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350+ Awesome Ragdoll Cat Names For Your Fluffy Furrend

350+ Awesome Ragdoll Cat Names For Your Fluffy Furrend

“My Ragdoll kitty is coming in three days and I don’t have a name yet! I want to give her the best name in the world, but somehow I have a feeling like I’m gonna do a bad job. Quick, cat gods, aid me in my misery. What are the best Ragdoll cat names?”

If you have found yourself in a similar situation, then fear not my friend! I’m here to help you find the purrfect name for your gentle prince or princess.

Naming a cat can be very stressful. A lot of forethought has to be put into it because the cat will carry that name for the rest of her life. Imagine naming your kitty Tiffany only to find out she obviously gives out Melanie vibes. What a nightmare would that be, right?

Okay, I’m probably being too dramatic with this one, but choosing the right name is indeed hard. Especially if you’re adopting a kitten and aren’t still sure what kind of personality he or she will grow into.

Fortunately for all of us concerned cat parents (with a tad bit of OCD tendencies), cats are usually marked with the general characteristics of the specific breed they belong to. So, Bengal cats will mostly be energetic, Birmans will embody their role of lap monsters and Siamese cats will be jealous queens.

And Ragdoll beauties, the ones whose ideal name we’re looking for today, will mostly be affectionate, gentle, calm, and social. They are said to be perfect life companions, cuddly but not overly demanding, with an almost dog-like personality.

And a cat like that deserves an appropriate and meaningful name!

Below, I’ve selected a decent amount of interesting cat names, and I’m sure you’ll find the one that’s destined for your Raggy fluff. So, let’s not waste any more time – it’s time we find the perfect Ragdoll cat name for you!

Best Ragdoll cat names

350+ Awesome Ragdoll Cat Names For Your Fluffy Furrend

With their friendly, well-tempered, and affectionate personality and super-soft fluff, it’s no wonder these little bundles of joy are many cat parents’ first choice. Looking like living stuffed animals, Ragdoll cats are loved by many children around the world. And, there’s a place for them in the heart of grownups, too.

This breed originated in the 1960s in California, and it has quite an interesting, almost legend-like history. It’s said the Persian breeder from Riverside, Ann Baker, saved a semi-feral white cat resembling Angora after she was hit by a car. She named her Josephine and bred her with other breeds she owned.

The car accident that Josephine went through supposedly left her immune to pain, leaving her to have a relaxed body that seemed to go limp when picked up. Ann said Josephine was flappy like a ragdoll, so the name stuck, and her offspring were called inherited the name.

Sometimes, they’re also referred to as Josephine’s daughters.

Here’s a fun fact for your next pub quiz session: Ann supposedly copyrighted the name Josephine, and now it can only be used for this breed.

If, however, you’re not a particular fan of the name Josephine, I’ve prepared many other interesting names that will for sure tickle your fancy. So, let’s see what are other suitable Ragdoll cat names.

For your sweet purrincess

1. Clementine

2. Clemmy

3. Adina

4. Anisa

5. Dhalia

6. Malinda

7. Mildred – one who has a gentle strength

8. Abbey

9. Cassidy

10. Adia

11. Amy

12. Belinda

13. Brooke

14. Charlotte – petite or small

15. Elina

16. Elena

17. Felicity – happiness

18. Helen – light

19. Jasmine

20. Kylie

21. Lily

22. Mila – pleasant

23. Naomi

24. Rose

25. Fiona

26. Portia

27. Sandy

350+ Awesome Ragdoll Cat Names For Your Fluffy Furrend

28. Sierra

29. Cerelia – having to do with spring

30. Amandine – one who is loved

31. Kerensa – love

32. Elettra – bright

33. Pomeline

34. Lottie

35. Dakota

36. Gwendolyn

37. Annalise

38. Madelynn

39. Arielle

40. Sabrina

41. Veronica

42. Camilla

43. Carmen

44. Adrianna

45. Anabelle

46. Eve

47. Elsa

48. Tiffany

49. Lilian

50. Priscilla

51. Cassandra

52. Virginia

53. Colette

54. Matilda

55. Cynthia

56. Johanna

57. Mochi

58. Cecelia

59. Beatrice

60. Mae

61. Margot

62. Maisie

63. Tatiana

64. Zelda

65. Teresa

66. Esme

67. Dorothy

68. Dora

69. Lea

70. Christine

71. Alannah

72. Julianne

73. Judith

74. Faye

75. Billie

76. Cordelia

77. Ophelia

78. Mona

For your sweet purrince

350+ Awesome Ragdoll Cat Names For Your Fluffy Furrend

1. Samy

2. Kenzo – healthy

3. Kevin

4. Ellis

5. Beau – good man

6. Harvey – one who is brave in battle

7. Alfred – wise or intelligent

8. Timmy

9. Archibald

10. Drew

11. Anders

12. Ace

13. Aldo

14. Abe – noble

15. Achilles

16. Barney – one who encourages

17. Anthony – one who is worthy of praise

18. Dewey – beloved

19. Duke

20. Dylan

21. Felix

22. Gray

23. Finley – hero

24. Greer – one who is watchful

25. Kai

26. Adrian

27. Aspen

28. Brick

29. Bodhi – one who is awakened

30. Drake

31. Griffon

32. Zephyr – the west wind

33. Sullivan

34. Pierce

35. Quentin

36. Sterling

37. Darius

38. Kieran

39. Frederick

40. Cullen

41. Jacob

42. Raphael

43. Dorian

44. Nikolas

45. Mitch

46. Cannon

47. Quincy

48. William

49. Jackson

50. Wilson

51. Lucian

52. Jefferson

53. Valentino

54. Langston

350+ Awesome Ragdoll Cat Names For Your Fluffy Furrend

55. Payton

56. Thaddeus

57. Rodney

58. Harper

59. Joshua

60. Anders

61. Fisher

62. Clyde

63. Castiel

64. Miller

65. Jerome

66. Hugh

67. Marley

68. Xavier

69. Rudy

70. Christopher

71. Zachary

72. Bucky

73. Camden

74. Alistair

75. Pierre

76. Ezra

77. Finn

78. Otis

79. Luca

80. Silas

Name ideas inspired by Ragdolls’ fluff

Ragdolls are famous for having silky-smooth fur which in the words of many resembles that of rabbits. It is believed that their fluff is one of their most desirable features (alongside their mesmerizing blue eyes).

So, it’s only natural that you would like to pick an appropriate name for the kind of coat your furbaby has. Here are some Ragdoll cat names that you’ll definitely adore and that will suit the fur your Raggy feline friend has.

1. For cream coat kings and queens

1. Pearl

2. Cotton Ball

3. Snowy

4. Snow White (aka. Disney princess)

5. Snowfall

6. Ivory

7. Crème

8. Frosting

9. Cream Puff

10. Blondie

11. Moonbeam

12. Seashell

13. Alabaster

14. Cloudy

15. Ashy

16. Ash

17. Ashton

18. Powder

19. Candide – originating from the French word for ‘white

20. Sandy

21. Ailbhe – derived from the old Irish word albho, meaning white

22. Albus – originated from Latin, meaning white

23. Bianca

24. Epiphany

25. Candace

26. Jasmine – petite, white and fragrant flower

350+ Awesome Ragdoll Cat Names For Your Fluffy Furrend

27. Wintry

28. Milky

29. Starlight

30. Marya – an uncommon name of Arabic origin. It means purity or bright whiteness

2. For chocolate-colored coats

1. Coco

2. Carmello

3. Kit Cat (like the Kit Kat chocolate bar, but better)

4. Hershey

5. Rocky

6. Reese

7. Rolos

8. Marshall

9. Bailey

10. Twix

11. Godiva – the range of Belgian chocolates by the Turkish chocolate maker, Godiva Chocolatier

12. Bounty

13. Mars

14. Duncan

15. Fudge

16. Bueno

17. Lotte

18. Milo

19. Willy Wonka

20. Praline

3. A little something for lilac fluffballs

1. Violet

2. Orchid

3. Periwinkle

4. Plum

5. Mulberry

6. Amaranthine

7. Amethyst

8. Hibiscus

9. Thistle

10. Mauve

11. Bora – this Korean-origin name means purple

12. Fuchsia

13. Indigo

14. Hyacinth

15. Viorel

4. For sealed colored coats

350+ Awesome Ragdoll Cat Names For Your Fluffy Furrend

1. Mink

2. Abalone

3. Pewter

4. Charcoal

5. Domino

6. Visor

7. Charcoal

8. Pebble

9. Flint

10. Slate

11. Fog

12. Burney

13. Burny

14. Pho

15. Mia (Pho and Mia were the two first imported Siamese cats to the west)

5. And last but not least, for flame-colored coats

1. Velvety

2. Lacey

3. Phoenix

4. Mahagonny

5. Scarlet

6. Merlot

7. Garnet

8. Sangria

9. Currant

10. Ruby

11. Vermilion

12. Carmen

13. Tawny

14. Amber

15. Marmalade

Ragdoll cat names inspired by gentle fictional characters

350+ Awesome Ragdoll Cat Names For Your Fluffy Furrend

If you’re anything like me, then you probably love to spend time watching your favorite TV shows and movies or reading books. And I’m sure you’ve caught yourself inventing fake scenarios in your head where you and the character you like are very close.

Oh, come on! Admit it! This is a safe, judgmental-free zone. I know I’ve always imagined getting married to Mr. Darcy from Pride and Prejudice. Anytime I would either read the book or watch the movie, I would hear imaginary wedding bells.

And you can bet my next cat will be named after him!

If you also have a favorite character, especially one who’s super gentle and affectionate, you can name your kitty after him. And if not, here’s a list of some extremely wonderful fictional characters who won the hearts of many. These would make pawesome Ragdoll cat names!

1. Poe Dameron (Star Wars: The Force Awakens)

2. Peter Quill (Guardians of the Galaxy)

3. Bruce Banner (The Avengers)

4. Agent Peggy Carter (Captain America: The First Avenger)

5. Bram (Love, Simon)

6. Astrid Leong (Crazy Rich Asians)

7. Baby (Baby Driver)

8. Alice Cullen (Twilight)

9. Edward Cullen (Twilight)

10. Hagrid (Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone)

11. Harry Potter (Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone)

12. Luna Lovegood (Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix)

13. Newt Scamander (Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them)

14. Bilbo Baggins (The Hobbit)

15. Frodo Baggins (The Lord of the Rings)

16. Gandalf (The Lord of the Rings)

17. Samwise Gamgee (The Lord of the Rings)

18. Legolas (The Lord of the Rings)

19. Belle (Beauty and the Beast)

20. Todd (Dead Poets Society)

21. Katniss (The Hunger Games)

22. Prim (The Hunger Games)

23. Peta (The Hunger Games)

24. Hannah Grose (The Haunting of Bly Manor)

Names to fit Ragdolls’ personality

350+ Awesome Ragdoll Cat Names For Your Fluffy Furrend

We’ve said countless times how calm and affectionate Ragdoll cats are. Their personality is one of the reasons why cat lovers all around the world decide to adopt them. Therefore, a cat with a personality as sweet as theirs must have a name to match.

Below is a list of cute Ragdoll cat names for our favorite furry gentle kings and queens. I’ve selected names from various cultures, so you could have another way to celebrate your heritage.

Something for girls

1. Eztia (Basque): a word for honey which generally means sweet and gentle

2. Aurear (English): gentle music

3. Caron (Welsh): kindhearted or gentle

4. Damara (Greek): meaning gentle

5. Mehri (Persian): sunny, lovable

6. Anana (African): soft, and gentle

7. Ebele (Igbo): mercy and kindness

8. Hiroko (Japanese): tolerant

9. Yuko (Japanese): excellence and gentleness

10. Nariko (Japanese): means both gentle child and thunder

11. Wan (Chinese): graceful and elegant, but also fine silk

12. Shu (Chinese): gentle, fair

13. Miyeon (Korean): kindhearted

14. Hella (Finnish): gentle or tender

15. Sanjana (Hindu): soft or gentle

16. Lateefa (Arabic): kind, pleasant, and friendly

17. Nasima (Arabic): gentle breeze

18. Anisa (Idnonesian): friendly or good-natured

19. Dalia (Swahili): tender, gentle

Something for boys

1. Abab (Arabic): youthful gentleness

2. Lutfi (Arabic): kind

3. Atubah (Arabic): soft, gentle, and delicate

4. Halim (Arabic): humane, generous, patient, and mild

5. Kelemen (Hungarian): gentle

6. Adiv (Hebrew): gentle, pleasant, and delicate

7. Blandon (Latin): gentle

8. Kapono (Hawaiian): the good, moral one

9. Stilman (English): calm, quiet

10. Mungo (Welsh): from the word mwyn, meaning gentle and kind

11. Gareth (Welsh): gentleness

12. Cliamon (Scottish): A name meaning gentle

13. Kevin (Celtic): gentle; also Keyvn, or Kevan

14. Damone (Greek): This name comes from the verb “to tame” but also means gentle

15. Ninad (Hindu): the sound of water or the gentle humming of water

16. Evander (Greek): a good man

17. Damario (Greek): gentle

18. Yasashiku (Japanese): polite

19. Hien (Vietnamese): good-natured, mild, gentle

20. Ji-Min (Korean): wisdom, ambition, gentle

Food-inspired Ragdoll cat names

350+ Awesome Ragdoll Cat Names For Your Fluffy Furrend

Does your Tinder bio say that you’re, apart from being a proud cat parent, also a foodie? If yes, then you can be certain that your future Raggy will also be one. That’s in every cat’s nature!

Everybody knows how much cats love food. They would be unapologetically chunky if only it wasn’t so detrimental to their health. And if they didn’t have us in their lives to ration their food portions, as well.

So, if you wish to name your little gourmand after a delicious food item, then you have my full support! Here are some food-inspired Ragdoll cat names you can choose from.

1. Cookie

2. Biscuits

3. Cupcake

4. Candy

5. Muffin

6. Fudge

7. Sugar

8. Pudding

9. Jelly

10. Jellybean

11. Tart

12. Donut

13. Mousse

14. Popsicle

15. Slushie

16. Gelato

17. Sorbet

350+ Awesome Ragdoll Cat Names For Your Fluffy Furrend

18. Sundae

19. Meringue

20. Cherry

21. Bagel

22. Peaches

23. Coconut

24. Ginger

25. Ricotta

26. Honey

27. Almond

28. Butter

29. Butterscotch

30. Banoffee

31. Popcorn

32. Rosemary

33. Walnut

34. Hazelnut

35. Crumble

36. Cinnamon

37. Glaze

38. Toast

39. Toasty

40. Cashew

41. Tofu

42. Pickle

43. Marshmallow

44. Waffles

Final thoughts

I hope your troubles have come to an end and that you have found the name you’ve been looking for all this time. As we said, naming your future kitty can be hard and stressful, but at the end of the day it’s also super fun!

I’ve tried my best to compile a selection of the best Ragdoll cat names that would work for both their appearance and their unique character. But, that would also speak to your heart.

If, however, for whatever reason, you haven’t managed to find a name you liked, fear not! I have another article for you!

If you feel like your Raggy would be a real loafer, there are some pretty good names worthy of a true couch potato. Do check this one out!

350+ Awesome Ragdoll Cat Names For Your Fluffy Furrend