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Mimi, The Squirrel Savior: A Kind Cat Adopts Two Squirrels And Treats Them As Her Own Babies

Mimi, The Squirrel Savior: A Kind Cat Adopts Two Squirrels And Treats Them As Her Own Babies

A cat adopting and taking care of two baby squirrels? No, this is not a fairy tale, but a story of a wonderful kitty called Mimi!

Wait, aren’t cats known for chasing around small animals and rodents? Yes, they are, but Mimi is here to show the other side of our feline friends that defeats all the stereotypes. Cats are often seen as cold and not especially caring, but Mimi took it upon herself to prove the haters wrong.

Mimi’s mom, Mary Cummins of Animal Advocates, decided to share with the world the wonderful story about the time her furbaby saved two baby squirrels. When Mimi decided to play outside that day, she had no idea she’ll be coming back home as a mom.

According to Mary, she and Mimi used to live in a house with a fully enclosed yard and eight-foot fences. One day, Mimi went outside through her cat door. When she came back, Mary was shocked to see a baby squirrel with her.

Mimi’s brother Boots tried to get the baby from her, just like any other cat probably would. What Mary saw then, left her speechless. Mimi fought Boots and protected her baby as if she was her real mother! How incredible is that?

Mary recalls that Mimi went outside again, as she had probably heard another baby squirrel calling for help. In no time, she brought the second baby in and put them both next to her in her cat bed. From that moment, their new lives began, and they were filled with the love and attention they were getting from their new mom.

Mimi spent her days taking care of her new babies, never leaving their side. She was their new mom, and she took her role very seriously! They’ve found safety in her, and she gave her all to protect them and give them the love they deserve.

Mimi, The Squirrel Savior: A Kind Cat Adopts Two Squirrels And Treats Them As Her Own Babies

(Credit: @MarryCummins)

While all of that was happening, Mary found a rehabilitator who decided to take both babies and provide them with a safe home. When they were old enough to take care of themselves, the squirrels were released back into the wild.

Just like that, Mimi saved these two babies and changed their lives forever. But, they weren’t the only ones whose lives Mimi changed that day. Her story and devotion inspired Mary, too.

According to Cummins, it was this heartwarming act of pure kindness and love that made her interested in helping animals in need. Today, Mary is a licensed wildlife rehabilitator, and she can thank her beautiful Mimi for guiding her on that path.

Since then, Mary has saved thousands of lives of animals who needed her the most. She has her own organization, that focuses on bats, mice, squirrels, raccoons, voles, skunks, and more. Mimi never hesitates to help her mom, and you can often see her cuddling with the bunnies that Mary saved.

It turns out, Mimi’s urge to save the baby squirrels wasn’t a one-time thing! She loves all kinds of animals and has no problem spending time with them. She found a new way to help her fury friends: her loving cuddles. Mimi helps them stay calm and gives them space to relax, feeling her soft purrs.

(Credit: Animal Advocates)

It seems like both Mary and her little helper have discovered a new side of themselves. They had no idea that their lives would change that day when Mimi decided to save two baby squirrels. Mimi’s little act of kindness helped thousands of animals in the years to come!

This beautiful story inspires people all over the world, who now see the importance of helping others in need. More often than not, your act of kindness can change more lives than you could ever imagine, and Mimi’s story is beautiful proof of that.

What Mimi and Mary learned that day is pretty simple: you should always lend a helping hand, no matter who needs it. Whether it’s a squirrel, a rat, or another kitten, it won’t take much to change their lives forever. And, who knows, they might change yours, too!

So, next time you see a lost bunny or any other kind of wildlife, don’t ignore them. You might be their only hope, and the universe will always find a way to pay you back for having an open and kind heart. You might discover a side of you that you never thought you had, and you end up saving more lives than you could count.

Mimi, The Squirrel Savior: A Kind Cat Adopts Two Squirrels And Treats Them As Her Own Babies