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“Take Me Home Pawese”: 13-Year-Old Feline Paws At Shelter Glass To Get Attention

“Take Me Home Pawese”: 13-Year-Old Feline Paws At Shelter Glass To Get Attention

Before we get into this story, we have a slight warning: you might want to get your tissues ready. Just in case. We know stories about kitties waiting to get adopted while missing their humans make us ugly cry, so we assume you might have the same reaction…

After her human passed away, a 13-year-old cat named Sienna was suddenly left without a family. She was taken in by the cat sanctuary in Ringoes, NJ, and it didn’t take long before her beautiful character won over the hearts of the people who worked there.

If you visited Tabby’s Place while Sienna was living there, you probably noticed that she was the first to greet you. This beautiful 13-year-old kitty spent most of her life living in a private home, surrounded by people who loved her. After her favorite human passed away, she was lonely for some human company.

Because of that, every time someone would walk into Tabby’s Place, Sienna would paw the glass to greet them. This sight made everyone fall in love with her the moment they saw her fluffy paws on the glass, waiting for someone to bring her home.

(Credit: Reddit)

Whether she was waiting for her human to come to get her, or if she was simply hoping that the person walking by will give her a new home, we’re not sure. The only thing we know is that merely hearing about this story and seeing the photos of Sienna make our hearts melt away.

The people who work at the sanctuary absolutely loved Sienna and seeing her great everyone who walks by her made their hearts skip a few beats. They say it pained them seeing her miss her human that much, and that she still had a lot to offer to the family who decided to give her a forever home.

The sanctuary was happy to inform the public that Sienna was never alone. In fact, none of their cats were! She lived in a suite with a lot of other kitties who kept her company. If she wished to go outside and feel some sun on her face, she could easily walk through the tube to the solarium.

She had plenty of room to roam around, and a lot of her feline friends to play around with. Still, Sienna wished to have a family of her own again, and she still hoped that the next person she greets will be the one that will take her home.

The workers at Tabby’s Place said Sienna was a wonderful kitty to have around. She was sweet, loved attention, and was full of love she’d like to share with her future family. Still, because of her age, Sienna had a bit of a short fuse, which is why they didn’t recommend her to families with small children.

She needed someone who could read her body language and care for her properly. After all, she’s gone through a lot, and she deserved to live a peaceful life in a home where she will feel safe.

Not too long after that, a kind woman couldn’t resist the paws on the glass greeting her.

(Credit: Reddit)

Sienna was finally a part of a new family who was ready to give her all their love. They named her Chloe and gave her a home full of love and understanding, where she can be her lovely self. She even had a new sister named Ella and they absolutely loved spending time together.

It’s been a couple of years now since Sienna was adopted, and the internet still loves the photos and videos of her dancing and greeting people at Tobby’s Place. Her new human says she filled her life with a lot of joy, and the day she brought Sienna home changed both of their lives for the better.

No matter how hard losing her family was, we couldn’t be happier that Sienna found a new family that will love her for who she is. Despite her age, Sienna proved she’s able to share her love and bring joy into her new home.

Her story shows us that all kitties are capable of loving, no matter their age and history. Although we’re sure Sienna will keep her first family in her heart forever, we’re glad to see her getting the happy ending she deserved.

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"Take Me Home Pawese": 13-Year-Old Feline Paws At Shelter Glass To Get Attention