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220+ Unique Swedish Cat Names You’ll Simply Adore

220+ Unique Swedish Cat Names You’ll Simply Adore

Well, if you’re here, you either have some Swedish blood within you or you greatly appreciate Nordic cultures. Whatever it may be, you’re apparently on a quest to find the purrfect name among Swedish cat names. And I am about to help you with that.

Naming your kitty can be very hard and stressful since deciding what aesthetic you’d like to pursue is almost impossible. There are so many options to choose from and so many things you like that you probably often end up confused and on the verge of giving up.

You want a name that’s cool and modern, but also one that would be eternally relevant. You don’t want your kitty to be named after a character from a certain TV show that would be irrelevant 5-6 years from now.

Then, there’s also your cat’s personality and physical appearance you have to take into consideration. It would be weird to name your kitty that’s always calm after Hulk, for example. Some might appreciate the sarcasm, but still, it’s better to align your kitty’s character with the desired name.

Luckily for you, there are many categories that combine creativity, relevance, and meaningfulness, and in which you can find the perfect name for just about any cat. And the rich Swedish culture is exactly that!

I’m not sure what brought you here. Maybe you always knew you’ll give your kitty a Swedish name. Or maybe one of the Norse gods inspired you in your sleep last night. Either way, I’m glad you’re here, and I’m sure you’ll find what you’re looking for.

Not to toot my own horn, but I’ve made quite an impressive selection of Swedish cat names. I’m sure by the end of this article, you’ll have a name in mind!

Make sure you have your pen and paper ready! By going through these names, I suggest you write those you love the most. Therefore later, when done, you’ll have your own little personal list of Swedish cat names to choose from.

Female Swedish cat names

220+ Unique Swedish Cat Names You'll Simply Adore

If you happen to have a female kitten, and you want to give her a proper Swedish name, I have just the one for her! Below, you’ll find several Swedish cat names categorized into three groups, so you could easily find your way around and not be overwhelmed by the amount of awesomeness.

And before you get going, let’s learn some new words, shall we? Did you know that the Swedish word for a female is kvinna, and for a cat katt? Now you’re familiar with some Swedish. Tack me later!

Most popular female Swedish cat names

1. Inga – lives near a meadow

2. Elvan – the colorful one

3. Kiruna – city of Northern lights

4. Anja – grace

5. Stövlar – boots

6. Strumpor – socks

7. Malena – short for Magdalena

8. Engla – feminine form of the word angel

9. Blida – friendliness, gentleness (great for a Ragdoll cat)

10. Karin – pure

11. Sissela – to be blind

12. Dagny – a new day

13. Sassa – divine beauty

14. Linnea – lime tree

15. Anneli – grace

16. Annali – a variation of Anneli

17. Alvina – a noble and wise friend

18. Aurela – golden dawn

19. Flor – flower

20. Eina – a guardian of property, beautiful eye

21. Astrid – divinely beautiful

22. Ingrid – beautiful, beloved

23. Kajsa – pure

24. Klara – bright, clear

25. Maja – splendid

26. Mia – mine

27. Linnaeus – a blue flower, a twinflower

28. Ella – fairy maiden

29. Juni – June

30. Linn – a cascade, pretty, weak, soft

Powerful female Swedish cat names

1. Britta – strength, power

2. Agda – kind-hearted

3. Gerd – spear

4. Haidi – a stranger or flight

5. Hedda – war, battle

6. Hilde – fight

7. Tova – feminine form of Thor, god of Thunder

8. Henrika – ruler of the home

9. Hjördis – sword goddess

10. Meja – strong

11. Sigrid – victory, wisdom

12. Bele – one who roars (perfect for an angry kitty)

13. Tordis – thunder goddess

14. Axelina – defender of man

15. Ebba – strong

16. Erica – eternal ruler

17. Solvig – daughter of the Sun

18. Magna – great, large, strength

19. Bothild – the one who finds a remedy in a battle

20. Heorrenda – an army shield

21. Bim – a mighty woman of the ocean

22. Brigetta – strong female

23. Gunilla – battle maiden

24. Marikka – the sea of bitterness

25. Hjördis – sword Goddess

26. Pernilla – rock

27. Aninna – meaning “Answer my prayers”

28. Eldis – from the old house

29. Adahlia – a noble person

30. Wilma – from Wilhelmina, a female variant of William, means will or desire to protect

Interesting and creative female Swedish cat names

220+ Unique Swedish Cat Names You'll Simply Adore

1. Rikke – short form of Frederikke

2. Embla – according to Norse mythology, Embla was the first woman on earth

3. Ronya – daughter of a robber

4. Asta – star-like

5. Helvi – flake

6. Nalle – a teddy bear

7. Tindra – to twinkle or sparkle

8. Nanna – graceful

9. Tuva – beautiful

10. Rosel – a woman of roses

11. Dagmar – joyous day, bright

12. Sunni – the gift of the Sun

13. Anika – grace

14. Elsa – pledged to God

15. Duve – the one with a thrilling personality

16. Bobba – light

17. Affton – afternoon or evening, from the river Afton

18. Atalie – pure

19. Sötnos – sweetheart

20. Tekla – the glory of God, famous

21. Agata – good-hearted

22. Leva – meaning to live

23. Jannicke – gracious God

24. Helga – blessed

25. Eldis – the one filled with joy

26. Madeleine – a woman from Magdala, or one from the high tower

27. Laura – crowned with laurels

28. Elvina – means elfin

29. Effe – the one who tells the truth

30. Annalisa – graced with God’s Bounty

Male Swedish cat names

Now, it’s time to dedicate our attention to our beloved tomcats.

As you were able to see, there were some pretty interesting Swedish names that could be used for your feline bestie. And believe me when I tell you that the selection of male Swedish cat names will not disappoint either.

Most popular male Swedish cat names

1. Agaton – pure

2. Gustaff – staff of the gods

3. Narve – helmet, kettle

4. Dag – daylight

5. Olaus – ancestor

6. Garth – garden

7. Benkt – blessed

8. Goran – farmer

9. Lorens – a man from Laurentum

10. Jesper – treasurer

11. Ludde – fluffy, wooly

12. Rune – secret

13. Olle – kinship

14. Benkt – blessed

15. Stig – wanderer

16. Espen – good bear

17. Sven – a squire

18. Bore – north wind

19. Elfred – popular

20. Emil – lively, eager

21. Greger – watchful

22. Sigfrid – peace of victory

23. Gjord – peace of God

24. Boje – a man who comes from the castle

25. Aron – lofty or inspired

26. Stian – wanderer

27. Mikkel – enormous (suitable for our dear gentle giants, Maine Coons)

28. Bamse – bear

29. Jurdik – law

30. Nalle – champion, very kind

Powerful male Swedish cat names

220+ Unique Swedish Cat Names You'll Simply Adore

1. Olof – heir of the ancestors

2. Alcazar – castle

3. Nichlas – the one who always holds the winning title

4. Brictwen – a friend or a companion

5. Gustaf – staff of the gods

6. Rikard- king, ruler

7. Ongentheow – the name of a mighty and powerful Swedish King

8. Ame – eagle

9. Magne – powerful warrior

10. Hein – home leader

11. Rurik – a notable ruler

12. Edeltrud – very strong

13. Gunnar (or Gunner) – warrior, fighter

14. Helmar – fighting fury

15. Eilhard – edge of the sword

16. Gerhard – spear, brave, hardy

17. Sigstein – a victory written in the stone

18. Randulf – the edge of the wolf’s shield

19. Siger – a great victory of an army

20. Klas – a victory of people

21. Jarl – noble

22. Einar – bold warrior

23. Eyvind – lucky warrior

24. Roffe – legendary wolf

25. Cenn – strong and stable

26. Didrik – ruler of the people (suitable for any cat, really)

27. Torgny – the noise of the Thunder God

28. Sigvard -a protector who is victorious

29. Lennart – strong like the lion

30. Balder – a bold and courageous army

Cat names inspired by Norse mythology

Before the residents of the Nordic countries converted to Christianity, they had their own pagan religion whose center stemmed from legends and myths about powerful gods and goddesses. That pagan belief is today known as Norse mythology.

Even though its stories are widely popular today (think about Marvel’s Thor, for example), the true origin and meaning still remain a mystery. Many people debate about the true meaning behind some events and whether the stories Vikings told were true or not.

However, we are not here to be historians. We’ll leave the mystery behind it to be revealed and the complexity of it discussed by someone else. All we’re here for is some inspiration, so we could name our feline buddies.

These ideas below might not be your standard Swedish cat names, but do consider them! Imagine how cool it would be to have a little furry deity named after some powerful Norse god or goddess (or other mythical creature).

1. Odin – the greatest among the Norse gods

2. Thor – the powerful god of thunder

3. Frigg – Odin’s wife, a paragon of beauty, love, fertility, and fate

4. Heimdall – known as the ‘shiniest’ of all gods due to his white skin

5. Týr

6. Bragi

7. Idunn

8. Baldr

9. Loki – a mischievous god who could shape-shift and can take up animalistic forms

10. Njord

11. Freyr – a symbol of prosperity and pleasant weather conditions

12. Freyja – goddess of love, fertility, and beauty

13. Hel – the goddess and ruler of the Norse underworld

14. Skadi – goddess of hunting

15. Gerd

16. Surtr

17. Yamir

18. Mjölnir – this one is neither a god nor a mythical creature; this is Thor’s hammer

Viking cat names for your furry warrior

220+ Unique Swedish Cat Names You'll Simply Adore

As we all probably know, Vikings were seafaring riders, conquerors, settlers, and traders who originated from countries today known to us as Norway, Sweden, Denmark, and Iceland. Their passionate journeys and expeditions took them from Baghdad to North America, where they arrived before Columbus.

They were motivated by fortune, prestige, and power and sought them in material things like gold, silver, and gemstones, and in the form of land.

They were no strangers to violence, and they earned their fame by being fierce and ruthless. They were resilient and persistent in achieving what they set out to do.

Our kitties might not be entirely like them, but these two do share some personality traits. Our cats will also stop at nothing to get what they want!

Below, I’ve listed some cat names inspired by some of the most famous Vikings that raided this world.

1. Ragnar Lodbrok

2. Bjorn Ironside

3. Halfdan Ragnarsson

4. Sigurd Snake-in-the-eye

5. Ubba Ragnarsson

6. Ivar the Boneless

7. Hvitserk

8. Harald Bluetooth

9. Sweyn Forkbeard

10. Cnut the Great

11. Harald Hardrada

12. Rollo

13. Erik the Red

14. Bjarni Herjolfsson

15. Leif

16. Olav Tryggvasson

17. Lagertha

18. Hervor

19. Freydis

20. Gudrid

21. Sigrid the Proud

22. Unn the Deep-minded

23. Olga

24. Brynhild

Cat names inspired by Swedish pop culture

If you couldn’t care less about Norse mythology and Viking raiders and shieldmaidens, or if none of those names tickled your fancy, don’t worry! I have another list for you!

There’s probably something from Swedish pop culture or culture in general that you like. And if not, I’m sure at least a name or two will appeal to you.

The entire Swedish society is all about equality and individualism which are definitely a good ground for the development of a rich and diverse culture. They are dominant in various fields such as movies, literature, sports, and music. And they are also advocates of environmental protection.

The thing I came across as researching this topic and something I grew to love and appreciate the most, is another Swedish word we’re about to learn. There’s this word that Swedes use as a leitmotif, and it’s lagom – meaning not too much and not too little. Just the right amount!

In essence, lagom explains a sustainable lifestyle that is based on social awareness and moderation.

Now that we have learned our last Swedish word of the day, lets jump into our final list of Swedish cat names.

1. Abba – oh, your kitty’s gonna be singing “Gimme, gimme, gimme a treat after midnight!” for sure

2. Robyn

3. Tove Lo

4. Lykke Li

5. Avicci – for a kitty who enjoys good music

6. Zara Larson

7. Beatrice Eli

8. Max Martin

9. Skott

10. Jens Lekman

11. Måns Zelmerlöw

12. Håkan Hellström

13. Eggstone

14. Pandora

15. Alesso

16. Eric Saade

17. Laleh

18. Per Gessle

19. Molly Sandén

20. Bosson

21. Senabo Sey

22. Elliphant

23. Redex

24. Basshunter

25. Agnetha

26. Benjamin Ingrosso

27. Loreen

28. Felix Sandman

29. Tusse

30. Kent

Final thoughts

I hope this article helped you choose the Swedish cat name for your fluff among these various, interesting options. I tried to make a collection of names that would suit both history nerds and pop culture lovers. And also those who, like me, fit somewhere in the middle.

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220+ Unique Swedish Cat Names You'll Simply Adore