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Are Savannah Cats Dangerous, Or Do They Just Look Tough?

Are Savannah Cats Dangerous, Or Do They Just Look Tough?

If you’ve heard of Savannah cats then you’ve probably also heard many people saying that they are real trouble. But are Savannah cats dangerous? Is that really true, or is it just a stereotype that became viral? Are they really jaguar’s closest cousins, or are their looks tricking us?

Luckily for you, you’re at the right place to find out all the answers you need. Let’s admit it, big felines are some of the scariest animals in the world. They are so fast and such good hunters that even seeing them in the zoo can make you feel uncomfortable. But what about their cousins who are a few sizes smaller?

Does it have to do with their temperament, or is it something completely unrelated? Well, all breeds of cats are different. But that’s not all, every single cat is also different from the other. Just like people, we have some traits that are the same, but also lots of them that make us unique.

However, we can always conclude whether one breed is more dangerous than the other, or if some are more kid-friendly, and so on. Today, we’re here to talk about Savannah cats and to find out whether they are truly as tough as people say.

I did my research, contacted multiple vets, and also talked to my friend whose fluffy roommate is a Savannah cat, and I think I found lots of useful information about this unique breed. I can’t wait to share that with you, so let’s start!

How are Savannah cats different from other cats?

Are Savannah Cats Dangerous, Or Do They Just Look Tough?

Let’s be real, if Savannah cats weren’t so unique, you wouldn’t even be here reading this little guide about them. Therefore, yes, this breed of cats is different than any other. It’s not only about their personalities but also about their big physical differences.

If you didn’t know that Savannah cats existed, and I showed you a photo of them, you would most likely think that they were one of those big cats that live somewhere in the wilderness. So, I totally understand why people think they are dangerous!

You will mostly see that they are silver, black, or brown. They have long legs, necks, and ears, but the scariest part is that these colors form a spotted pattern on their fur. I think that’s exactly what makes us so afraid of them.

They can get very big, usually around 22 inches. And when it comes to their weight it’s mostly between 12 and 25 pounds. The good news is that they live from 12 to 20 years, so you can spend lots of time with a Savannah cat.

When it comes to their personality, they are famous because they are one of the most adventurous cat breeds ever. They love to explore! They’ll sometimes go out and won’t come back for a few hours until they’re done exploring whatever interested them.

Some people say that this breed of cat reminds them of dogs. Why? Because they quickly warm up to their family members and always want to play. However, sometimes their playtime ends badly for your furniture and other possessions.

Savannah cats are also one of the best hunters and climbers in the world, so it’s not surprising that people find them more dangerous than some other smaller and calmer breeds.

Savannah cats generations

Did you know that there are actually different generations of Savannah cats? Yes! Just like there are different generations of cars or even famous actors or scientists, there are also various generations of Savannah cats.

They are actually a crossbreed of domestic cats and a breed called African serval. It’s actually one of the most desired cat breeds in the world. That’s especially because they’re famous for their physical characteristics.

However, their nature is very wild and you can never guess their next move, so it’s a great thing they got mixed with domestic cats. That helped cut down their temperament, even though they are still unpredictable from time to time.

Okay, now that we’ve cleared that up, let’s talk about the generations. Firstly, I want to mention the F1 to the F5 generation. These males are usually sterile, while female Savannah cats are the ones who breed.

Then we have the F1 to F4 generations and their younger gen that we call F5 to F8. The first ones are usually bigger than the second ones.

When it comes to generations, it’s also important to remember that younger ones are mostly more social than older generations. But still, all of them are very intelligent, social, and of course, highly active!

How to choose the right generation?

Are Savannah Cats Dangerous, Or Do They Just Look Tough?

Yes, it’s true. Savannah cats are highly active, some people even say that they’re hyperactive. But that definitely doesn’t mean that they’re impossible to live with. In fact, they can be trained because they are one of the most intelligent cat breeds.

Since I already told you that there are different generations of them, it’s only fair of me to tell you how to choose the correct generation for your household. Okay, hear me out.

If you think you have enough free time you can spend training, playing, and cuddling with your kitty, then you should take a look at the generations F3, F4, and F5. They are one of the friendliest pets, but you’ll need to spend lots of time with them.

If someone mentioned generations F1 and F2 to you, then you need to know that they are much wilder than the other generations. Don’t choose them if you’re not an experienced pet parent and an extremely patient person.

They are very active and whenever you don’t pay attention to them they’ll make a mess so you notice them. So be careful, as they can be very difficult to handle.

Then we have generations F5, F6, F7, and F8. They still act like Savannah cats in terms of being active and friendly, but they’re the same size as domestic cats and they are easier to train and control.

If you have children then this is a great choice for you. On top of that, it’s also fine to keep them together with other pets, but make sure that they’re approximately the same size.

So, are Savannah cats dangerous?

After teaching you all the basic information about Savannah cats, we can finally talk about our main topic. Are Savannah cats dangerous?

No, they aren’t. Even though they remind us of those big scary cats that live in the wilderness, and their roots really do trace back to them, they aren’t dangerous, and you shouldn’t be afraid of getting them as your pet.

It’s true that they are hyperactive, and they sometimes get destructive when they are bored. But that doesn’t mean that they will pose any harm to humans. It’s just that they sometimes get too playful and destroy a few things around your home.

But always keep in mind that even that can be changed if you train them. And since they are very intelligent, it’s not such a difficult task. They love their playtime and they adore rewards, so you can use those two to reach your final goal.

However, even though they are never gonna hurt their owners, you should be careful about having other pets with them. I mentioned that it’s fine, but don’t forget the crucial part – it’s fine as long as other pets aren’t much smaller than her.

If you have a hamster, a fish, or even a budgie, then you need to know that Savannah cats can be dangerous. Since these other pets are much smaller, your cat might see them as easy prey and a fun way to spend their free time.

Keep in mind that they are actually fans of water, so even your fish won’t be safe around them. And don’t leave your small child alone with a Savannah cat. She won’t hurt your kid, but she might unintentionally scratch them while trying to play together. So better safe than sorry!

How to calm down your Savannah cat?

Are Savannah Cats Dangerous, Or Do They Just Look Tough?

We have concluded that Savannah cats aren’t dangerous, but that still doesn’t mean that their owners don’t need to deal with their hyperactivity and unpredictable behavior. If your kitty needs calming down you can try these tips and tricks.

Never stare at your Savannah cat! If you do this they will think that you’re a threat and they might get even angrier, more hyperactive, or whatever they’re feeling at that moment. Instead, you should look at her and blink slowly.

You can even yawn, as it’s one of the ways to tell your kitty you’re not her threat and you’re just there to help her calm down.

Don’t panic. If you make any sudden movements around your Savannah cat who needs to chill, you will actually provoke her even more. So if she’s making a mess around, don’t yell, run, or panic immediately. Instead, try to stay calm and show her that there’s no need to be hysterical.

And finally, get down on her level. But what does that mean? You should also go around the house and destroy things. Definitely not! Instead, you will approach her carefully. Lay down on your back and put your hands and feet in the air. I promise you, it’s not a joke.

Seeing you this way will give your Savannah cat a sign that you’re being friendly and there’s nothing she should worry about. If you’re embarrassed that someone will see you, try it when you’re home alone with your fluffball. I guarantee you’ll see how much more relaxed she’ll become.

Of course, you should always also pay attention to feeding her regularly and giving her lots of attention. Because if they lack some of those things, they might become more hysterical than usual.

Final words

You don’t have to worry about Savannah cats being dangerous, because now you know that they don’t pose any threat to humans.

They are just their scary cousins’ lookalikes and they do have some similar personality traits, but don’t forget that they also come from domestic cats. Therefore, they still have lots of similarities to the world’s most popular indoor cats.

If you’re wondering whether a Savannah cat is a good choice for you, I suggest you think about their needs, especially the fact that they require lots of love and attention. If you think you can give them what they need, then they are a perfect choice for you.

And if you really decide to get one, then you should definitely take a look at this list of mischievous cat names that should fit her personality well. Enjoy!

Are Savannah Cats Dangerous, Or Do They Just Look Tough?