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Meet Chronos, A Cat With A Dental Abscess Whose Teeth Need To Be Removed

Meet Chronos, A Cat With A Dental Abscess Whose Teeth Need To Be Removed

Reading about a kitty fighting to stay alive always breaks my heart. More often than not, however, these stories end up inspiring us and giving us hope. It’s incredible just how strong our little feline buddies can be, and Chronos is here to show you their strength in full glory.

The hero of today’s story was hospitalized and needed everyone’s help. His name is Chronos, and he is a 6-year-old adult kitty who was fighting for his life. He came to the hospital with half of his face swollen, and his mouth full of abscesses and ulcers. To say it simply – he was very, very sick.

On top of his swollen mouth and face, he was also congested and refused to eat. In order to find out what was wrong with this poor guy, his vet team did blood work and many tests to try and figure out how to help him. Luckily, the tests came back negative for feline AIDS and leukemia. Hooray!

But what was wrong with this poor fluff? Although he desperately needed dental surgery, the team made it their priority to stabilize him first. So, they did more tests, of course. They wouldn’t give up until they knew what was wrong with him, and they needed the help of their readers for that.

For the next couple of days, they had an estimate of $1500, and they needed some help to give their little fluffy fighter a chance. Chronos needed their generous family to come together and support him through the biggest battle of his life. The team didn’t want to give up on their first miracle of 2022.

A couple of days later, there was some news about sweet Chronos for the people who were desperately waiting to hear how he was doing. Everything pointed to a dental abscess. Our lovely boy had missing teeth, and more needed to be removed.

Although his general condition had improved, his teeth were causing him a great deal of pain. No matter how many times they adjusted the medication, they couldn’t seem to give him some relief. The sweet boy wasn’t eating, so the team installed a nasogastric tube to help him out.

Although our furry hero was incredibly strong, Chronos needed nutrients to gain some weight and get stronger for the dental surgery. The operation was estimated to cost between $800 and $1000, and the hospital was looking for people who are willing to help their sweet fluff get through that tough week.

The team encouraged their supporters, stating that every dollar counted. There are no small donations, they said, only people with big hearts. They couldn’t watch their dear feline buddy in pain any longer, and they were counting on people to help them save this poor fluff before it was too late.

Luckily, the people wouldn’t give up on him that easily, either. They came together and helped Chronos have his surgery, which went relatively well. He only had a few teeth left, and it was the most adorable thing ever!

The team couldn’t express their gratitude to everyone who trusted them with Chronos’ care. They were all a part of his heroic story and the biggest adventure of his life. Naturally, people grew close with this tiny hero they were helping from the comfort of their home, and they were constantly asking about him.

His team of miracle workers finally shared some good news. Chronos was doing relatively well but, unfortunately, he still wouldn’t eat. They tried to bribe him with all kinds of delicious food, but he wouldn’t have it. Despite that, his general condition had improved.

With no more nasal discharge and his face all cleared up, everyone’s favorite fighter was looking a lot better. Now, they had a new mission: getting Chronos to eat. They removed his tube to see if he would start eating without it, but nothing changed, so they started to force-feed him wet food.

They began to wonder: had their little patient forgotten how to feed himself? Their next plan involved getting him off the medications that could decrease his appetite. Now, he was only taking his antibiotics and everyone was eagerly waiting to see if their sweet boy would regain his appetite.

Despite his condition and the constant pain he was in, Chronos was an extremely affectionate cat. He was full of love and gratitude for the people who were helping him, and he used every chance he got to show them how much he cared. He loved everyone, and his favorite thing was falling asleep on top of his dear saviors.

His foster mom described him as a purring machine. Seriously! It was enough for anyone to talk to him, pet him, or give him kisses for him to start purring his heart away. It made everyone fall in love with him even more. How could they give up on this sweet, sweet boy?

Unfortunately, he still wasn’t eating. The doctor realized his sense of smell was damaged and that, hopefully, he’ll start eating again once it returns. Other than that, he was in a much better condition. His foster family had to feed him multiple times a day, and he was getting stronger and stronger.

Today, Chronos is a wonderful house cat, and he never stopped being affectionate. He’s not the same cat he was when he first entered the clinic. Now, he’s a lot more energetic, and he brings love and joy everywhere he goes. Slowly, but surely, he’s becoming his true self again.

Meet Chronos, A Cat With A Dental Abscess Whose Teeth Need To Be Removed