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Why Do Cats Want To Be Alone? 9 Reasons Why They Prefer Solitude

Why Do Cats Want To Be Alone? 9 Reasons Why They Prefer Solitude

Everybody knows that cats are loners by nature. They enjoy doing things on their own terms, coming and leaving when their heart desires.

Some people might find this rude and claim that that’s the reason why they dislike cats. But, real cat aficionados adore this independent side of their felines.

So, if you have a cat yourself, you’re probably familiar with this special personality trait. You’re probably used to wondering where on Earth did your fluffball hide this time and being surprised when she finally decides to emerge from her hiding place.

But what to do when you notice she’s been hiding a lot more than usual? Is that normal?!

Let’s see what are 9 common reasons why your cat wants to be alone.

1. Your cat isn’t happy with the sudden change

Why Do Cats Want To Be Alone? 9 Reasons Why They Prefer Solitude

Cats usually dislike when something suddenly disrupts their everyday life – your kitty is no exception.

If you have made sudden changes in your home, like moving the furniture around, buying something new, or getting a new roommate or even a new pet, you can be sure your cat isn’t particularly fond of it.

Because of that, isolating herself and finding a safe and familiar space might be the best way for her to cope with everything that’s happening.

It’s best to introduce your kitty slowly to anything new you decide to bring into your home. If it’s a new roommate or pet, give a blanket they’ve been using to your cat, so she can get familiar with the smell. If you’ve bought a new piece of furniture, let her be involved with the process.

Your kitty has to give her seal of approval if you don’t want her to continue hiding somewhere in your apartment.

2. She’s just not in the mood

It’s no secret that cats aren’t the jolliest animal out there. They have their moments of happiness and excitement, but the rest of the time, they might seem like they’re not in the mood and prefer to be by themselves.

If you notice your cat is feeling particularly grumpy and chooses to be alone, try to determine what’s the cause of that behavior. Maybe she didn’t approve of you bringing guests over, being late with her dinner, or petting her in the wrong spot and with the wrong intensity.

Determining what works for your kitty and what doesn’t, can save you a lot of trouble in the future.

3. She’s getting older

If you have a senior cat, you should know that her desire to be alone is a part of getting older. She probably has less energy than when she was younger, her senses may be dull, and generally, she may be feeling unwell and prefer to be somewhere by herself to relax.

There’s pretty much nothing you can do about this except to be there for your cat when she needs you. Other times, just let her relax and enjoy her time.

4. Your cat could be ready to give birth

If you have a female cat who just so happens to be pregnant, being alone is a sign adorable kittens are on their way.

A pregnant cat will oftentimes search for a calm, dark, and safe space to give birth to her babies. So, if you haven’t prepared a designated spot for your queen to give birth in, she’ll fend for herself. She’ll probably opt for your closet, the space under your bed, or your bathtub.

The place she chooses may not make much sense to you, but to her, it appeared to be the safest place to bring her kittens into this world, away from the potential danger.

5. Maybe she’s in pain or feeling unwell

You should always be slightly concerned if you notice any sudden changes in your kitty’s behavior. That could be a clear indicator that something is wrong with her health and her well-being.

So, if she suddenly started to hide and began to spend a lot of time alone, you should take her to the vet, just in case she’s in pain or suffering from a certain illness.

6. Maybe something scared her

Why Do Cats Want To Be Alone? 9 Reasons Why They Prefer Solitude

Some cats are naturally jumpier than others and easier to frighten. So, the reason why your cat often tends to run away and hide someplace safe might be because something scared her off.

That can happen because of a past trauma she experienced, like an abusive owner or a fight with another cat or even a dog. Therefore, she is always cautious and ready to flee.

7. Your cat could be struggling with anxiety or depression

Unfortunately, just like humans, our feline friends can also struggle with anxiety or depression.

Many things you do that you may not think too much about can be very stressful for your kitty. Things like being away for too long, bringing a lot of new people over, raising your voice, lighting up a firecracker, or suddenly changing things around your home can be too much for her to handle.

If you determine this is the reason she hides away from you and prefers to be alone, give her some time to trust you again. Be there for her and offer her all the love and affection she deserves, and she’ll soon come to you.

8. Maybe she sensed danger (a.k.a. another cat)

Many felines don’t like to be surprised by another cat. So, if your friend came to visit you and brought her own kitty, your fluffball is probably hiding because she doesn’t approve of this visit. She may see her as an enemy, despite your and your friend’s wish for them to be besties.

She can also isolate herself if she’s able to sense a neighboring cat. The cat doesn’t have to enter your home. She can be near it, but your kitty will still sense her and decide to hide.

9. Or maybe she just wants to be alone for a while

Finally, the reason why your cat wants to be alone is precisely that – she wants to be alone. This is completely normal and nothing to worry about.

In this case, all you need to do is let her do her thing. Maybe your kitty isolated herself because she wants to play with something, groom herself, or take a nice and revitalizing cat nap. Whatever it is, just let her be. She’ll come to cuddle with you soon enough.

Why Do Cats Want To Be Alone? 9 Reasons Why They Prefer Solitude