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Two Abandoned Cat Mothers “Meow” For Help From Hikers To Save Their Babies

Two Abandoned Cat Mothers “Meow” For Help From Hikers To Save Their Babies

Oftentimes we don’t react, or we react a little too late, to the maltreatment of our fluffy friends. Whether that’s because we’re scared to bring scruffy, grubby fluffers back to our home or we’re wrapped up with work and don’t have enough time and energy to handle the process of fostering them, we’re rarely quick to rescue them.

We’re not talking about crossing paths with a cat that’s getting attacked by a dog because we know pretty much everyone would come to her rescue, chase away the dog, and comfort her.

We’re not talking about catching a glimpse of a moggy searching for food out on the streets because we know everyone would feed her, make sure she was OK, and leave her enough food for the rest of the day.

We’re talking about coming across a cat on the street, a cat that clearly doesn’t have a home, and leaving her there. While we understand that we can’t save every cat out there, we can try to get them to a shelter, a vet’s office, or a foster home.

Now, here’s a hypothetical situation – you’re driving through the woods with your friends when you notice a cat sitting at the end of the road. What would you do? Would you stop the car and check on the cat? Would you bring her with you?

What would you do on the off chance that another cat showed up while you were comforting her, and brought nine (yes, nine) kittens with her?

Two Abandoned Cat Mothers "Meow" For Help From Hikers To Save Their Babies

(Credits: Alexandra Dominguez)

We’re pretty sure that not many would bring an entire litter of cats and kittens back home, but that’s exactly what Alexandra Dominguez from Manhattan, Kansas did (with a little help from her friends).

Alexandra was pretty much trying to have a “hot girl summer” when the entire conundrum went down. According to Alexandra, she was staying with her friends for a few days and they were trying to figure out what to do for fun.

Since they were really big on hiking, they figured out they should search for hiking rails near the road. As a matter of fact, they were driving through the woods searching for hiking trails when one of Alexandra’s friends noticed a cat sitting at the end of the road.

“Wait! Pull over! I saw a kitty back there, we need to go back!” Alexandra’s friend was worried that the cat might have been hurt and she wanted to make sure that she was OK to be on her own.

She was also worried about the fact that there weren’t houses or buildings anywhere near the road and she wasn’t sure whether the cat was trying to find a way out of the woods or waiting for someone to rescue her.

Whatever the case might be, Alexandra and her friends pulled over and approached the seemingly friendly fluffer.

As soon as Alexandra and her friends showed the cat affection, the cat embraced them, started headbutting them, and rubbing her teeth on them. And, she started meowing and demanding attention which made Alexandra and her friends think that the cat wanted them to follow her.

But, they didn’t need to because they figured out what was going on soon enough. While they were busy comforting the cat, another cat emerged from the woods. Before they would even acknowledge what was going on, smaller cats started popping out of the woods, too.

(Credits: Alexandra Dominguez)

When Alexandra and her friends saw them, they couldn’t believe their eyes. We’re pretty sure that they couldn’t believe the fact that someone had abandoned two mamas and nine (not one, not two, but nine) kittens on the road, next to the woods that didn’t appear friendly whatsoever.

Alexandra and her friends were “crazy cat ladies” (Alexandra’s words, not ours) and they knew they needed to do something. They knew they couldn’t leave them there because there could be days before someone came across them and saved them.

They gathered the stray cats together and brought them back to the town with them. They washed them, fed them, and comforted them before they started contacting shelters, rescue centers, veterinarian offices, and pretty much anyone that would consider fostering them.

They kept them for over a week, and then they managed to convince a few friends to take them. There was one issue with that though – they didn’t live anywhere near Alexandra (or the town Alexandra was visiting at the time).

Because of that, Alexandra took them to her house and kept them there for a few days before she could arrange an hours-long ride to their new, forever homes. Before she could drive them there, she made sure to give them a warm bed, plenty of food, and a place where they could spend time – her garage.

However, Alexandra grew attached to a few of the fluffers that needed more affection and attention that the others. And, even though her boyfriend was allergic to cats, she begged to keep two of them.

Alexandra had suffered the loss of her family’s cat only a couple of months before that, and her boyfriend couldn’t say no. Alexandra confessed that he did have one condition under which he would agree to keep the kittens – he wanted to be the one to name than.

Fast forward to today, Alexandra’s a happy mom of two adorable, affectionate fluffers, Lucifer and Beelzebub. We couldn’t be happier for the four of them, and we couldn’t be more appreciative of the fact that there are people such as Alexandra that are willing to go out of their way to save a cat and make a cat’s life better.

Alexandra, we wish you, your very allergic boyfriend, Lucifer, and Beelzebub a happy and healthy life!

Two Abandoned Cat Mothers "Meow" For Help From Hikers To Save Their Babies