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This Is Kitten Paddington: 220 Grams Of Pure Drama

This Is Kitten Paddington: 220 Grams Of Pure Drama

Every cat parent knows: our feline friends are the epitome of drama queens. The story of the kitten Paddington shows us that it’s not something they learn how to do once they’re older. Oh, no, no… They are definitely born with it.

Don’t let his size fool you. Although he’s no heavier than 220 grams, there’s a whole lot of drama packed into that compact frame. In the rare moments when his mom isn’t feeding him with a bottle, he makes sure that his complaints are heard – from at least a mile away.

You see, our little drama queen won’t let his royal demands be ignored, which is why he lets out a high-pitched and ear-splitting scream that makes the most passionate opera singers envious. If you’re not giving him what he wants, he’ll make sure you suffer for it until you give in.

However, it isn’t just his vocal range and talent that makes Paddington so special.

From the moment his mom laid her eyes on him, she simply couldn’t ignore the fact that he looks like a super fluffy bear cub. After showing him to the rest of her friends and family, the decision was unanimous: their little feline cub will be named Paddington.

Credit: @emiliexfosters

The name suited him perfectly! With his round, squishable body, Paddington was practically begging for hugs and cuddles. Okay, he probably wasn’t, but his family couldn’t resist! He was a purrfect cuddle buddy, and he had to live with it. His mom felt blessed to be able to watch him grow bigger and stronger.

But, just like his body grew stronger, his lungs did, too. He never missed a chance to make himself heard. His adorableness made up for it all, however. How could she ever get angry with that cute-as-a-button face? It was impossible!

She was captivated by his cuteness, and she couldn’t help but imagine him in a small Paddington Bear costume… Okay, she didn’t have to imagine. It didn’t take long before she gave in to the desires of her heart and ordered him a custom-made costume. God, could he get any more adorable?!

We can’t blame her. Who wouldn’t want to see their adorable fluff in a tiny Paddington costume? Especially with that adorable chubby face that made him look like he was born to put it on at least once in his lifetime. She saw it in her head clear as day – her fluff will grow up to be large and unbelievably fluffy.

She was brimming with excitement for those days to come! But, do you want to know what made her even more excited? The fact her fluff’s costume was finally in her mail, and she gets to dress him up as the iconic Paddington Bear! The image of him in his adorable little costume is something she’ll remember forever.

Credit: @emiliexfosters

Although it was a bit too snug for his plump little body, he still looked like the cutest kitty in the whole world. I’m sure he was confused to see his momma laughing her heart away, but how could she resist it? She’s so full of love for her little feline drama king, and his adorable face isn’t making it any easier for her.

Paddington keeps growing and growing, and his momma can’t help but wonder if someone replaced his kitten formula with heavy cream! There has to be an explanation for his adorable chunkiness. But, she’s not complaining. The bigger, the better! There will only be more of him for her to love and cuddle.

With his royal behavior, chunky body, and big personality, there was no doubt in her mind: her feline buddy was the epitome of being large and in charge. Her days on the throne of the household were long gone, and he was the one taking her crown. But, she’s not complaining! He owns her heart, after all.

Every fluff on his body showed a sense of authority and dominance. He knew he was destined for greatness, both in his size and character. His family knew that, too. With his loud meows and screams that were impossible to ignore, and his big, fluffy body, they knew they got a feline boss that now rules their home.

Credit: @emiliexfosters

That’s the story of Paddington, an adorable kitten who looks a bit too similar to the famous animated bear. It didn’t take long for him to become his family’s whole world and, after this story, I’m sure he got a special place in your heart, too. I mean, how couldn’t he?

He’s absolutely irresistible! Don’t you just wish you could hug him until he starts meowing in your face to let him down? Luckily for him, we’re stuck behind the screen, looking at his adorable photos, and waiting to see what kind of big and bossy fluff he grows into.

This Is Kitten Paddington: 220 Grams Of Pure Drama