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Hey, Ghostbusters: My Cat Is Scared Of Something I Can’t See

Hey, Ghostbusters: My Cat Is Scared Of Something I Can’t See

Oh, it can’t be happening again. My cat is scared of something I can’t see and it’s freaking me out! Why is she looking and nothing? Is this the right moment to pick up my phone and call Ghostbusters?! If this sounds familiar to you, then you’re at the right place.

This is a safe space for all those people who live with their kitties and hate anything extraterrestrial. The jokes on us, we chose the wrong pet then. Cats can hear and see things that we don’t, and if you’re like me, then you immediately think about ghosts, aliens, and every horror movie you’ve ever watched.

Since you’re here, I think you’re dealing with the same thoughts. Luckily for you, I’ve already done some research and found everything we need to know about our cats’ weird behavior. Don’t worry, I’ll share it with you. So, if you’re ready to reveal the mystery, just scroll down and enjoy!

The most common signs of a frightened cat

Hey Ghostbusters, My Cat Is Scared Of Something I Can't See

Before we dig deep into the mystery, we need to talk about something else first. We need to learn how to figure out whether your cat is frightened or you’re just overreacting. It’s easy to overreact, especially when your fluffy roommate does something she usually doesn’t.

However, when you learn how to recognize a scared cat, you’ll know how to react to it and calm both of you down. So, here are some of the most common signs that you’re living with a frightened cat.

1. Running and hiding

One of the most obvious ways to figure out that your cat is scared is to closely observe her behavior. If you notice that she’s constantly running around your home and trying to hide, you can be sure that she’s frightened.

A scared cat will either run endlessly in hope that her threat will disappear or she will try to hide somewhere she feels safe. It’s not uncommon to see your kitty get tired after all that running as she eventually gives up and just goes under the table or behind your sofa.

2. Refusing to eat

Just like us, cats can also get very anxious. And what often happens when we’re so stressed about something? We either lose our appetite or we start eating much more than usual. When it comes to felines, when they’re scared of something, they usually lose their appetite.

That’s because they feel the most vulnerable when they are eating, so they don’t want to put themselves at risk of getting hurt. They would prefer to be hungry but stay well hidden somewhere in your home.

3. Following you around

Even though it sometimes doesn’t seem like it, your cat is your number one fan. The whole world talks about how dogs are our best friends, but they ignore the fact that when a cat starts loving you, she’ll be your true friend. Also, she’ll also see you as her protector.

So, if you notice that your fluffball’s behavior has changed, and she starts following you around all the time, it could be a big sign that she’s actually scared of something. And since she thinks you’ll always be there for her, she likes to stay close to you as it helps her feel more relaxed.

4. Freezing in place

Hey Ghostbusters, My Cat Is Scared Of Something I Can't See

And the last thing that often happens is that cats simply freeze when they are frightened. It usually happens with kittens and other cat breeds that have childish personalities and get scared more easily than felines with more connection to their cousins in the wild.

At that moment, your kitty wants to run, but she’s just so scared that she can’t move and she ends up standing in one place, probably staring at nothing. That’s probably what makes you creeped out, too. So, if you see that, pick her up and cuddle together. Your repetitive movements will help her calm down.

My cat is scared of something I can’t see! What is it?

And finally, we’ve reached the part that’s made for all those people who texted their friends “My cat is scared of something I can’t see, should we move out?” Don’t worry, you’re not the only one who’s had this conversation with a friend.

I know it can be very scary, but this is the day when all your worries will stop. I have some good news for you! There’s absolutely no need to call the Ghostbusters as your cat isn’t sensing any ghosts.

There are actually many different reasons why she seems scared of something you can’t see, but these reasons don’t involve any kind of extraterrestrial topics. Yay! Now that you’re finally relaxed, we can reveal the mystery together. Let’s start.

1. Unfamiliar sounds

We all know that cats have amazing hearing abilities. They can hear many sounds that we don’t and that’s why you shouldn’t be surprised if you notice your kitty is staring into nothing and looks like she’s thinking about something.

It’s likely that she heard a sound that you didn’t and now she’s just trying to figure out where it’s coming from. Of course, she wants to know whether it’s a threat or not. But it’s definitely not a ghost, so don’t worry.

2. Shadows

Of course, we can all see shadows, however, they aren’t anything unusual for us, so we never pay attention to them. We probably did when we were kids, and shadows seemed so big and scary, but later on, we just got used to them.

However, I like to compare cats and toddlers here. Cats can’t really understand where shadows are coming from and to them, they are just huge black figures following them. So, they’ll start running away from it and it will seem that your cat is scared of something you can’t see.

3. New smells

Hey Ghostbusters, My Cat Is Scared Of Something I Can't See

Smells aren’t visible, but they can easily grab your kitty’s attention. Actually, anything new that’s going on around your home, definitely won’t go unnoticed by her. So, the same thing can be applied to new smells.

Let’s say you’re making your first carrot cake ever and that’s a smell your kitty has never had a chance to experience before. When she does, she’ll probably look like she’s staring at nothing, but the reason she’s acting so weird is probably that she’s interested in where that scent is coming from.

4. Objects

Let’s move on to objects around your home. Again, don’t get me wrong, we can see the objects, too. But if your cat started acting unusual and you thought she saw something you couldn’t see, it’s likely that she just noticed some new decoration in your living room.

Cats easily notice even the smallest changes, and trust me, they aren’t the biggest fans of them. Even though they love exploring, changes make them stressed and you’ll probably notice how frightened they can get.

So, once again, her behavior is not pointing out to any paranormal activities, but probably to the new vase, you just got. Or maybe even a Christmas tree you decided to put up. Don’t be afraid if she even starts attacking them.

5. Vibrations

Finally, you need to know that animals are more sensitive to all kinds of vibrations than we are. Therefore, if your cat seems frightened of something you can’t see, it’s very likely that she felt some kind of vibration.

It’s usually a small earthquake or an upcoming thunder. If it’s raining outside, she might act strangely until the storm stops completely. So, don’t be surprised if she freaks out, she’s just a little cute baby who wants to cuddle with you under a blanket to feel safe.

See, there’s absolutely no need to call Ghostbusters. There are so many other explanations that can explain why your kitty is afraid of something you can’t see at all. I hope you’ll sleep better tonight!

Hey, Ghostbusters: My Cat Is Scared Of Something I Can't See