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Dwelf Cat: The Curls And Wrinkles You Can’t Resist

Dwelf Cat: The Curls And Wrinkles You Can’t Resist

You either absolutely love the way she looks or she gives you the creeps, but one thing’s for sure – a Dwelf cat is the most unique feline you could have. You see them on the covers of luxury magazines and your favorite TV shows, and you can’t help but be amazed by their out-of-this-world appearance.

And when I say “out of this world”, I mean it! A Dwelf cat looks like she’s not from this planet at all! This little feline alien lacks what most cat lovers adore the most – soft, cuddly fur. However, this doesn’t mean that your bald buddy won’t act like your normal cat, too.

Actually, she’ll probably behave like the most loving and affectionate kitty you could ever dream of. Despite her tough, rebellious appearance, a Dwelf cat has a lot of love for the people who provide her with her forever home, and she’s not afraid to show it!

Still, no matter how much you’d like one, you should know that these special kitties aren’t for everyone. They require some special care, and they’re unhappy when they’re not around their humans for extended periods of time.

If you can’t seem to shake the feeling that this is the purrfect feline for you, I’m glad you’ve decided to do some research first. I’ll walk you through every detail about this unique purrer, so you can make your final decision.

Dwelf cats: A short history lesson

Dwelf Cat: The Curls And Wrinkles You Can't Resist

One night in late October, a small spaceship came down to Earth, carrying an extraordinary kitten… No, I’m just kidding. But I understand why you might expect the story about the Dwelf’s origin to sound something like this.

Although she might look otherwordly, the Dwelf cat isn’t from a different planet, but it’s definitely a newer breed of felines, so it has a pretty short history. As you’ve probably guessed, this unique purrer is considered a designer cat, which means it was a result of crossing breeds with certain mutations.

In fact, there were three breeds used to create your hairless feline bestie: the American Curl, Munchkin, and Sphynx. The Dwelf got the most unique characteristics from them all! Her size from Munchkins, her hairless body from the Sphynx, and her adorable curled ears from the American Curl.

Thanks to their brief history, Dwelf cats still haven’t been recognized by any associations, even though all three of their predecessors are. Some people even find these kitties to be quite controversial because they’re a cross of three breeds, so make sure you find a breeder you can trust.

The unique appearance of a Dwelf cat

Of course, when you first see a Dwelfie, her unique appearance will be the only thing that stands out. And how couldn’t it? It’s probably the most eccentric feline you’ll ever see! It’s hard not to be stunned by this kitty’s special features. However, it’s definitely not for everyone.

If you’re a fan of big, fluffy furry companions, then this feline might even creep you out. Some people, however, absolutely love her uniqueness and are left speechless by this kitty’s looks.

Although they appear completely hairless, that’s not exactly the truth. Despite what some people think, Dwelfs can grow hair. It might not be the Maine Coon type of fur, it’s still hair, and that’s what counts here.

So, don’t be surprised if your Dwelf cat grows some fine hairs all over her body. No, you didn’t get scammed by your breeder – this is completely normal! Because of these thin and short hairs, petting your purrer might feel like touching your suede leather jacket.

If you’ve already adopted your new feline buddy and you can’t stop staring at her, wondering what’s different about her (despite her ears and hairless body), it’s probably her lack of whiskers and eyebrows! Yes, on top of having fine or no hair, these kitties also have very short or even non-existent whiskers.

Another adorable but rather unique feature is her ears, which are a lot more rounded and curled inward than your typical cat ears. And thanks to her munchkin genes, your Dwelf will have short, stubby legs, too!

The loving character of a Dwelf cat

Dwelf Cat: The Curls And Wrinkles You Can't Resist

Despite their bold and tough look, Dwelf cats make one of the most wonderful feline friends you could ask for. Once they find their forever families, they’ll be the most loving and devoted pets who’ll show you nothing but love. In fact, some people even describe them as dog-like.

That’s mainly because of their social and interactive nature, and their need to spend most of their days next to their favorite humans. Because of this, they’re a perfect choice for people who are able to devote plenty of time to their feline companions and won’t leave them alone for long periods of time.

In fact, your Dwelf cat might even suffer from separation anxiety when left alone. This is a breed that loves spending time with their favorite humans, playing, cuddling, or simply watching them go about their day.

Since they’re highly intelligent, provide your kitty with plenty of mental stimulation, whether it’s through toys or simply spending time with her. They’re very energetic and active, so make sure your feline buddy has plenty of physical activities.

How to take care of a Dwelf cat

You might think taking care of a Dwelf kitty is easy because they’re hairless, but that’s not exactly true. In order to keep your feline healthy and clean, there are a few things regarding her care that you should know.

1. Grooming

One thing that you don’t have to deal with as a parent of a Dwelf feline is brushing her hair. But, that doesn’t mean you don’t have to find a different way to take care of your kitty. Because they don’t have a coat to soak up the oil from their skin, these kitties require regular baths.

Talk to your vet about what shampoo you should use, and make sure her baths are always at a warm temperature. On top of that, you need to maintain good eye and ear hygiene, since they can build up dirt a lot easier than cats with normal fur.

Then, always keep your Dwelf indoors, as their sensitive skin can get sunburned easily. On top of that, since they don’t have fur to keep them warm, you might need to buy your purrer some adorable sweaters and blankets for cold weather.

2. Diet

Because your dwarf meower has no hair to keep her warm, she’ll need a high-calorie diet that will help regulate her body temperature. Look for high-quality cat food, and make sure it has protein at the top of the list of ingredients.

Avoid any food that has chemicals, artificial colors, and preservatives, as it might lead to stomach issues. Also, don’t be surprised if your kitty eats more compared to other cats. These felines have a fast metabolism, which means they require more food than average.

3. Exercise

Dwelf cats are pretty energetic and active, and your purrer will need at least 15 minutes of exercise every day. This includes playing with toys, chasing, climbing a cat tower, or running around your home like it’s her playground.

Although you might be tempted to walk your cat on a leash, I wouldn’t recommend it. Your unique feline is quite sensitive to sun, heat, and cold. Simply playing with her inside or providing her with enough toys she can play with by herself should be just enough to keep her fit and healthy.

4. Training

Dwelf Cat: The Curls And Wrinkles You Can't Resist

Dwelf kitties are some of the most intelligent felines you can have. Because of that, training them how to use a litter box is usually a breeze. However, teaching them tricks or to not ruin your furniture can be quite a task considering how stubborn they are.

Don’t let her size fool you. Although she has short legs, she’ll find a way to make a mess on your kitchen counters. Just like any cat, they can be pretty hard to train, but with some patience and time, you might be able to teach your feline bestie how to behave properly and not ruin your home.

Common health conditions

Considering its short history, it’s hard to talk about the Dwelf cat’s health issues and lifespan accurately. That said, it’s important to have regular checkups at the vet and vaccinate your cat, even if she spends most of her days inside.

However, apart from common cat ailments, here are some things you should specifically look out for:

  • Ear infections, caused by the unique shape of their ears
  • Degenerative joint disease, caused by the shape of their bodies
  • Lordosis, caused by a curve of their spine
  • Skin problems, common among hairless cats that aren’t groomed properly, or are often exposed to sun and cold weather
  • Heart diseases that your Dwelf cat might inherit from her Sphynx genes.
Dwelf Cat: The Curls And Wrinkles You Can't Resist