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Special Bond: A Senior Cat Always Greets The Mailman With Love

Special Bond: A Senior Cat Always Greets The Mailman With Love

Now, mailpeople have one of the best careers ever because they’re greeted by puppies, kitties, and other crawling creatures on a regular. Some mailpeople even carry treats with them to appease the array of animals that come with the territory.

Oh and, most mailpeople say that they adore the attention they get from animals, but they don’t appreciate the few and far-between aggressive greetings from dogs. Man’s best friends seem to not appreciate the honest work that the mailpeople do and they don’t seem to shy away from expressing those negative emotions.

Moreover, dog people defend the odd behavior because dogs often defend their territory and protect their owners by attacking what they deem as a threat. Cat people, on the other hand, don’t seem to suffer from the same problem considering that we don’t hear stories of cats scratching mailpeople that often.

Cats are protective and possessive, too (even more than dogs). However, cats aren’t threatened by letters and bills because they know they’re not the ones paying for them. And no, we’re not telling you these things because we’re advocating that cats are better than dogs (even though they are, right?)

We’re telling you these things because we’re bringing you a story of an unlikely friendship that blossomed between a mailman named Mike McEuen and an elderly cat named Bijou.

While Mike, who works around the area of McKinleyville, California, adores all animals he encounters on the route, he developed a soft spot for Bijou for a million reasons.

We’re pretty sure that Mike was taken aback by Bijou’s scruffy, grubby appearance, her milky eye and crooked tail, and her purrsonality. Nevertheless, he gave her a chance to show what a sweetheart she can be – and, he hasn’t regretted that decision one bit.

Special Bond: A Senior Cat Always Greets The Mailman With Love

(Credit: The Dodo)

When Mike started working around the area of McKinleyville, California, he encountered numerous dogs that would come running down the street the moment they would hear the sound of Mike’s truck.

Some dogs were over the moon to greet Mike, take the treat he brought them, and wag away when he needed to move on. Other dogs weren’t as happy and would come running down the street for different reasons.

Mike’s obsessed with anything fluffy and friendly which happens to be the reason why he never complained about having to make detours and snuggle stops along the road. But, Mike confessed that Bijou was the only cat that would come meow “Hello!” whenever he was around the area where she resided.

Bijou and Mike’s friendship stood the test of time considering they’ve been friends for four years. Mike met Bijou when he started a new route and he encountered a scruffy, grubby cat with a milky eye and a crooked tail.

Bijou had a reputation among mailpeople as a sweetheart which reassured Mike considering he had been slightly surprised by her appearance.

Mike confessed that he viewed her as a super old, super sweet cat that was rough around the edges, but he warmed up to her when one of the other mailmen mentioned that Bijou was a highlight of everyone’s week. And, Bijou became the highlight of Mike’s week, too.

Mike and Bijou saw each other once a week because Mike worked five different routes at the time. But, Bijou made sure to greet Mike whenever he stopped by. She would wander out of her house, approach the mailbox, and wait for Mike to come out of the truck to give her cuddles and belly rubs.

She would rub against Mike’s feet and headbutt Mike’s back. She was never shy, but she became even more demanding as the years went by. She would sneak past Mike and enter Mike’s truck. She would explore the environment while waiting for Mike to come back to embrace her.

(Credit: The Dodo)

She would even go as far as to get comfy on Mike’s seat and remain there for quite some time – she wouldn’t leave unless she was given enough attention and affection. Mike and Bijou because super, super close and she didn’t shy away from throwing a few tantrums to get what she wants.

Mike confessed that he quickly figured out he couldn’t shoo Bijou away when he needed to return to work. Bijou expected her snuggles and cuddles and would go back to her house only when she was provided with what she came for.

But Mike didn’t mind her straightforwardness at all. He made sure to show Bijou how much he appreciates the time she spends greeting him and making him happier than he ever was. He promised to continue greeting Bijou for years and years to come.

With that out of the way, Bijou and Mike’s friendship speaks of the remarkable connections mailpeople have with animals that come out to greet them. We’re keeping our fingers crossed that Bijou and Mike keep making each other’s days better forever.

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Special Bond: A Senior Cat Always Greets The Mailman With Love