and even groom themselves. Domesticated cats might not have the exact same needs as their wild cousins (because we do everything for them), but they have the same wild nature.

Of course, we can’t forget that cat trees are physically and mentally stimulating to cats. Kittos that spend every waking hour moping around the apartment, napping on the carpet, and munching on paw-licking treats crave exercise – both physical and mental.

Cat trees are a great way to achieve all that.

What makes a cat tree great for your cat’s health?

1. Great for grooming

Right off the bat, cat trees are awesome for grooming.

Most cat trees are made with a specific, special rope or twine that’s appropriate for a cat to scratch and sharpen her claws on. More times than not, cats want to do that the moment that they wake up, which means you should consider setting the cat tree near where your cat normally naps.

To make matters even better, cat trees are an effective way to prevent your cat from scratching your furniture. Cats possess an innate need to scratch things because that’s how they’re wired to groom themselves, sharpen and clean their claws, and mark their territory.

2. A good way for a cat to mark her territory or spread her scent

8 Actual Reasons Why A Cat Tree Is Great For Your Cat's Health

While we’re on the topic of territory marking, cat trees are also appropriate for teaching your cat to stop urinating on your furniture and use a cat tree instead. We’re kidding – but we’re not kidding about the fact that cats use cat trees to mark their territory and spread their scent.

Sure, urinating might be one of the most prominent territory-marking behaviors. But cats are also known to spread their scent by rubbing their paws, cheeks, and mouths against different surfaces. Cats possess scent glands around their cheeks, chin, top of their head, and base of their tail.

3. Awesome for stretching

Cat trees are excellent for stretching, too. Now, cats don’t mind stretching without the assistance of a cat tree. But there’s something about cat trees that motivates cats to stretch more often – every time they awake from a nap, get up to take a little walk before feeding time, or catch a glimpse of the tree from the corner of their eye.

Stretching brings numerous benefits to cats, too. Stretching not only gets your cat’s muscles moving, but it also encourages blood and lymph circulation, and flushes the toxins out of her body.

4. Cats adore napping on cat trees

“Did someone mention napping!?” Humans might disagree, but cat trees are comfortable spots for napping.

Cats are fond of heights, and they’re fond of running away from everything that might bother them while trying to get some beauty sleep.

They prefer secluded spaces for rest, and cat trees are one of the best options for them because they’re high up and aren’t accessible to everyone (a.k.a. bothersome toddlers).

5. A safe space for when she needs to escape from humans, cats, or other animals

It’s no news that your fluffy friend probably doesn’t take kindly to cats, dogs, toddlers, and vacuum cleaners bothering her while she’s trying to rest. Well, we’re here to make your cat’s case.

Cats can get stressed out, overwhelmed, and anxious when they’re surrounded by chaos. For that reason, they need a space they’re allowed to retreat to when they’re done with the rest of the world. Cat trees are perfect for this because they’re inaccessible to pretty much everyone except your cat.

6. An appropriate alternative to scratching posts

We highlighted that cats can employ cat trees for grooming. We haven’t, however, mentioned that cat trees can completely replace scratching posts.

Cat trees are often made with the same rope or twine that’s used for scratching posts; and, on the off chance that they aren’t, they’re known to feature a scratching post or two. Considering the fact that cat trees take up quite a lot of space, that’s great news for both you and your cat.

7. Mentally stimulating

Whether you’re working with a gentle Ragdoll or an energetic Bengal, cats can become mischievous when they’re bored. We’re pretty sure that the word “mischievous” can’t even describe the madness that goes on when a cat doesn’t know what to do with the excess energy.

While you can (and should) spend time entertaining your cat, we suggest getting a cat tree to ensure she’s equipped with a source of entertainment when you’re not around.

8. Great for keeping a cat happy, healthy, and fit

With that, we’ve come to the end of the article. Whatever positive or negative opinion you might have about cat trees, remember that cat trees can assist you too.

Cats trees are great for keeping your cat happy, healthy, and fit – but they’re great because they’re able to do that even when you’re not there. Cat trees for the win, right!?

If you agree with that but still haven’t purchased a tree for your kitty, then this is a perfect opportunity to change that. We’ve gathered a few options, depending on what you’re looking for and what your pet needs.

8 Actual Reasons Why A Cat Tree Is Great For Your Cat's Health