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8 Best Cat Breeds For The Elderly And Senior Population

8 Best Cat Breeds For The Elderly And Senior Population

It’s no secret that cats make great life companions for humans of all ages, seniors included. They are affectionate and friendly, full of love, and always ready to either play or curl up next to their owner on the couch. At the same time, they are also very independent and don’t require all-day attention.

Cats are fairly easy to take care of, too. Unlike dogs, they don’t require regular walks to spend their energy or go to the bathroom. They are fine with remaining indoors, as long as they have something to do.

They can take themselves to the bathroom, groom themselves, and even entertain themselves. Their owner simply needs to clean their litter box, give them food on time, and be ready to cuddle them whenever they feel like it.

The fact that they are so easy to maintain makes them the perfect pet option for elderly folks. So, if you have reached a certain age or have a senior someone in your life who could benefit from a feline company, here are 8 amazing cat breeds you should definitely consider.

1. American Shorthair cat

8 Best Cat Breeds For The Elderly And Senior Population

American Shorthair is your ideal feline companion. This cat is good-natured and friendly, ready to make friends with people of all ages. She is affectionate, playful, and intelligent, and loves to play interactive games and solve interesting puzzles.

This breed was formerly used only to hunt small animals like rodents or vermin, so her hunting skills are still sharp. This makes her a perfect pet for seniors who live in a house and have a garden (or live on a farm) as she would gladly help with catching mice or moles.

But she’ll do just as fine indoors, as long as she has something to play with. She doesn’t mind curling up next to her owner in front of the TV but is not exactly a fan of being carried around. She’ll much rather approach you on her own terms.

2. Birman cat

Another great option for any senior citizen is a Berman cat. This kitty is exceptionally gentle and sweet, playful and fun, and very patient with little kids. Therefore, she’ll enjoy the company of her owner’s grandchildren.

This breed usually forms a very strong bond with her owner, and once she does, she makes it her main goal to show how much she loves him. But, she also doesn’t mind meeting other people and acts fairly friendly to guests.

3. British Shorthair cat

8 Best Cat Breeds For The Elderly And Senior Population

British Shorthair is one of those breeds that loves affection but doesn’t make a scene if she doesn’t receive some of it. She is very easy-going, relaxed, friendly, and fun to be around and play with. She is also very curious and will definitely follow you around just to see what you’ve been up to.

One thing is certain – this breed is not a lap cat. She hates being carried like a baby and rather prefers to come to you on her own terms. She doesn’t mind cuddling, but will rather sit close to you, somewhere within your reach.

They also get along well with children, if, however, those children are nice and behave decently.

4. Chartreux cat

Did you know that the other name for this breed is “the smiling cat of France?” Yup, this cat has a sweet smiling expression that will melt even the coldest hearts.

They are very muscular and playful and enjoy playing various games. They’re especially fond of toys that move as that reminds them of hunting prey.

Cats belonging to this breed usually form a strong bond with a single owner who they end up loving dearly. They don’t mind visitors, but will not care that much about their presence. And they also don’t mind being left alone for too long.

This breed is known for having a very silent voice. The legend says this is because she was bred by Carthusian monks in southeast France who wanted to have a breed that will not disturb their meditations. So, this makes this breed perfect for people who enjoy peace and quiet.

5. Manx cat

8 Best Cat Breeds For The Elderly And Senior Population

This breed is a great hunter and because of that might appear rough to some. But, in fact, she has the sweetest and most affectionate temper. Manx cat is very playful and loves to follow her owner around. She’s also a great lap cat and is always ready to curl up and take an hour-long cat nap.

This breed is highly intelligent and can be taught to play many tricks. She gets along well with the whole family and doesn’t mind a company of another cat or a dog. She loves car rides and is a great road trip buddy, which makes her perfect for someone who loves to spend his retirement going on fun trips.

6. Persian cat

No wonder this breed made it on our list, right? A Persian cat is, apart from being incredibly gentle and loving, exceptionally easy to take care of. Despite having long and luscious fur and requiring daily grooming, brushing her is not hard at all.

This cat prefers a calm and quiet environment. She is the epitome of a lap cat and will spend the majority of her time on her owner’s lap. But she also doesn’t mind sitting somewhere high and far, observing everyone in the room.

This breed is not the most energetic one, but she sure loves to play. She can get along well with pretty much everyone and is truly a perfect life companion.

7. Ragdoll cat

8 Best Cat Breeds For The Elderly And Senior Population

Ragdoll is another amazing lap cat. She doesn’t mind being carried around, and she loves snuggling up next to her owners.

She has a very gentle, loving, and friendly nature. She gets along pretty well with people, and can even be friends with other felines and dogs, as well.

This breed is also very intelligent and playful and can be taught many tricks. She’ll most definitely come when you call her and might even strike up a conversation with you. All in all, this is another great breed for seniors to have.

8. Russian Blue cat

Russian Blue Cat is known to be very gentle, loving, and even shy around people she’s not familiar with. But once she gets to know you, she’ll love you unconditionally.

She’s not overly energetic but loves to play with her owner. And most importantly, she can entertain herself when left alone. She loves to observe her environment from somewhere high up, so if you decide to get this breed, make sure you provide her with many cat trees or cat shelves.

She’ll love to follow you around your home, and wouldn’t mind being carried. She could even place herself on your back and enjoy the ride.

All in all, this is an amazing breed to be around and a great option for senior folks.

8 Best Cat Breeds For The Elderly And Senior Population