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Sad Cat Rescued From The Street And His Eyes Finally Show That He’s Happy

Sad Cat Rescued From The Street And His Eyes Finally Show That He’s Happy

Maybe you’re driving to work when you notice a little ball of fluff on the side of the road. With a sinking feeling, you realize that the poor little thing’s a stray and doesn’t have anyone to take care of her. What are you supposed to do?

Perhaps you’re roaming around your backyard when you catch a glimpse of a litter of kittens waiting for the mother cat to come back for them. Whether the mother cat abandoned them or went away for an hour or two, you don’t know that. What’s the best way to approach the situation?

Whatever the case might be, millions and millions of strays are roaming our streets and we’re responsible for getting them to safety. Whether that means catching them and taking them to a rescue or adopting them and getting them the help they need – we’re the ones that need to step up.

Now, we’re aware that these are heart-wrenching scenarios for anyone who cares about animals. When you see an abandoned animal on the street, you might be tempted to walk away because you don’t know how to help.

You might think you’re better off leaving the animal alone because someone with more knowledge and money might be a better fit to help.

You might think you aren’t supposed to contact animal control agencies, rescues, and shelters when you see a stray cat on the street. You might even try to catch the animal, fail, and decide you’re better off minding your own business.

Sure, shelters and rescues are overcrowded because too many animals need our help. But that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t do anything when you see a stray cat near your house.

Before you argue how “you can’t make a difference because there are so many strays out there,” keep on reading to uncover a story about a woman named Marie-Eve, from Montreal, who did everything she could to capture and rescue a cat with the saddest eyes ever.

Starting from the beginning of the story, Marie-Eve spotted a scruffy, grubby kitty near her house. He captured her attention because he had the saddest eyes she’d ever seen. She didn’t do anything about that, but she couldn’t stop thinking about the poor thing for the rest of the day.

She saw him again the next day, and then the next day, and then the next day as well. She figured she needed to help him somehow because she noticed he wasn’t feeling that great.

The fellow didn’t spend much time on grooming and that’s why Marie-Eve noticed he was dirtier than other cats on the street – but he was clearly in pain, too. He was barely walking whenever she’d come by. He was sitting on the side of the road whenever she’d come back.

She thought, “I need to get him off the street ASAP!” She didn’t know how to do that, though, and she spent the next couple of days devising a rescue plan. She didn’t count on the fact that capturing a stray, scruffy cat would be much more difficult than she thought.

After spending so much time on the street, he was scared of everything. He didn’t respond to treats. He didn’t want to eat when she was there. Instead, he’d wait for her to leave to approach the food she brought. He didn’t want anything to do with her. He was too clever and cautious to fall for her traps.

But that didn’t stop Marie-Eve from spending the next three weeks trying her hardest – and she succeeded. Before he knew what was going on, she managed to do what needed to be done. Marie-Eve was saddened to hear that most shelters and rescues near her were full, but she didn’t want to give up.

She took him to the vet and made sure he had everything he needed to get better. She arranged a little sleeping area for the fellow, too, and he was finally able to get some sleep without worrying whether he was going to get attacked.

Now, that wasn’t the end of the tomcat’s worries. He had war wounds from fighting on the street, frostbitten ears, an abscess on the side of his cheek, and a few missing teeth. He was taken care of for the time being, but there was no doubt that he needed medical care and rehabilitation.

After hearing about Marie-Eve and her cat, Chatons Orphelins Montréal offered to help. Chatons Orphelins Montréal describes itself as a rescue for cats and kittens located in Montreal, Canada.

They are a no-kill rescue that takes care of abandoned, alone, and unwell cats and kittens, as well as those that are at risk of euthanasia. They offered to foster the poor cat and provide the care that he needs.

Marcel, who was named that way by the staff, was nervous and confused when he arrived at the clinic. He kept his head down and averted eye contact which made him appear even sadder than he was before. Lily, a volunteer of Chatons Orphelins Montréal, took Marcel home.

Within the next 24 hours, she managed to turn the shy, socially awkward kitty into an affectionate, appreciative baby that can’t get enough of her.

She showered him with snuggles, showed him that he didn’t need to be scared, and taught him to trust her. She worked with him day and night and he appreciated that.

He started coming out of his shell, showing off the real him, and seeking attention from Lily at all times. He became happier with each passing day. He blossomed!

Two months later, Marcel found a forever home. The sadness he was rescued with vanished. The eyes that were once downcast were now beaming with contentment and pleasure. Marcel, you touched our hearts and we wish you a happy and healthy life!

Sad Cat Rescued From The Street And His Eyes Finally Show That He's Happy