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Designer Cat Breeds: 15 Fancy Companions (With Pictures)

Designer Cat Breeds: 15 Fancy Companions (With Pictures)

Having a cat doesn’t only mean you get a loving furry companion by your side, but they’re also a beautiful addition to your home. There’s nothing wrong with wanting a luxurious kitty enriching your space, both with her beauty and her purrsonality. If that’s the case, you might be interested in designer cat breeds.

As they’re usually a cross of two or more breeds, these unique kitties are also called hybrids. Although they’re a great addition to a family full of feline enthusiasts, designer cat breeds are often harder to find, and they cost a little fortune.

Not only are they unique-looking, but these feline beauties have a rare personality that is simply hard to resist. Since they’re hybrids of other breeds, they get traits from different ancestry, so we end up with fluffs that are like no other.

Do you have a couple of favorite breeds that you’d love to have, but can only adopt one kitty? Maybe you’re in luck and there’s one beautiful feline that’s a cross of your favorite breeds, waiting for you to take her home. Here are some of the most popular designer cat breeds, so you can pick your favorite.

15 most popular designer cat breeds

If you’ve decided to bless your life with a rare fur friend – congratulations! We’re sure it’ll be a beautiful experience filled with wonderful memories, both for you and your furball. However, because these majestic felines are so rare, get ready to pay quite a lot of money. And we mean A LOT of money…

Although they’re usually a cross of purebred felines, some of them are a result of a natural gene mutation, too. Whether you’re looking for one to bless your home with, or you’re simply here to read some cool cat facts, we’ve got you covered! Here’s our list of the 16 most popular designer cat breeds.

1. Savannah

Designer Cat Breeds: Fancy Feline Companions (With Pictures)

Imagine a purring lap tiger, acting like a domesticated cat. Doesn’t that sound like a dream come true? Well, you don’t have to imagine. You just have to pay around $50,000 for a beautiful Savannah. A real bargain, isn’t it?

These beautiful kitties are a result of breeding a wild African Serval with a domestic cat. Not only are they unique-looking, but their personality makes them amazing furry companions. These one-of-a-kind purrers love to play in the water, and can even be trained to walk on a leash. Yes, we’re still talking about a cat.

If you have other smaller pets in your home such as fish, birds, or hamsters, Savannah might not be the best choice for you due to their amazing hunting instincts. Despite this, they get along pretty well with other animals of their size and have mild temperaments.

Another thing you should pay attention to is the size of your home. These tiger-shaped kitties aren’t made for small apartment life. They need plenty of space to jump, climb, and run around. These majestic fluffs can jump eight feet high, so nothing’s safe!

2. Ashera

Out of all other designer cat breeds on our list (and in the world), Ashera is the one that will cause the most damage to your wallet. I don’t think you can even guess how much these fancy purrers cost…

With their dizzying price of up to $125,000, this exotic breed is one of the rarest ones you can find. As a hybrid of Asian Leopard cat and African Serval, these feline beauties can be incredibly tall and weigh up to 30 pounds!

On top of her unique looks, this kitty is especially interesting because of her personality, which some people might find more similar to dogs than cats. Despite their pretty wild appearance, Ashera cats are pretty calm but vocal. And, you can even teach them to walk on a leash!

Another interesting fact about these fancy felines is that they’re sterile. The only way you can adopt one is through the laboratory when they’re bred. Their price doesn’t come as a surprise now, does it? Okay, maybe it’s still a bit shocking…

3. Bengal

Designer Cat Breeds: Fancy Feline Companions (With Pictures)

One of the best-known designer cat breeds, our beloved Bengal kitties are a bit easier to come across, but no less special. With their strong body and beautiful spotted coat, Bengals are believed to be descendants of wild Asian leopards.

These wonderful fluffs are intelligent and VERY active. Although they’re fun to have around, living with them has its challenges. If you decide to get one, be prepared to catch her scratching your furniture and knocking things down just because the diva feels like it.

If you have a fish tank, you might want to consider putting a lid on it if you decide to adopt this leopard fluff. She’ll probably find your fish interesting, and she won’t mind getting inside of it to catch a few because Bengals love water. Nothing can stop this purrinces of mischief.

4. Ocicat

Many believe Ocicats are some of the most beautiful felines in the world. Although they have a wild look, they couldn’t be further from it. In fact, Ocicats have no wild genes at all!

In this case, the looks are definitely deceiving, as these beautiful furballs are the closest thing you can get to a domesticated cat out of all designer cat breeds. Ocicats are a mix of Abyssinian, American Shorthair, and Siamese, and their personality has a little bit of each of them.

If you share a home with other pets or children, this would be the purrfect feline buddy for all of you. Although vocal and curious, these beautiful felines are gentle, social, and easily trained. Since they don’t like being left alone, they might want a lot of your attention, but we don’t really see how that can be a bad thing…

5. Chausie

Designer Cat Breeds: Fancy Feline Companions (With Pictures)

If you’re a fan of cats that look like you’ve found them in a jungle, we’ve got another treat for you. Chausie was first developed in Egypt, and it’s a mix of domestic cats and Felis chaus, which can be found in jungles.

Don’t let their wild DNA scare you. With their loving and social nature, Chausies make wonderful fur friends. They do need a lot of stimulation and company and don’t lose a lot of the playfulness they have as kittens. Because of this, they would be a great addition to a family with other cats or dogs.

When allowed outside, Chausies tend to wander off, so it’s best to keep them as indoor cats. They’re loyal and affectionate and won’t have any issues with people of all ages. They’re just a perfect little snuggle bug for the whole family.

6. Australian Mist

The blend of Burmese, Abyssinian, and Domestic Shorthairs was first developed in Australia, and aptly named Australian Mist. They come in a large variety of colors, including caramel, blue, lilac, chocolate, peach, and more! It’s like an Australian Mist rainbow.

Not only are they beautiful with their misty appearance, but these feline besties make loyal companions, too. They’re super friendly, playful, and love spending time with other people and animals. Although they’re pretty rare in the USA, their popularity has been increasing over the last few years.

7. Dwelf

Designer Cat Breeds: Fancy Feline Companions (With Pictures)

All it takes is one look at Dwelf to know you’re dealing with one of the most unique cats in the feline world. Out of all the designer cat breeds we’ve mentioned so far, these special-looking kitties have the most out-of-this-world appearance.

Due to their Munchkin ancestor, these hairless beauties have short legs that make them hard to resist. Even if you like your purrer fluffy! Because of their lack of hair, it’s important to keep these dwarf-like kitties inside, because they’re susceptible to cold.

Even though they look like cute baby aliens, they’re highly social and enjoy spending time with their families. They’re affectionate and loyal, and will probably follow you everywhere simply for the sake of being around you. How cute is that?

8. Tiffanie (Burmilla Longhair)

Luckily for us, Tiffanies or Burmilla Lonhairs were a beautiful accident made in the 1980s. They’re bred by the crossing of lilac-colored Burmese and chinchilla-colored Persians. And surprise, surprise – they look like Burmese cats with chinchilla coats.

Although pretty vocal, Tiffanies are lovely felines that enjoy human company and affection. Because they can crave so much of your attention, their perfect home would be the one that’s always filled with people.

Since they’re so talkative, prepare for a lot of meows from your beautiful fur baby. She’ll tell you when she’s hungry or wants your attention. This diva will be the queen of your household, that’s for sure.

9. Scottish Fold

Designer Cat Breeds: Fancy Feline Companions (With Pictures)

So far, all of the designer cat breeds have been hybrids of different felines, but that’s not the case with Scottish Folds. These beautiful fluffs are a result of a genetic mutation that happened in the 1960s. As hinted by their name, these adorable kitties have ears that naturally fold forward.

These wonderful furballs make a lovely addition to a home with other pets or children. They’re gentle, sweet, and have a lot of patience. These little cuties are pretty nosey, too, so don’t be surprised to see your feline bestie getting out of the room to see who you’re having over.

Unfortunately, the gene mutation that caused their ears to fold often leads to joint diseases. So, if you plan on getting this adorable fluff, keep in mind that she’ll need regular vet checkups as she grows older.

10. Tonkinese

Another pretty pricey fluff in the world of designer cat breeds, Tonkinese, is a unique feline friend that’s hard to resist. They’re really energetic, so make sure you’re bringing your new feline bestie to a home with plenty of room she can explore.

Tonkinese cats love chasing toys around, running, and climbing just about anything in their home. They are a result of cross-breeding between a Siamese cat and a Burmese cat and come in a variety of colors.

Not only are they pleasing to the eye, but they’re also highly intelligent. If you’re looking for a feline you can train, don’t let Tonkinese’s playfulness fool you. They’re super smart and trainable, and you’ll have no issues teaching this fluff what’s good and what’s not.

11. Oriental Shorthair

Designer Cat Breeds: Fancy Feline Companions (With Pictures)

If you’re looking for an elegant cat to enrich your home and bless your life, Oriental Shorthair might be a perfect kitty for you. With their large ears and long and slender bodies, these unique fluffs make it hard to look away.

Oriental Shorthair is a result of cross-breeding of Siamese cats and other short-haired felines to create new colors. As a result, we’re now left with over 300 shades of this beautiful furbaby! How cool is that?

However, although their appearance is unique, they’re not the easiest cats to deal with. If you’re thinking of adopting an Oriental Shorthair, keep in mind that these kitties hate being left alone for a long period of time.

Before your heart melts at the thought of your kitty wanting you close 24/7, it’s not all sunshine and rainbows. Yes, they like to have their humans around, but not solely for the company. These divas want you to meet their demands immediately. And, trust me, they’ll make sure you do.

If you decide on getting an Oriental Shorthair kitten, make sure you find a reputable breeder. These elegant fluffs suffer from progressive retinal atrophy, so it’s important that health checks are carried out at the right time.

12. Siberian

The national cat of Russia and an ancient breed from Siberia, the elegant Siberian felines are classics among the designer cat breeds. With their long lifespans of 11-18 years, these furry giants will be your loyal and loving companions for a long time.

These majestic fluffs are known for being really affectionate and loving around their families. If you’re blessed by getting a Siberian kitty, prepare to always have a small furball following you around, trying to be a part of everything you do.

Although they’re not particularly loud, they love to talk and they’ll try to socialize with everyone they meet. They also LOVE cuddling. These snuggle bugs don’t mind if it’s a stranger or their favorite human, as long as they’re all warm and cuddled up with them.

Don’t let their size fool you. They love to jump, run around, and climb. So be prepared to have a giant ball of fluff all over your walls and furniture.

13. Highlander

Designer Cat Breeds: Fancy Feline Companions (With Pictures)

Coming from a cross of two unique breeds, the Desert Lynx and Jungle Curl, it’s impossible for a Highlander kitty not to be special, as well. Although they look like wild cats, they come from two hybrid breeds and have no wild genes in their blood.

What makes these beautiful fluffs so unique are their curled ears, extra toes, and pretty short tails. They truly are one of a kind! Their big paws are just begging to be touched and kissed.

Although they look like lynxes, these fluffs are far from being wild. They love being around people and getting to spend time with their families. Highlanders are known for being super playful, cheery, and overall super fun. Your home will never be boring with this little fluff living there!

Exploring their surroundings is one of their passions, so it’s important that your new fancy fur friend has enough room to roam around and investigate. Like a couple of other cats from our list, Highlanders also love water, so be extra careful if you have a fish tank or a pool.

14. Havana Brown

We can’t guarantee you won’t get hungry every time you look at your Havana Brown kitty. These majestic felines are like purring chocolate cakes, and we absolutely love them for it! It’s no surprise that some of their other names are Brownie and Chocolate Delight…

In the 1950s, people have come up with the idea of crossing a Siamese cat with a black domestic shorthair. Their main goal was to create a kitty with the beautiful physical and personality characteristics of a Siamese, and a dark-colored coat. Well, the result of this cross-breeding was the beautiful Havana Brown!

Due to their curious and playful nature, and the fact that they love following their cat parents EVERYWHERE, these unique fluffs are often compared to puppies. A buddy shaped like a cat with the cheery personality of a pup? Say no more!

15. Toyger

Designer Cat Breeds: Fancy Feline Companions (With Pictures)

Toygers are a newer addition to the world of designer cat breeds. As the name suggests, they’re made to try and replicate the beautiful stripes of a majestic tiger – and this breeding idea was pretty successful!

This extremely rare breed is a result of some pretty cool cross-breeding. The ancestors of these lap tigers are Shorthaired Stripped Tabbies, Bengals, and Indian Tabbies.

These fluffy tigers are nothing like the wild cats they represent. They’re super friendly and playful and love spending time with their families and other animals. They often perform in agility competitions, and you can even teach them a few tricks!

Because of their high intelligence, they require a lot of stimulation, or they’ll quickly become bored. Make sure to spend a lot of time playing with your friendly tiger, and she’ll be a happy little fluff.

Designer Cat Breeds: 15 Fancy Companions (With Pictures)