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As A Proud Cat Parent, These Are The Things You Should Always Keep In Mind

As A Proud Cat Parent, These Are The Things You Should Always Keep In Mind

Cats are the best, right? Whether they’re napping, meowing, or purring, they’re pretty much the most adorable, affectionate creatures out there. We want what’s best for them, and that’s why we’re bringing you everything your cat wants you to know about her. Read on!

1. Don’t be annoyed with me when I bring you dead animals, that means I love you

We have to start with a bang because we get these questions and comments all the time! Cats are predators which means they’re drawn to hunting the same way you’re drawn to spending your entire paycheck on Starbucks coffees, avocado toasts, and Instagram-worthy restaurants.

Cats don’t bring dead animals to anyone, though. When your cat surprises you with a critter or a crawling creature or breakfast, she’s pretty much saying “Listen, I know you’re not a great hunter, but I’m here to provide for both of us!”

We know you might be uncomfortable with the thought of your cat chasing down and destroying unsuspecting victims, but she’s doing that because she wants you to know how much she loves you (and to be honest, because she loves hunting).

2. Just because I’m purring doesn’t mean I’m happy

As A Proud Cat Parent, These Are The Things You Should Always Keep In Mind

Argh, we’re all suckers for a purring fluffer! We’re pretty sure there’s nothing more calming and comforting than your fluffy friend choosing your lap as a napping spot and purring the afternoon away. We know you can’t move while she’s there.

We know you have to contact your work and let them know you’re taking the day off. And, we know you appreciate every moment of that unexpected bonding experience. However, there’s a difference between purring out of happiness and purring out of stress.

Before you freak out over the possibility that you don’t know how to differentiate between the two, you probably do. Because your cat’s entire posture changes, you can figure out whether she’s nervous or relaxed.

3. I don’t always understand what you want from me, but I’m trying my best

“Here, kitty kitty! Roll over and I’ll give you this treat! Come on, kitty! Roll over and the treat’s yours!” Been there, done that. Cats are super, super smart but that doesn’t mean that your cat understands everything you tell her.

Cats don’t speak English, even though they look like they understand every word you’re telling them because they’re listening with their eye wide open and their ears perked up. We’re trying to say that you shouldn’t be hard on your cat because she doesn’t seem to understand your commands.

We’re pretty sure she’s trying her best, alright? Go easy on her.

4. Don’t believe what you read online, I’m actually meowing at you

We don’t even know the number of times we’ve Google searched “Why does my cat keep meowing at me?” and ended up with an answer that reads “She’s not. Cats don’t meow at humans, cats meow at other cats.”

We’re here to announce that cats do actually meow at their humans when they’re trying to get their attention. Cats don’t speak English, as we’ve mentioned beforehand, and they don’t have many other means of communicating with humans.

Other than employing body language, cats often meow at their humans when they’re hungry, bored, or even scared. Next time your cat meows at you, don’t shy away from checking whether or not she wants something.

5. I’m not as hungry as I tell you I am, I just really like eating

We’re not surprised by that, are we? As pet parents, we’re aware that our four-legged friends adore munching on Meow Mix more than anything.

They’re also not above pretending like they’re starving to get us to give them more Meow Mix, Fancy Feast, or whatever other treats we’re hiding from them.

Now, your fluffer might not want you to know that. But, more often than not, when she’s begging you to share that bite of chicken with her or throw her a chunk of whatever you’re eating, know that she’s not hungry. She’s gluttonous.

6. I don’t want peace, I want problems, ALWAYS!

As A Proud Cat Parent, These Are The Things You Should Always Keep In Mind

Meowing your ears off at 3 a.m. when you’re trying to sleep? Check. Running around the apartment, hopping on the highest kitchen counters, and knocking things down? Check. Getting odd outbursts of energy when your friends are over? Check.

Cats can act that way for a million reasons and we’re expected to be okay with every one of them. Cats are predators, and they’re often beaming with energy that they didn’t have the opportunity to release (because they’re sitting on their bottoms all day long).

7. I’m staring at you because I think you’re a big, clumsy cat and you need my help to navigate the world

Though that might sound strange, our fluffy friends don’t think we’re humans.

They think we’re big, clumsy cats that don’t know how to hunt and don’t know how to communicate. They think they need to take care of us (rather than the other way around) and they think they need to tolerate us (again, rather than the other way around).

Whether or not you’re happy about the prospects of your cat thinking of you as another bigger, dumber cat, she probably wants you to know that she’s willing to provide for you and care for you, nonetheless.

8. Just because I’m showing you my belly doesn’t mean I want you to touch me, I will scratch your eyes out

We’re going to repeat that over and over again… Cats are predators and that’s something that affects a lot of the odd behaviors we, as proud cat parents, don’t understand.

Cats know that their soft, squishy bellies are the most vulnerable and that’s why they sleep on their bellies, curl their entire body around their bellies, and do pretty much everything they can to protect their bellies.

Of course, when a cat exposes her belly around you, she trusts you that you won’t touch her without her consent. Oh, what a smart move, right?

As A Proud Cat Parent, These Are The Things You Should Always Keep In Mind