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235 Nordic Cat Names For Your Little God Of Thunder

235 Nordic Cat Names For Your Little God Of Thunder

With all the excitement of getting a four-legged friend, you might forget to pick the purrfect moniker before you bring the little one to your apartment. What are you supposed to do when you’re taken aback by the number of things you need to be aware of? What about Nordic cat names, for example?

When you’re struggling to bite the bullet and condemn your feline friend to a lifetime of being called Mr. Fluff or Milo, you might want to take a peep at some of the most popular Nordic cat names. Whether you’re drawn to Scandinavian “human” names or names based on Norse mythology, we’ve got your back!

Before we offer you our two cents on some of the cute Nordic names, we need to underline the subtle difference between these terms. When you look for Nordic cat names, you might be confused by the number of “Scandinavian,” “Norse,” and “Viking” names you’re bombarded with. What’s the difference?

We’d argue that these terms are oftentimes seen as synonyms, but there’s something you need to know about them. Norse or Nordic names refer to the names of Scandinavian people from the 9th to 11th century who weren’t a part of seafaring adventures or colonization.

Scandinavian names are the names that are deemed popular across Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Iceland, or Finland. Viking names are some of the most sought-after names for cats, whether that’s because they’re feared or respected. As you’re probably aware, Vikings were Norse warriors who traveled by ship to colonize new lands.

We can’t forget about names that come straight from gods and goddesses of Norse mythology, either, but we’re going to talk more about that down below. We’ve gathered a few of our favorite Nordic cat names to get you started and we’re keeping our fingers crossed you find something you like.

Picking the perfect name for your four-legged friend

235 Nordic Cat Names For Your Little God Of Thunder

Cat names can be quite challenging, especially when you’re unsure of the route you want to go. Cats deserve a name that represents them, that’s simple enough for them to understand, and that’s not going to make them question whether you’re calling them or yawning.

When you come up with a name for your four-legged friend, you need to understand that you’re going to utter that name a million times a day. Do you really want to scream Mr. Fluff every time your cat decides to act up and knock something down? Do you really want your neighbors to hear you scream Milo?

When picking the purrfect name for the newest addition to your feline family, you do need to pay attention to a few things. Start by considering your cat’s appearance and personality. Whether you want to play on the fact that your cat likes to sleep a lot or celebrate your cat’s ginger fur, that’s up to you.

Make sure you opt for a name that’s easy to say (and understand). When you call your cat by her name, you want her to understand that you’re calling her, right? We suggest going for something short and sweet – KonMari your cat’s name to ensure you’re not overcomplicating something super simple.

With that out of the way, though, don’t forget to opt for something you like, too. You’re going to use that name on the regular and you might be happy to call your cat Thor or Freya because that’s what ticks all the boxes for you. You do you and allow us to help you – with these adorable Nordic cat names.

Noteworthy Nordic cat names for your little God of Thunder

Male Nordic cat names

You’re a pet parent to a strong, stubborn tomcat and you don’t know which name to opt for? We suggest opting for Nordic cat names because they’re a surefire way for you to bestow a name with a proper, potent meaning onto your precious purrince. What are you waiting for?

1. Aegir

2. Aeldiet

3. Alvis

4. Magnar

5. Magne

6. Baug

7. Balder

8. Brun

9. Carr

10. Denby

11. Durin

12. Dyre

13. Floki

14. Flosi

15. Hoder

16. Hrolf

17. Ingharr

18. Im

19. Illugi

20. Odd

235 Nordic Cat Names For Your Little God Of Thunder

21. Oden

22. Olaf

23. Raud

24. Run

25. Skye

26. Tor

27. Tate

28. Torold

29. Amund

30. Aros

31. Beini

32. Biorn

33. Bodmod

34. Danb

35. Duatr

36. Dyre

37. Eric

38. Fenris

39. Finbogi

40. Gamble

41. Har

42. Hord

43. Hrapp

44. Ingemur

45. Isrod

46. Orm

47. Osgar

48. Osborn

49. Tappen

50. Trig

Female Nordic cat names

What’s the tea on female Nordic cat names? When you’re unsure of how to pick the right name for your precious purrincess, you might want to check out some of the most popular, prominent Nordic names – whether you opt for Runa or Elsa, we’re sure your cat will appreciate your efforts.

51. Abellona

52. Annalina

53. Atalie

54. Carin

55. Cilla

56. Evelina

57. Elsa

58. Klara

59. Krista

60. Lif

235 Nordic Cat Names For Your Little God Of Thunder

61. Lotta

62. Linda

63. Magna

64. Mari

65. Moa

66. Ola

67. Olesa

68. Petra

69. Rika

70. Runna

71. Sanna

72. Sia

73. Torri

74. Anna

75. Cilla

76. Eira

77. Embla

78. Lena

79. Lulla

80. Lysa

81. Magli

82. Malena

83. Mikaela

84. Nekisha

85. Rebeka

86. Reba

87. Riecka

88. Siri

89. Siv

90. Siya

91. Thordis

92. Idun

93. Frig

94. Astrid

95. Laila

96. Karlie

97. Etna

98. Jakobina

99. Smilla

100. Norell

Male Viking cat names

235 Nordic Cat Names For Your Little God Of Thunder

Sometimes, the tomcat you thought was going to chill on the sofa most of the time ends up being a true hunter. Cats can be sweet, cute, and cuddly, but oftentimes they’re more than meets the eye. When you want to honor your cat’s feisty personality, go for a male Viking cat name.

101. Åge

102. Alf

103. Aren

104. Birgir

105. Bjarke

106. Bjarne

107. Cuyler

108. Cine

109. Ebbe

110. Einar

111. Frey

112. Frode

113. Geir

114. Gandalf

115. Gunnar

116. Gunther

117. Halfdan

118. Halvar

119. Hoder

120. Holger

121. Leif

122. Knud

123. Ivar

124. Ivan

125. Njord

126. Njal

127. Roar

128. Ragnar

129. Sten

130. Sune

131. Toke

132. Tyr

133. Ulf

134. Viggo

135. Bo

136. Bjørn

137. Brandt

138. Eivor

139. Aren

140. Anre

235 Nordic Cat Names For Your Little God Of Thunder

141. Geir

142. Gisli

143. Gudbrand

144. Helge

145. Herleif

146. Ødger

147. Skarde

148. Svend

149. Hrooar

150. Birger

Female Viking cat names

Now, female cats are deemed “catty” and unapproachable, but we’d argue that they’re strong-willed, smart, and stubborn. When you’re reaching for the right name to bestow upon your female feline, you might want to check out female Viking cat names – they’re warriors, after all.

151. Aina

152. Åse

153. Gertrud

154. Gro

155. Inga

156. Ingeborg

157. Karyna

158. Kristyn

159. Lynnea

160. Mea

161. Norna

162. Olia

163. Rayne

164. Silia

165. Siriana

166. Thora

167. Thyra

168. Valkyrja

169. Vivica

170. Trinette

171. Agda

172. Aife

173. Astra

174. Audor

175. Batilde

176. Blenda

177. Bertha

178. Bernadette

179. Chara

180. Ciara

235 Nordic Cat Names For Your Little God Of Thunder

181. Dahlia

182. Dagmar

183. Edlen

184. Erica

185. Frida

186. Frigga

187. Galia

188. Gale

189. Garda

190. Hanne

191. Halldora

192. Hilda

193. Ilka

194. Isane

195. Kara

196. Kindra

197. Liv

198. Noma

199. Orsolla

200. Ulli

Norse mythology cat names

We all worship the ground our cats walk on, right? When choosing an appropriate name for your little god or goddess, you might want to turn to Norse mythology. Norse gods and goddesses were some of the most revered and worshipped of all the ancient world and that’s why they’re the right choice for you.

201. Óðinn – The “All Father” God of war, associated with wisdom, poetry, and magic

202. Thor – son of Óðinn God of thunder and battle

203. Víðarr – God of the forest, revenge, and silence

204. Baldur – God of beauty, peace, and rebirth

205. Bragi – God of poetry, music, and the harp

206. Buri – the first God and father of Borr

207. Dagur – God of the daytime

208. Delling – God of the dawn

209. Eir – Goddess of healing

210. Elli – Goddess of old age

211. Forseti – God of justice, peace, and truth

212. Freyja – Goddess of love, fertility, and battle

213. Freyr – God of fertility

214. Höðr – God of winter

215. Kvasir – God of inspiration

216. Loki – trickster and God of mischief

217. Sif – Goddess of harvest

218. Týr – God of war

219. Yggdrasil – Goddess of life

220. Frigg – Goddess of marriage and motherhood

235 Nordic Cat Names For Your Little God Of Thunder

221. Hel – Queen of Helheim, the Norse underworld

222. Hlín – Goddess of consolation and protection

223. Lofn – Goddess of forbidden loves

224. Magni – god of strength, son of Thor

225. Máni – God of the moon

226. Nanna – Goddess of joy and peace

227. Njörður – God of sea, wind, fish, and wealth

228. Nótt – Goddess of night

229. Sága – Goddess of wisdom

230. Rán – Goddess of the sea

231. Sigyn – Goddess of fidelity

232. Sjöfn – Goddess of love

233. Snotra – Goddess of prudence

234. Thruer – daughter of Thor and Sif

235. Vé – one of the three Gods of creation, brother of Óðinn and Vili