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Girlfriend Told Him That They Could Get Back Together If He Gets Rid Of His Cat

Girlfriend Told Him That They Could Get Back Together If He Gets Rid Of His Cat

OK, there’s a myriad of reasons why you’d break up with someone.

Maybe your partner cheated on you with your best friend. Maybe the two of you were too different to work out. Maybe you grew apart because you forgot to grow together. Or maybe you couldn’t get over your partner’s disgusting way of rubbing mustard on everything.

Whatever your reasons might be, you’re allowed to break up with someone without going on and on about your reasons why.

Chances are, you’ve heard tales galore of couples deciding to end things over the strangest setbacks. Challenges on TikTok attest to what we’re talking about… People have been going off about things that have given them “the ick” about someone and motivated them to break up sooner.

Where do we even start? One woman shared that she broke up with a college boyfriend because he wouldn’t stop calling her bro. On top of that, she confessed that he was a surfer which made the entire situation even funnier.

Oh and, we didn’t think of the mustard thing ourselves – one of the men that took on the challenge shared that he broke up with a woman because she put mustard on her food by applying it to her hands first and rubbing it on top of whatever she was eating.

Now, these breakups are unfortunate. But, we understand that there are things we can’t get over no matter how hard we try. We know that these things are not as serious as someone cheating on us, lying to us, or treating us the way we don’t deserve to be treated. We know, but we can’t escape “the ick.”

We were, however, taken aback when we stumbled upon a breakup story shared by an Imgur user by the name of voiceafx. While he did poke fun at the reason the two broke up, he admitted that he couldn’t believe she would stoop as low as she did.

When the two of them broke up for the first time, they couldn’t get over each other.

According to voiceafx, they didn’t break up because they grew apart or stopped caring for each other – they broke up due to religious differences. Because of that, he wasn’t opposed to the thought of getting back together.

When she reached out, he assumed she was going through the same whirlwind of emotions. He hoped that the two of them could put their religious differences aside and work toward getting back together. He thought that the two of them could be happy no matter what.

When he heard her voice on the other side, he was over the moon. She went on and on about how she made a mistake. She wanted them to put each other first, make each other a priority, and focus on each other’s needs. She wanted them to get back together under one condition – that he finds a way to get rid of Hobbes.

Girlfriend Told Him That They Could Get Back Together If He Gets Rid Of His Cat
Credit: voiceafx

Voiceafx mentioned how that was the moment he knew the two of them were “never, ever, ever getting back together.”

Getting rid of Hobbes wasn’t an option because the fluffy kitty was the closest thing he had to a child, a family. Hobbes made everyone’s day better because of how cute and cuddly he’d get around complete strangers, friends, and family.

Voiceafx added how he couldn’t even fathom a life without Hobbes. He shared a few photos of Hobbes playing with cardboard boxes, snuggling on his lap, and sleeping on his feet. He stated how he would never even consider getting rid of him.

He got “the ick” the moment that she told him she’d get back together with him under one condition. He wasn’t OK with the fact that she was giving him conditions and ultimatums at all. But once she said she wanted to get rid of the one thing he cared about, he was done. He didn’t want to get back together with her anymore.

Credit: voiceafx

We do need to applaud Voiceafx for the way he handled the situation.

On one hand, he didn’t even want to continue the conversation once her heard what her wishes were. On the other, he didn’t spend too much time pining over someone willing to say goodbye despite everything they’d been through together. He knew that Hobbes didn’t have anything to do with that.

Rather than crying over her, Voiceafx made a meme that went viral on Imgur.

We hate to be the boomers explaining the meaning behind the meme, but – he made “the Fry meme” or the “Not Sure If” meme featuring a picture of Philip J. Fry from “Futurama” and reading “Girlfriend says we can get back together if I get rid of my cat.”

Girlfriend Told Him That They Could Get Back Together If He Gets Rid Of His Cat
Credit: voiceafx

Naturally, the Internet reassured Voiceafx that he did the right thing. Everyone praised Hobbes for being the cutest, cuddliest cat ever and Voiceafx for not letting a girl come between him and his best buddy.

At the end of the day, couples are known to break up over the most ridiculous of reasons. And, Voiceafx’s story attests to the fact that some people might not deserve the attention and affection we give them. As for Voiceafx and Hobbes, we hope the two of you stay happy for many years to come!

Girlfriend Told Him That They Could Get Back Together If He Gets Rid Of His Cat