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Luna, The 13-Year-Old Cat, Enjoys Her Shelter Life And Acts Like A Big Sister To Other Cats

Luna, The 13-Year-Old Cat, Enjoys Her Shelter Life And Acts Like A Big Sister To Other Cats

We’re always sorry to hear about a cat that couldn’t find her forever family. But, what if the shelter becomes her home? Every fluff deserves to spend a life filled with love, laughter, and beautiful memories – no matter where they are.

The story of Luna, a 13-year-old cat, proves it. When she was only two years old, she and a dozen of her feline friends were given to the local shelters after their human passed away. Although other fluffs managed to find their new furrever families, Luna wasn’t so lucky.

This beautiful black kitty has been in a shelter for over 11 years. At first, she shied away from every human contact. She was completely feral for years, but the kind people who work at the Furry Friends Animal Shelter never gave up on her.

Year after year, Luna was getting a bit more comfortable with her new home. Although she’s come a long way from dodging every human touch, the beautiful fluff still needs some special care. Once she learns she can trust you, Luna is a wonderful friend, but she still hates being picked up.

Not all fur babies love to be carried around, and there’s nothing wrong with that! Understanding that our feline friends have boundaries, too, is the first step in creating a safe environment for them. We should always respect them, no matter how hard it may be to resist cuddling your fluff sometimes…

Because she’s spent so many years at the shelter, Luna developed a strong bond with other kitties. Although she’s the smallest fluff at the sanctuary, she’s usually the older sister all cats turn to when they need some love and comfort.

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Today, it’s clear that Luna gets along with cats a lot better than humans. She’s a lot more comfortable around her furry buddies, and truly enjoys spending time with them. One volunteer at the shelter shared a memory of when Luna first brushed against her leg, after two months of volunteering there.

She immediately fell in love with the fluff, and it seems that Luna liked her, too. Whenever she wanted some love, she’d come up to the volunteer to ask for some cuddles. Luna quickly became her favorite cat at the shelter, but the girl decided not to take her home, no matter how hard her heart wanted it.

The shelter became Luna’s home, and she loved spending time with her friends. It seemed like she really understood what other fluffs were going through, and she always found a way to comfort them.

She loved to hang out with her group of feline buddies, and the volunteer who fell in love with her couldn’t take that away from Luna. Her favorite fluff had already lost a home once, and she wouldn’t let her go through the same tragedy again.

Her life at the shelter isn’t too bad, either. There’s plenty of room for her to roam around, she’s got her favorite spots when she wants to bask in the sun and, most importantly, she’s got a family she can count on. She’s always there for her lovely feline friends, and she’s got volunteers who are always waiting for her to come for some love and cuddles, too.

(Source: Reddit)

People love to say that home is where your heart is, and Luna’s heart is at the Furry Friends Animal Shelter. Although it’s a beautiful thing to see kitties find human families, Luna shows us that it’s your heart that chooses a home for you, after all.

We don’t believe Luna would like it any other way, even if there was a family out there who was ready to give her a comfy home filled with love. Her feline friends showed her that they can love her just the same, and she showed them a side that she wouldn’t show anyone else.

Her loving and caring nature got her a wonderful family she’ll spend her life with, and we couldn’t be happier for her. Although it might not be what the volunteers at the shelter hoped for at first, they quickly realized it was exactly what Luna needed.

Whatever life throws at you, there will always be people (or cats) who will help you get through it – and Luna knows that! When you feel hopeless, remember her story. You’ll find love in the most unexpected places, and it will change your life forever.

Luna, The 13-Year-Old Cat, Enjoys Her Shelter Life And Acts Like A Big Sister To Other Cats