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Do Short Hair Ragdoll Cats Exist? Here’s The Tea!

Do Short Hair Ragdoll Cats Exist? Here’s The Tea!

You might have had your eyes on this fluffy giant, but you can’t help but worry about maintaining her long fur. But, do short hair Ragdoll cats exist? That could ease all your worries.

One thing’s for sure, though. No matter what kind of hair they have, Ragdolls are one of the most wonderful kitties out there. On top of their beauty and cuteness overload, these gentle giants will fill your home with plenty of love and affection.

Once they find their forever homes, they spend their lives in loyalty and devotion to their parents. These furbabies love human interaction, and they want to spend every moment with their favorite people. A Ragdoll quickly becomes the best friend you can’t live without.

A mammoth fluffball that loves cuddling and napping in her owner’s lap? Sounds like every cat lover’s dream! However, if you’re not ready to deal with a long-hair fluff and spend hours grooming her rich coat, then this kitty might not be the best choice for you.

So, are short hair Ragdoll cats a thing, or should you give up on your dream of having this giant furiend completely? I’m here to help you figure that out, while we also learn more about this wonderful breed together.

What’s a Ragdoll cat?

Do Short Hair Ragdoll Cats Exist? Here's The Tea!

You can’t know if short hair Ragdoll cats exist if you’ve not heard of this breed in the first place. When you think of a Ragdoll kitty, I assume your mind immediately goes to her piercing blue eyes and luxurious long coat. But, what’s with the breed name?

Well, her name is a purrfect representation of this feline’s character. Just like a doll, this adorable kitty goes completely limp once you pick her up. You could do anything with her and she wouldn’t mind (as long as you’re not hurting her, of course).

Because of this, they’re a great choice for parents with young kids. In fact, your kids might even play dress-up with her or put her in baby doll strollers, and she’ll most likely be completely okay with it!

These unique felines have incredible personalities. When mixed with their beautiful appearance, it comes as no surprise that they’ve become so popular.

I mean, who wouldn’t like a cuddly cat who’s always showing how much she loves and appreciates you? Plus, with her rich fur, she’s definitely one of the best cuddle buddies you could ask for!

Ragdolls are domestic cats, which means they should be kept indoors. If you plan on letting your fluff play outside, make sure she’s vaccinated against parasites and other threats that await outdoors.

And, of course, keep a close eye on her. No matter how friendly she is, she’s also very curious and might roam somewhere she’s not supposed to.

Typical Ragdoll hair

Their fur is one of their most recognizable features, so it’s no wonder you’re asking if short hair Ragdoll cats exist. Even when they’re still kittens, these fluffballs have hair that’s longer than that of your typical house cat. Because of that, it’s always easy to tell if you have a Ragdoll or not.

Once they’re older, Ragdolls grow beautiful, medium to long hair that’s super silky and soft to the touch. No matter what kind of Ragdoll you have, her hair length and texture will always be the same. The thing that varies, however, is the coat color and pattern.

Ragdolls come in a variety of colors, but the most common are blue, chocolate, red, lilac, and, of course, cream. There can be some differences in their patterns, too. For example, some kitties can have different shades on their paws, faces, or the tips of their tails.

Most Ragdoll kittens are born completely white, with their color developing as they grow older. Don’t be surprised if her patterns and shades start to show even after her first couple of days. It’s always a wonderful experience seeing your baby fluff grow into a majestic feline.

Do short hair Ragdoll cats exist?

Do Short Hair Ragdoll Cats Exist? Here's The Tea!

Since even as kittens they have long hair that grows to a length that’s typical for this breed, short hair Ragdoll cats don’t really exist. If your fluff is born with short hair, she’s probably a mix or not a Ragdoll at all.

These long hair genes are pretty strong, so even if a cat has any Ragdoll genes, she’ll probably have hair that’s longer than your typical cat fur. All breeding standards require this breed of felines to have medium to long hair, and will reject pretty much any cat with a short coat.

Don’t let the breeders fool you by showing you a picture of “short hair Ragdoll cats” that are still kittens. It’s normal for them to have shorter hair that grows over time. On top of that, most of them have slightly puffier coats, which might mean that the kitties they’re advertising aren’t Ragdolls at all.

If you want purebred fluff, look for trusted breeders that will show you proof of her Ragdoll parents. Even as young as a few weeks, it’s still possible to tell if a kitten is purebred or not.

Every breeder should be able to show their customers documents that prove an official breed registry recognizes their felines as purebred. These documents could also include pedigrees for both parents, as well as a Certificate of Individual Registration for the kitten you’re about to adopt.

Do you need to cut a Ragdoll’s hair?

Despite their long coats, purebred Ragdolls never need a haircut or a trim. Their beautiful coat grows and falls out naturally. All you have to do is brush it regularly to help with the process and reduce shedding and matting.

No matter how tempting it might be to cut your fluff’s hair because you live in a warm climate, there’s no need. Their coat helps regulate their body temperature naturally, and your furbaby will be just fine on her own.

No matter what, never shave your Ragdoll’s hair. This can lead to skin conditions or even hurt her sensitive skin. On top of that, shaving your feline’s fur might change how it grows back, and it can come out darker than it was before.

The only time you should consider cutting your Ragdoll’s hair is if you notice any mats or anything sticky in it that cannot be washed out. This is especially common for cats that are allowed to go outside. They often get something stuck in their fur, which leaves their parents with no other option but to cut it out.

If you take proper care of your Ragdoll’s fur, you’ll have no issues with it. Regular brushing and washing will be enough to prevent matting, so there’s no reason to cut her hair. Even when you think she might be hot, she’ll be a lot better if you leave her body to deal with it naturally.

Grooming a Ragdoll cat

Do Short Hair Ragdoll Cats Exist? Here's The Tea!

Unfortunately, Ragdoll’s beautiful fur comes with a price – it’s more high maintenance than most regular cat coats. If you’d like to keep your fluff’s hair soft and shiny, you’ll have to spend a decent amount of time taking care of it.

Although it’s recommended to brush her fur twice a week, sometimes she might need more than that, especially if she gets to roam outside freely. The good news is, Ragdolls love every second they spend close to their favorite humans.

Because of that, brushing your fluff’s hair won’t be too big of a challenge. She’ll likely love being able to sit down and snuggle next to you!

When brushing her coat, make sure to use a soft-bristled brush instead of a metal one, as the latter can irritate your Ragdoll’s sensitive skin. Plus, you don’t want her to become scared of brushing since you have to do it often.

If your cat goes outdoors, you might need to give her a bath from time to time. If she’s strictly an indoor cat, then you probably won’t have much to do besides regularly brushing her hair and taking care of her teeth and nails!


All in all, if someone advertised their kittens as “short hair Ragdoll cats,” they’re most definitely not purebred. If that’s okay with you and you’re looking for a fluff that’s easier to take care of, you can adopt the kitten you set your heart on.

However, since you don’t know who her real parents are, you won’t be able to check for any possible health issues, or even know what to expect of your kitten once she grows up. It’s best to play it safe – either adopt a purebred Ragdoll from a reliable breeder or look for a different breed to bless your home with.

Do Short Hair Ragdoll Cats Exist? Here's The Tea!