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Cat That Was 18 When He Begged A Man To Adopt Him Now Happily Turns 20 With His Human

Cat That Was 18 When He Begged A Man To Adopt Him Now Happily Turns 20 With His Human

Every year, millions and millions of cats enter animal shelters and rescues because they’re abandoned, alone, and on the streets.

Each and every one of these cats needs a forever home, someone to spoil them, shower them with affection, and show them that they’re worthy of a home – regardless of how old they are.

Most people are entranced by the cuteness and adorable antics of kittens. Kittens are young, playful, and fluffy. So, when adopting, most people turn to kittens because they’re the norm, the cute accessory everyone goes for.

Kittens get adopted quite easily, even when they’re suffering from health problems or deformities that make them different from other cats.

Older cats, however, tend to get overlooked. They can linger for months, or even years at shelters without getting a single adoption application.

When people look at older cats, they aren’t as drawn to them as they are to kittens, and that’s the biggest reason why older cats get shunned away and abandoned much more often than younger cats.

But here’s the thing, though – adopting an older cat means much more than saving her from a life spent at a shelter or a rescue. Before you go for a young, playful kitten, consider the fact that older cats are much more calm, collected, and (dare we say) respectful of your home.

Older cats get along better with other cats, have great relationships with younger children, possess developed personalities, and tend to be much cheaper to adopt and care for. Older cats are desperate for a forever home, too. According to the ASPCA, shelters euthanize 41% of adult cats due to lack of space.

We’re happy to report that’s not what happened to Sammy, the eighteen-year-old cat rescued from a public shelter.

Before the story even started, Sammy lived a life of adventure. However, the poor tomcat was abandoned once the owner couldn’t afford to take care of him. He was left at a public shelter where he was scheduled to be euthanized.

Purrfect Pals Cat Sanctuary and Adoption Center, Arlington, Washington heard of Sammy and rushed to help.

Sammy was fortunate to have been rescued by Purrfect Pals because the rescue’s sole purpose happens to be to help cats and kittens from other shelters and rescues that don’t have the means to continue helping them.

Not to mention that Purrfect Pals pay close attention to older cats (“vintage cats” as they prefer to refer to them) because they have a soft spot for cats that nobody wants. Now, everybody at Purrfect Pals adored Sammy from the moment he arrived.

Sammy was a super, super old cat which meant he was calm, collected, and mellow. He was a black-and-white tuxedo cat with white mittens. He was quite resilient, and he was great at handling whatever hardships life threw at him.

No matter how strong he was, though, he needed a home. He needed a place where he could be comfortable, safe, and secure. He needed a human to shower him with affection and attention and allow him to nap all day long. He was the sweetest little gentleman.

Purrfect Pals started working on getting Sammy adopted, but that was a tough task considering Sammy’s age. Sammy craved to spend whatever years he had with a human, a warm bed, and peace.

Purrfect Pals posted about Sammy on social media hoping they’d get more people excited about the prospect of going home with such a cutie. It worked because Tim Adams saw the post and decided he wanted nothing more than to be a safe space for Sammy.

Tim contacted Purrfect Pals right away and scheduled a visit. Tim was a fan of older cats (he was a pet parent to one, already) and he was captivated by Sammy’s story. When Tim arrived, he was met with Sammy’s sad face and even sadder demeanor.

When he approached Sammy, though, the poor tomcat perked up right away. Tim knew he wasn’t going home without Sammy. The two spent some time together, cuddling, petting each other, and bonding. Tim wasn’t taken aback by Sammy’s health problems, either.

Sammy needed to be on a specific diet, but Tim was used to that considering that the old cat he had at home had special needs, too. Tim was the perfect human for Sammy, there was no doubt about that. Sammy blossomed the moment he came home with Tim!

For the first few days, he couldn’t stop following Tim around, curling up next to him, and sleeping on top of him. For whatever reason, Sammy felt like he could be himself around Tim and he didn’t shy away from seeking attention at all times.

Sammy was keen on purring, too, and he made Tim happy every time he started purring out of the blue. Tim argued that Sammy was the sweetest, gentlest tomcat he’d ever met and that he made the right decision when he brought Sammy home.

Over time, Sammy and Tim became best buddies. Sammy turned twenty a while back and the two celebrated the milestone with heaps of Sammy’s favorite treats.

Tim reflected on the past two years with Sammy and argued how he’d advise anyone to adopt an older pet. He states “Sammy does require some work, but he’s the best thing that’s ever happened to me.”

We couldn’t agree more, Tim. We’re sending you both lots of love and we’re keeping our fingers crossed you’re happy and healthy for years to come.

Cat That Was 18 When He Begged A Man To Adopt Him Now Happily Turns 20 With His Human