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Arabic Cat Names: 190+ Much “Kneaded” Names And Meanings

Arabic Cat Names: 190+ Much “Kneaded” Names And Meanings

“My precious purrincess needs a name that fits her purrfectly!” you mutter under your breath, fighting the urge to smother her in cuddles and snuggles. Picking out a flawless name for the loveliest addition to the family can be quite a daunting task. “How about Arabic cat names?” a thought escapes your mouth.

That’s not a bad thought, though! What’s more creative than an Arabic name with a meaning that describes your fluff better than any word in the English language? And, with everything else that’s been bugging you, you might as well put the same amount of work into coming up with a fitting name, right?

But there are a bunch of things to consider before you head off and announce to the world that your fluff’s name is Mrs. McFluffer! And, there’s hardly anything worse than ruining your cat’s chances of ruling the neighborhood by bestowing her with the most generic cat name – Oliver, Leo, or Bella. “Argh, ewww!”

And, what are these things that you need to consider, you might be asking? Well, for starters: What kind of purrsonality does your fluffy friend have? What does she look like (not that you should ever name her Amber, Butterscotch, or Ginger)? Essentially, what makes her… her?

Now, we realize that these things might not be as easy as they seem. How can someone even think of a name that’s not generic with the number of names circling around!?

Fortunately, that’s why we’ve got your back with our Arabic cat name suggestions. We’ve gathered a bunch of names with thought-provoking meanings that’ll ensure an endless cycle of explanations every time someone utters “But, what does that mean!?”

Ready to dive into our guide to choosing the perfect name for your fluff? Let’s go!

How to choose the purrfect name?

Arabic Cat Names: 190+ Much "Kneaded" Names And Meanings

Oh, Arabic cat names have the most bewildering meanings! Now, you could take the easy way out in the situation and pick a name you like rather than a name that fits your little fluff to a T, but where’s the fun in about that!? And, where’s the je ne sais quoi in that!?

Now, with that freakout out of the way, we can move on to the whole “figuring out how to choose the purrfect name” part of the article, right?

First things first, here’s what you shouldn’t do when choosing a name for your four-legged friend: rush things and complicate things. Trust me, you’re better off taking your sweet time thinking of a name that makes sense and doesn’t take two to three business days to say out loud.

Don’t get too funny, racially offensive, culturally offensive, or misogynistic… You get the point, right?

You don’t want to spend the following 10 to 15 (hopefully even more) years repeating a name you’re embarrassed to utter. Not to mention that your joint Instagram account would never go viral with a name like that!

With that said, here are some things you should do when choosing a name for your fluffy friend. Consider your fluff’s personality and appearance – these are the two things most humans notice when hanging out with a cat (given that you want to name your cat something related to her personality or appearance).

On the other hand, consider something that brings you happiness. Whether that’s your celebrity crush, your guilty pleasure Netflix binge, or even the food that you could eat for the rest of your life. Why not name your cat Meredith Grey because you’re a fan of Gray’s Anatomy? (Taylor Swift did!)

What are the most “ameowzing” Arabic cat names for your fluffy friend?

And, when you’re looking for something a little more subtle than naming your cat after your favorite beverage, you can always consider Arabic cat names. Think about it – you can choose the baddest out of all badass names and nobody would even bat an eye.

“But where does one find an Arabic name for a precious purrincess?” We thought you’d never ask! We’ve gathered a bunch of names (and their meanings) to help you pick out the purrfect name for your favorite, fluffy friend. Dare we say, you might even be a single deep dive away from a viral kitty name!

Female Arabic names for your fluffy friend

1. Aaliyah – towering; high one; ascended one

2. Aisha – successful (fitting for a successful butterfly hunter)

3. Aamal – aspirational; aspiring one

4. Annise – friendly

5. Amira – princess (or should we say “purrincess?”)

6. Amena – worthy of trust; loyal one

7. Aadab – hopeful; brings hope to the family

8. Aaila – beautiful

9. Aamna – peaceful

10. Aaraa – adoring; embellished

11. Baasima – one who smiles a lot; happy

12. Badriya – as beautiful as a full moon

13. Bahirat – delicate and sensitive

14. Bahria – one who resembles water

15. Barjabeen – star; bright star

16. Batrisyia – clever

17. Cairo – virtuous

18. Cailie – slim and light

19. Dafiya – worthy daughter (for pet parents who consider their pets their babies)

20. Dalal – kind

21. Daumaa – belongs to the sea/ocean

22. Dihyat – ruler of the world; commands the masses

23. Durdaana – worthy of pearls

24. Duaa – one that’s worshipped

25. Elmerya – noble heart

26. Eman – believer

27. Esme – dark one; dark moon

28. Fahada – panther

29. Fahdah – leopard

30. Falala – born wealthy

31. Fatimah – captivating

32. Farha – cheerful

33. Haadya – well-behaved

34. Habeeba – sweetheart

35. Hafa – lover of the rain

More female Arabic cat names

Arabic Cat Names: 190+ Much "Kneaded" Names And Meanings

36. Hafeeza – guardian of the family

37. Haffafa – one who sparkles

38. Hamama – one who loves birds; pigeon; dove

39. Hania – warrior

40. Harissa – lioness

41. Ilhan – one who sounds like a melody

42. Irha – one who can calm you down

43. Inaya – concerned one

44. Kadifa – velvet

45. Kahlilia – great friend; friendship

46. Kaltun – chubby; chubby cheeks

47. Kashira – funny

48. Kayani – queen

49. Khaalida – immortal one; deathless one

50. Khaleesi – queen

51. Layla – dark like the night; nighttime

52. Lamese – soft to touch

53. Latifa – pleasant

54. Maryam – one who belongs to you

55. Maajida – carrier of power

56. Maeena – carer of others

57. Maisah – proud

58. Mau – cat

59. Nabra – uncommon; unlike others

60. Nadda – one who shares; noble

61. Nadiya – fragile; easily hurt

62. Naf – valuable

63. Nagla – big eyes

64. Najia – out of harm’s way

65. Nawar – one who blossoms

66. Nayla – one who’s good at everything

67. Nuhaa – talented

68. Raabia – fourth one (for the fourth kitten?)

69. Raaya – overwhelmed with thoughts

70. Rabbab – cloud

71. Rabwa – hill; highland; area with a lot of hills

72. Rahila – one who travels a lot

73. Zada – hunter/huntress

74. Zainab – fragrant, blossoming flower

75. Zahra – bright one

Male Arabic names for your fluffy friend

76. Ali – noble one

77. Amir – leader; prince

78. Aadil – righteous one

79. Aalam – the whole world (fitting for the one who means the world to you)

80. Aarif – knowledgable

81. Aati – generous

82. Aazz – strong

83. Abaas – lion

84. Badih – witty and creative

85. Bahur – brilliant

86. Bambad – early morning

87. Banna – architect; builder

88. Bari – skillful

89. Daim – beautiful

90. Dalair – brave

91. Dalil – mentor; guide

92. Darrim – narrator

93. Davood – beloved

94. Dib – eloquent

95. Dinar – sparkly gold coin

96. Duha – early morning

97. Edhem – dark; black; one with dark skin

98. Eessa – devoted

99. Emaan – victorious

100. Faarih – bringer of joy

101. Fahd – dangerous like a panther

102. Fannan – artistic

103. Gaith – pure like the rain

104. Ghali – honorable

105. Ghani – rich; prosperous

106. Gharra – one who shines

107. Ghayb – hidden

108. Ghilibba – victory

109. Ghitamm – ocean

110. Ghurar – star

111. Haafiz – keeper

112. Haanee – happy; one who makes others happy

113. Haaris – vigilant

114. Hab – friendship

115. Hada – noble spirit

116. Hamim – close friend; best friend

117. Hamzah – lion

118. Haq – truth, one who speaks the truth

119. Ishaaq – true believer

120. Immad – supporter

121. Jaah – dignified

122. Jabbar – powerful

123. Jab – gift from God

124. Jal – wanderer

125. Jamil – handsome

More male Arabic cat names

Arabic Cat Names: 190+ Much "Kneaded" Names And Meanings

126. Kaamilah – flawless

127. Kabar – one who holds a high position

128. Kadan – companion

129. Kadir – ray of sunshine

130. Kahlel – great friend

131. Kamaal – perfect; one who is praised for his perfection

132. Karam – generous

133. Karrar – attacker

134. Kawkab – star; satellite

135. Kayim – lover; love

136. Lail – nighttime

137. Lath – lion

138. Liman – one who shines; sparkling one

139. Lut – one who keeps hiding

140. Maad – the afterlife

141. Maamar – successful

142. Maarouf – one who possesses manners

143. Maaz – provider of shelter

144. Mahal – one who forgives

145. Naadim – repentant

146. Naail – one who earns money; receiver

146. Nabaha – famous and celebrated

147. Nader – loved and appreciated

148. Nahar – stream of water

149. Naseem – breeze; pleasant weather

150. Nasra – helping hand

151. Nay – honored

152. Oma – helper of others

153. Osaf – good at dancing

154. Paree – magical; one who gives light

155. Parsa – pious

156. Qaaid – leader of men

157. Qabid – good boy

158. Qamar – mysterious like the moon

159. Qazee – one that judges

160. Quds – holistic

161. Raafe – companion of the poor

162. Rabb – master

163. Rafee – sublime

164. Rafq – gentle friend

165. Rakeem – compassionate one

166. Saad – one who laughs

167. Saaf – clean

168. Saaleh – good heart

169. Sab – lion

Androgynous Arabic names for your fluffy friend

Maybe your friends have been leaving you hints left and right that they’re planning on gifting you an adorable, little fluff for your birthday. Maybe you’ve been throwing glances at the tiniest Coon out of your neighbor’s bunch.

Or, perhaps you’ve been planning on getting a mysterious munchkin without checking what’s under the fluff. Whatever the case might be, there’s always a pawsibility you might be on the market for an Arabic cat name that would work for both a girl and a boy.

So, we’ve gathered a couple of androgynous Arabic cat names for you to go through. Get your pen and paper, pick your favorites out of the bunch, and settle on a name before you can even utter “Wait, what gender are you!?”

170. Ahmar – red

171. Awatef – passionate

172. Akili – intellectual

173. Barakat – blessing

174. Daluh – wish; desire

175. Delara – bringer of happiness and prosperity

176. Duha – one who you beg for something

177. Falak – right path

178. Fursat – perfect time; perfect timing

179. Guda – excellent; supreme

180. Haala – halo

181. Hannan – one who makes you feel warm

182. Hurairah – kitten

183. Hyat – alive

184. Jemaal – very attractive; good-looking

185. Jordaan – guide; shepherd; horseman

186. Juda – blessed

187. Kaylen – crown

188. Kayani – queen; one who looks like a queen

189. Madhat – poem

190. Maymun – thriving

191. Noor – sun; light; greatest star

192. Noha – kind and accepting

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Arabic Cat Names: 190+ Much "Kneaded" Names And Meanings